Vauxhall Customer Service Helpline

0843 658 0831

Ring Vauxhall Customer Care If You:


  • Need to report a technical problem with your car
  • Want to discuss deals for the model of car you’re interested in
  • Wish to register a formal complaint
  • Need to request replacement documents
  • Want to check your warranty
  • Wish to book a service or MOT.
  • Get help and advice on caring for your Vauxhall vehicle.

What is Vauxhall?

Vauxhall is a British automobile manufacturing company. It has been the second largest selling brand in the UK for over two decades. The company has two major manufacturing plants in Luton and Ellesmere Port and employs just over 4,000 people.

It is officially registered under the name General Motors UK ltd, and is a subsidiary of the German autmobile company Opel. The current range includes the Corsa and Astra. For more information about the Vauxhall range, call the Vauxhall customer services number.


Why Choose Vauxhall?

Vauxhall is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers in vehicles boasting exceptional craftsmanship and impressive durability. As well as a range of new and used vehicles, Vauxhall can also offer:

  • Fleet cars for driving instructors
  • Company cars for businesses
  • Special purpose-built and/or customised vehicles
  • Best type of insurance to suit your needs
  • Aftersales care and support
  • Offers and finance on motability
  • An online buyer’s guide for new Vauxhall customers
  • An online tool for valuing your vehicle
  • Vauxhall Rewards
  • Accident management
  • Warranty and assistance
  • Help with your DVLA Tax Disc change
  • Servicing and MOTs

To get started, visit your nearest Vauxhall dealership for advice; visit the website or give the Vauxhall customer service number a call.

Where does Vauxhall Operate?Vauxhall_Astra_Mk_V

Vauxhall operates within the following areas within the UK:

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Warrington
  • Leeds
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield
  • Preston
  • Swansea
  • Northampton
  • Portsmouth
  • Bristol
  • Wolverhampton
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Dundee

…and many others. Just contact Vauxhall for details on how to reach your nearest dealer, or ask to be connected directly over the phone.

Note that not all Vauxhall owner and vehicle services at available at every dealer. For a full list of dedicated services and where you can find them, visit the online Dealer Locator on the Vauxhall website, where you can view dealers by services provided.

vauxhall-vx220Vauxhall Service

At each of Vauxhall’s dealerships, you’ll find a variety of services geared towards different aspects of the Vauxhall purchase and ownership processes. Some dealers can offer more aftersales care services whilst others will be equipped primarily for sales and buyer assistance.

New Buyers

If you’re looking to purchase a Vauxhall vehicle, look for a dealer that offers the following services, depending on your requirements:

  • New car sales
  • New light van sales
  • New heavy van sales
  • Motability
  • VXR8 Sales Specialist

Many Vauxhall dealers, including those in Wrexham and Sheffield, have even received awards for their customer excellence.


If you’re a current Vauxhall vehicle owner, you’ll be looking for services such as:

  • Car and light van servicing
  • Heavy van servicing
  • MasterFitvauxhall-emergency-vehicles
  • VXR8 Service Specialist
  • VX220 Service Specialist
  • Monaro Service Specialist
  • Approved Bodyshop
  • LPG services
  • Accessories.

Vauxhall can provide all of these – just look for a dedicated dealer.

Business Owners

If you’re a business-owner, Vauxhall can take care of all of your transportation needs for the successful moving of goods, people and/or the performing of specialised, industry-specific tasks.

Services and products available include:

  • Emergency vehicles (such as the Police Corsa; Ambulance Astra Hatchback and Fire Service Astra Sports Tourer)
  • Company Cars (including a range of tax and fuel-efficient vehicles and access to a Vauxhall ‘Toolbox’ service)
  • Fleet cars of between 1-24, and 25 and over.

Perks of Being a Vauxhall Customer



Vauxhall is a founding member of the 1977 Motability Scheme, which helps disabled drivers and their carers access their cars with ease and comfort. All of Vauxhall’s Motability team are trained and certified in Disability awareness and will be able to ensure you receive the best vehicle solution for you.

Vauxhall Rewards

The Vauxhall Rewards programme allows you to save as you spent by allowing your to earn points every time you spend with a Pre-Pay debit or credit card.

A Pre-Pay Debit Card allows you to collect points on everyday spending and use them towards servicing, repairs or future vehicle purchases. Vauxhall’s no-fee Credit Card meanwhile allows you to collect points to save up for a new Vauxhall.

Once you are a Vauxhall Rewards member, you’ll also be entitled to enjoy Vauxhall’s MasterFit Service Club, giving you exclusive discounts on servicing, maintenance and MOTs.

Military and Tax Free

If you are part of a specified military group, you can receive military and/or diplomat discounts on all new Vauxhall purchases, as well as tax-free sales.

All working or retired members of the HM Forces, Ministry of Defence employees, HM Forces TA Reservists and their spouses will be able to enjoy generous savings when purchasing a new vehicle from Vauxhall.

If you are any of the following:

  • Serving member posted or about to be posted overseas
  • Spouse/partner of the above
  • Foreign diplomat or member of staff on diplomatic mission
  • Serving member of a visiting NATO Force based in UK
  • Purchasing a new Vauxhall for personal export from UK

…then you will not be required to pay any tax on your vehicle.

For more information on military and diplomat savings or to see if you qualify, visit the dedicated Vauxhall Military site or call the Vauxhall number.vauxhall-victor

Vauxhall’s Early Life

The company was founded in 1857 by marine engineer Alexander Wilson, as he joined the horseless carriage business. In 1905, the company built a factory in Luton, where to this day most of its cars are still produced.

Vauxhall became a part of American General Motors, and it sold its first car in 1930. To cope with it’s increasing popularity, Vauxhall built a plant in Ellesmere Port in 1960. In 1984, Vauxhall won it’s first European Car of The Year award with the new Carlton model. The company went on to win another two awards, with the last one in 2011 for their first ever electric car.

Vauxhall launches personalised service plans for new and used cars
October 19th, 2015

Vauxhall car owners can now build a personalized service plan and customise it to the level of service they require.

The new service is available to both new and used Vauxhall car drivers as well as those who already own a Vauxhall. The plan covers a full servicing schedule for every Vauxhall model, a 50% discount on MoTs, 15% on repairs for vehicles up to two to three years and up to 25% for vehicles over three years.

Prices start at £15 a month but are calculated based on each individual case, depending on the model and length of plan required. Vauxhall’s head of Marketing has said that the plan is both clear and fair, and gives customers added value along with a straight-forward route to car maintenance.

This new personalised service allows customers to control the cost of vehicle servicing in a worry-free way. It also ensures that cars are kept in healthy working order for longer.

What’s really great about this launch from Vauxhall is the inclusion of used car service plans. Usually manufacturers aim their special offer service plans at new cars but in doing so exclude a large portion of their customers and miss a big opportunity in the service plan sector.

So, whether you’re a new or used car owner, you can take advantage of the new service plans being offered by Vauxhall.

Vauxhall Offers Insurance Deal For Young Drivers
February 25th, 2015

Vauxhall have announced a new deal on its ADAM range, with the aim of giving young drivers a kick start with the cost of driving.

The ADAM deal being offered is similar to that which was given on the Corsa model last year, which was taken up by 1,500 customers. The scheme allows young drivers, who are aged 18-20, the chance to get a year’s worth of insurance for a single fee of just £99, which equates to a massive saving on the average cost of insurance for people in this age bracket.

Vauxhall’s Marketing Programmes Manager, John Hennelly, said “With young drivers potentially paying upwards of £2,000 for insurance when they are 18, this offer for ADAM drivers is an amazing deal and shows our commitment to lowering the cost of motoring.”

This offer is available on ADAM JAM, ADAM SLAM, ADAM ROCKS and ADAM ROCKS AIR models.

Thousands Flock To Join Vauxhall Masterfit Club

October 15, 2013

Vauxhall Customer Services Masterfit

Car manufacturers Vauxhall have revealed that their exclusive Masterfit Service club is attracting 4000 new members per month, adding to its already impressive roster of 200,000 Vauxhall car owners.

The Masterfit Service club allows its members to enjoy discounts on servicing and repairs for their Vauxhall motors – 15% for vehicles 2-3 years old, and as much as 25% for those 3 years or older.

The company are currently offering a free £25 Masterfit voucher for any Vauxhall owner who signs up before December 31.

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