Utility Warehouse Customer Contact

0843 658 0835

Contact The Utility Warehouse Number For:

  • Resolving a query to do with your utility, mobile, landline or internet bill
  • Making a complaint
  • Becoming a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club
  • Finding information on any of Utility Warehouse’s services or money-saving opportunities

What Can Utility Warehouse Do For Me If I Contact Them?

Utility Warehouse contact details are available for customers who wish to save money on their utilities, mobile network, landline rental and internet & broadband by joining their Discount Club for as little as £1.50 per month.

Once a member of the club, customers can simply use the online application form to select services they would like to save money on. They can then enjoy membership benefits such as Gold Status perks (when customers select four services or more); a ‘Triple Value’ guarantee for their energy bills; a single bill for all monthly payments, and unlimited cashback. Phone the Utility Warehouse contact number for a full list of rewards available.

Membership options include Online Membership (£1.50 per month) and Value Membership (£2.50 per month).

Utility Warehouse products and services

Landline and broadband

With Utility Warehouse’s landline deals, you will get free evening and weekend calls. You can change your mind whenever you want, as there is no minimum term contract. You can also get additional extras such as: enhanced voicemail, call waiting, anonymous call rejection, call diversion and reminder call.

There are three types of broadband deals available:

  • Standard broadband- 16mbps speeds, free connection, free wireless router, unlimited data on the main network.
  • Fibre broadband- Up to 38mbps, 18 month contract, £30 connection fee, free wireless router and unlimited data.
  • Ultra+ Fibre broadband- Up to 76mbps, 18 month contract, £30 connection fee, free wireless router and unlimited data.

If you enter your phone number and postcode into a form on the Utility Warehouse website, you will be able to see what broadband speeds you can get.


Utility Warehouse has a range of the latest handsets with tariffs to suit your needs. You can avoid unexpected increased bills with budget control. There is also a guarantee of no in contract price rises. At the end of your contract, your bill will drop by 75% as you will stop paying for your handset. Tariffs vary from 100 MB data/250 minutes/unlimited texts to 6gb with unlimited calls and texts. You can mix and match your chosen handset with a tariff that’s right for you. Available handsets currently include: iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5 and Sony Xperia Z5.


Utility Warehouse is aiming to compete with the big 6 energy suppliers. You can opt for a feed in tariff, where you generate energy yourself, using the likes of a solar panel. You will be paid for energy that you generate and use yourself, as well as for the energy that you do not use.

Bill protector

For an additional monthly payment, you can benefit from £10,000 of accidental death cover, as well as six months payment of your utility bills for up to £150. This will occur if you are unable to work through no fault of your own, such as redundancy or an accident.

Mobile broadband

You can connect your laptop and up to four other devices to the Utility Warehouse pocket router. You can choose from 1GB or 3GB data allowance, with speeds of up to 7.2mbps and you can connect wherever there is a 3G network.

Light bulb replacement

When you switch all of your services to the Utility Warehouse discount club, you can take advantage of the light bulb replacement service. All the light bulbs in your home will be replaced with LED bulbs, which are typically worth £300-£500. For as long as you are a Utility Warehouse customer, you never need to pay for a bulb. If one needs replacing, they will send you the replacement in the post.


Utility Warehouse members can exclusively claim cashback on their everyday shopping. Any cashback that you earn will simply come off your utility bill and you could save hundreds of pounds a year. Retailers involved in the scheme include ToysRUs, Halfords, Thorntons, Argos, Boots, M&S and eBay. You can choose from using a cash back card, which you top up and use to pay in shops, or claim your cashback online.

Utility Warehouse FAQs

What do I need to do when I am moving house?

Utility Warehouse has a dedicated Homemovers team to make the process of moving house as simple as possible. Contact the company to inform them of the move and they will do the rest for you.

How do I top up my Cashback card?

You can top up your cashback card online, by calling the automated top up line or by setting up a standing order using your bank details.

What different ways are there to pay my bills?

There are several different ways to set up your bill payments. You can arrange a Direct Debit, pay online when the bill is due, pay by phone, by BACS transfer or by cheque and postal order.

Does Utility Warehouse have a Refer A Friend scheme?

You can refer a friend or family member to Utility Warehouse and if they reach Gold member status, you will receive a £20 voucher. You’ll also get a £10 voucher each time a member you refer stays as a member.

Can I connect to Utility Warehouse broadband using my current router?

Yes, so long as your router isn’t locked by your current provider.

How do I report a mobile as lost or stolen?

You must contact Utility Warehouse straightaway, so that they can block the phone and ensure that no one uses it.

Utility Warehouse Details

Utility Warehouse are owned by Telecom Plus PLC, a UK-based multi-utility supplier. It was founded in 1996 and now serves over 450,000 customers and 40,000 distributors. Its customers include both residents and businesses, who regularly take advantage of the range of services and money-saving rewards that Utility Warehouse offers.

For further consumer information about utility companies have a look at the utility blog Utility Talk.

For more about Utility Warehouse services, call the contact number on this page.


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