Triton Credit Services UK Phone Number

0843 557 0065

If you find yourself needing to speak to the someone in the customer service department of Triton, you may find the Triton Credit Services Phone Number is the best method of contacting them.

Why Would I Call The Triton Credit Services?

You would ring the Triton Credit Services Contact Number if you had an issue such as:

  • Enquiring about a supposed unpaid debt
  • Find out information about a debt you have with them
  • Pay off any moneys that are owed via Triton

Triton Phone Numbers:

Triton Credit Services Phone Numbers
Triton Head Office 0843 557 0065
Payments 0843 557 0065
Customer Services 0843 557 0065

What Is Triton Credit Service?

Triton Credit Services mainly focuses on work based internally, usually for banks that includes RBS and Natwest. This can involve administering services such as detecting fraud and being responsible for debt collection. Triton Credit Services is a trading name of RBS and their registered address is based in Edinburgh.

Triton Credit Services is able to buy debt from any company and chase anyone up that owes the company any money. If you want to find out any more information about a potential debt or make an enquiry about a debt collection, you can do so by ringing the Triton Credit Services Helpline. You can also use this number to pay off any money to the company to resolve any of the unpaid debts.

You can call the Triton Credit Services Number twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and there will be someone willing to help you out and deal with your query.

It can be very easy to built up debt that you simply cannot afford to pay off and through no fault of your own, you may find that Triton’s Credit Services are reporting debt that you may even have forgotten about. To be on the safe side, it is best to contact them as soon as you are aware of any issues with debt, even if you aren’t currently in a position to repay the debts immediately.

What Is A Debt Recovery Company?

If you find that your debts have been in arrears for a prolonged period of time or you have been sent any default notices, there is a chance you will start to hear from debt collectors like Triton. Although this may sound scary and intimidating, its important to remember that this is just a normal stage in the collection process for the majority of debts.

It is also key to note that debt collection agencies are not bailiffs (who are now known as ‘enforcement agents’). Bailiffs have the legal power to remove your goods and sell them to cover the costs of debt. Debt collecting agencies haven’t got any special powers legally and are unable to do anything different to the original creditor.

Debt collection companies, like Triton, are specialist agencies that collect debts when the original creditor is having difficulties or cannot get arrears paid. There are a number of these types of companies who operate across the United Kingdom and they vary in size and areas that they specialize in. There are also some larger companies that may operate across a series of countries.

If the letters you receive from the collection agency are asking you to still keep on paying the original creditor you owed the debt to, the debt is still owned by them. They may be using a debt collection agency in order to contact you and they will typically get paid a percentage of the money that is collected from you.

If not, the debt will now be owned by the debt collection agency after being either sold or assigned to them by your original creditor because the amount that you are paying them isn’t sufficient. The contract that you originally signed with the creditor gave them the right to do this when your account has defaulted and it means that the collection agency becomes the legal owner of the debt. They can then make their profit by collecting the entire amount from you.


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