Tomtom Contact Phone Number

0843 658 0877

What Should The Tomtom Customer Service Number Be Used For?

  • Getting technical help such as installing the device.
  • Finding the best sat nav for your needs.
  • Track your order or speak to customer services.

Tomtom Products and Services

Tomtom is a manufacturer of GPS navigation software. To find a product for you, call Tomtom service support. There are a range of products available to suit every need, including basic navigation for cars, motorcycles and trucks as well as more advanced systems. Prices can vary from £119 for a basic car GPS with a 13 inch screen, to £329 for a truck system providing truck-friendly routes. When you buy a Tomtom sat nav, you will get live traffic updates, speed camera warnings and weather updates. You can even customise the voice to make your journey more interesting, with premium voices from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Homer Simpson and Stephen Fry for £7.95. Tomtom even has an app for iPhone and iPad that lets you use the GPS system without purchasing the actual sat nav. To find out more, call the Tomtom phone number.

Car navigation

There is a range of car navigation products, to suit all requirements and budgets. To plan your route, pick one on the map on the device, or use the Tomtom MyDrive app before you get behind the wheel. You can set favourite routes, destinations and stops using the app and they will be synced to your Sat Nav. Tomtom sat navs provide accurate, up to date live traffic information, giving you smarter routes so that your drive goes ahead uninterrupted. With lifetime map updates, you will constantly get the newest maps for free. You’ll also get updates on new roads and speed limit changes. Your sat nav will also provide you with accident blackspot warnings, as well as speed camera location warnings.

Motorcycle navigation

Tomtom has a sat nav specifically for use on motorbikes; Tomtom Rider. On the new Great Rider edition, 100 of Europe’s most thrilling routes come pre-installed on the sat nav. You can also install and update maps around the world for as long as you have your sat nav, free of charge. For routes, you can select three levels of windiness; low, moderate or high, so that your ride suits you. You can also choose how hilly the routes are and use the MyDrive app to pre-plan your trip.

Truck navigation

Tomtom Trucker is a sat nav specifically for truck drivers. It provides truck friendly routes with traffic updates to save time. It will help you plan the best routes according to your truck’s weight, size and speed. You can also use the MyDrive app to pre-plan your route.

Sports & Fitness

Tomtom has a range of fitness products available for different uses. For runners, the Tomtom Runner GPS watch is ideal. You can track your heart rate with the inbuilt monitor, train in five different modes (speed, sprint, endure, fat burn, easy). You can use the watch to track all your sports, including bike, gym, swim and treadmill. You’ll get real time information such as speed, time, pace, distance and calories burned. The newer models of watch also has space for 500 songs, so that you can listen to music whilst you train. There is also a generic fitness watch, where you can track your activity throughout the day and use a MySports app to analyse your performance. Lastly, Tomtom has a golf watch, named the Golfer 2, which has automatic shot detection so you can see how far your shot went. Post game, you’ll be able to track your shots using the MySports app. The GPS technology will track precise distances between holes so you can be more accurate.

Action camera

The Tomtom Bandit Action Camera is perfect for capturing activities. It has a built in motion sensors, so when you pull a big stunt or increase your speed, the camera knows. This sensor helps to develop ‘highlights’ which you can put together for easy editing. Thanks to a Battstick battery, the camera does not require any cables when in use.

Business products

Tomtom has a range of products specifically suited to business users.

Tomtom Bridge

Tomtom Bridge is an innovative platform which uses technology to help your business. You can help your drivers get to places faster with maps and traffic updates and connect with other Android applications for all your business solutions on one device.

Fleet management

Tomtom’s award winning fleet management system, Webfleet, helps teams to work together. Tomtom has 45,000 clients worldwide; helping them to drive safely and greenly.

Tomtom FAQ

How do I update software on a navigation device?

Install Tomtom Home on your computer and then connect the navigation device to your computer via the USB port.

Is the speed camera warning service legal?

In most areas, the speed camera service is completely legal, with the majority of local Governments agreeing that it makes driving safer. However, since 2012 in France, it has become illegal to receive warnings about speed cameras whilst driving. If you use the Tomtom speed camera warning whilst driving in France, you could be fined up to 1500 Euros. Instead, speed camera areas are treated as ‘danger zones’.

How do I reset my device if it freezes?

Press and hold the on/off button until it restarts. Remember to check if your device is charged.

How do I install premium voices on my device?

Visit the Tomtom Voices shop, purchase the voice of your choice, install it on your computer, plug your device into the computer and go!

How much data does Tomtom Traffic use?

If you were to drive for one hour per day in traffic, Tomtom Traffic would use around 7MB of data per month. The amount depends on how frequently you request a traffic update and the time of day, for example there are more traffic alerts during rush hour.

About Tomtom

Tomtom was founded in 1991 as a company concentrating on the likes of meter reading, before moving to the PDA market and then eventually releasing the first navigator product in 2002. To find out more, visit the Tomtom website.


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