Virgin Media Cancellation Phone Number

0843 658 0676

If you wish to cancel your Virgin Media subscription, you must call the Virgin Media cancellation number from your Virgin media cancellation number

Why would I call the Virgin cancellation number?

  • To cancel your TV subscription.
  • To cancel your broadband supply.
  • To cancel your telephone connection.

Virgin Media Cancellation Phone Number

Department Contact Number
Virgin Media 0843 658 0676

Other Virgin Media Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Cancellations 7 days a week, 8am-12am

Virgin Media Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 10-14 Bartley Way, Hook RG27 9UP

The Virgin Media Cancellation Service

Before Virgin Media customers can disconnect their service, they must follow a number of procedures. Firstly, the customer must check their contract period. Virgin Media contracts can vary between nine, twelve and eighteen months. If you decide to cancel within your minimum contract period, you may be charged outstanding line rental or monthly charges until the end of your contract. If you decide to leave after your minimum contract period, you just need to provide 30 days notice.

When you cancel, you will be asked to return all Virgin Media equipment, such as a TiVo box or router to the company. If you are cancelling due to a technical issue or due to the cost of your package, it is advised that you talk to a Virgin Media customer service team member who may be able to help you resolve these issues.

My Virgin Media

My Virgin Media is a section of the Virgin Media website which you can use to manage your account. You can use it to make a one off payment towards your account, track orders you have placed, find help articles and videos and check how service is running in your area- which is particularly handy if you are a broadband customer and your wifi is down. If you’ve just joined, you can use this section to find out everything you need to know about your new Virgin Media service. You’ll also be able to see the latest upgrade offers, so if you’re looking to upgrade or add a new service, this is the place to look before you contact customer service.

Virgin Media Packages

Virgin Media has a number of packages available, for either TV alone or TV and phone. Here are some of the packages:

  • TV M- 130 channels plus phone, with 11 channels in HD.
  • TV L- 170+ channels plus phone, 7 Sky channels.
  • TV XL- 230+ channels, phone, 12 Sky channels and up to 49 HD channels.

You’ll also get a Tivo box, so that you can save shows and stream them on catch up.

Virgin Media Mobile Phones

If you’re looking for a new mobile phone, or to switch networks, Virgin Media has a wide range of phones with varying tariffs to suit different needs. You can opt for phones on pay monthly or pay as you go, depending on which you prefer. If you like the phone that you have, you can opt for a SIM only deal. If you aren’t sure which type of phone/tariff to go for, you can use the Virgin Media website to answer a few questions and it will tell you which tariff is best for you. If you choose pay monthly, you will be billed online. If you would prefer to receive paper bills, you must add £1.50 to your monthly total. Prices listed on the Virgin Media website are generally for 24 month contracts. If you wish to upgrade, you have to pay off your loan in full before you can. For more about mobile phones, call the number on this page.

Popular Questions About Virgin Media

Which router do Virgin Media supply?

Virgin Media generally supplies new customers with the Super Hub, which has been custom designed specifically for Virgin Media broadband. It has less cables than a normal router and doesn’t require an external antenna. It gives you a fast speed of over 100mbps and supports Gigabit Ethernet.

When will Virgin Media get Sky Atlantic?

Unfortunately, Sky Atlantic is one of the few channels which isn’t available to Virgin Media customers- which means they can’t watch the likes of Game of Thrones. Instead, its recommended you get a NOW TV subscription, where you can watch Sky Atlantic shows on demand as well as other channels, for £6.99 a month.

Are Virgin Media phones unlocked?

Virgin Media pay monthly phones are unlocked, but pay as you go phones are often not, depending on which model you receive.

Why is Virgin Media wifi not working?

There are several reasons why your wifi may not be working. Follow this checklist:

  • Check to see if there is a known fault with the service, because of planned maintenance or another issue. You’ll have to access another internet connection, such as a 4G data connection to see this information. It’s under the Service Status section, where you can run some basic checks to try and diagnose the issue, or book an engineer to come and diagnose the issue.
  • Try and connect to a different website- if you are successful, that means the problem lies with the website you were trying to access.
  • Check power leads and restart both your computer and router.
  • Check the lights on your modem or Virgin Media Hub to see if the lights can help you to diagnose the problem.

Are Virgin Media getting BT Sport?

Yes, Virgin Media is one of the only television providers to offer both BT Sport and Sky Sports in one bundle, making it easy for you to enjoy live sports.

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a company which provides fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband services. Virgin Media was founded in 2006, following the merger of NTL and Telewest, and a further merger with Virgin Mobile. Virgin Media today owns and operates its own fibre-optic cable network- the only company to do this in the UK.  By 2012, Virgin Media had around five million customers throughout its cable and television services. Should you wish to find out more about the origins of the company or the services that it provides, you should visit the Virgin Media website.



Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Virgin Media. The direct contact number for Virgin Media can be found in the public domain or on their official website.