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The Thorpe Park contact number can put you in touch with the UK’s leading theme park today.

Why Would I need To Contact Thorpe Park?

  • To book tickets.
  • To get information such as opening times.
  • To make a general enquiry.

Thorpe Park Contact PageThorpe Park Customer Services

Thorpe Park is a theme park in Surrey. To book your tickets, call the Thorpe Park telephone number. It has over 33 rides including Saw- The Ride, based on the popular film series Saw and The Swarm, an apocalyptic winged rollercoaster. There are a range of facilities available when you visit including free WiFi, buggies, a medical centre and a range of shops and eateries.

Thorpe Park also has a dedicated on-site hotel, the Crash Pad, so visitors can enjoy a mini break at the resort. Over the course of the year, Thorpe Park hosts a range of events including Ministry of Sound, a late night club night and Fright Night, a Halloween themed festival with live mazes. Ticket prices can vary, if you book online in advance, you can save money on the gate price. Find out more by calling the Thorpe Park information service.

Thorpe Park Vouchers

Anyone wishing to get their hands on a voucher for discount entry to Thorpe Park should head down to their local corner shop. Purchase a pack of Wotsits, Quavers, Squares, Monster Munch or French Fries and it should have a promotional half price voucher for any Merlin attraction including Thorpe Park. The 50% saving is for tickets purchased at the gate.


If you shop at Tesco, until October you can convert your Clubcard points into Boost points. Boost tokens give you money off several attractions including Thorpe Park. The voucher is valid until the end of the year.

Thorpe Park Prices

A theme park can be a costly day out, so it’s best to find out prices for tickets before you go.

One day standard entry

1 Day Ticket Gate Price Online Price (0-1 days before visit) Online Price (2+ days before visit)
Standard £49.99 £29.99 £25.99
Concession (Child under 12, Senior over 65) £44.99 £27.99 £23.99

Two day tickets

2 Day Ticket Gate Price Online Price (0-1 days before visit) Online Price (2+ days before visit)
Standard £56 £36.99 £31.99
Concession (Child under 12, Senior over 65) £51 £34.99 £29.99

Fastrack Tickets

Don’t fancy queueing all day for one ride? Purchase one or more of these tickets and feel smug bypassing the queue.

Hydration– beat the queues on four water rides: £8

Extreme– Colossus/ Nemesis Inferno/X/Tidal Wave/Loggers Leap: £15 Thorpe_Park_fastrack

Accelerator-Stealth/Rush/Samurai/Vortex: £11

Full Throttle– The Swarm/SAW:The Ride/Stealth/Colossus/Nemesis Inferno: £25

Ultimate– Every Fastrack ride: £75

Season Pass

A season pass grants you unlimited entry to Thorpe Park all through the season, as well as granting you exclusive invites and discount. £48.

Merlin Annual Pass

A Merlin Annual Pass gives you 12 months of access to 31 top attractions across the UK including Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Legoland and Madame Tussauds. £119 per person.

If you wish to visit as a school or youth group, call the number above for tickets.

Getting to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is 20 miles from central London. There are plenty of transport links available between Junctions 11 and 13 of the motorway.

THORPE PARK Resort thorpe park map

Staines Road



KT16 8PN

The nearest train station is Staines and a shuttle bus operates between there and the park.

Car parking is £5 per car.

Opening Times

The opening times for the park depend on the time of year as a general rule. thorpe park

At the time of writing these were the opening times:

August: 10am-7pm

September: Weekdays- 10am-5pm, weekends 10am-6pm.

October: 10th-31st: 10am-1opm (to coincide with Halloween events)

November: CLOSED from 10th November.



Buggies are available at the park on a first-come, first-serve basis. A maximum hire charge of £9 applies and a £20 refundable deposit should be supplied.

Free WiFi thorpe park app

WiFi is available at the park, just search for ‘The Cloud’. There is also an app which can give you live updates of queue times.

First Aid Point

The First Aid Point is manned by qualified staff on the lower level of The Dome.

Guest Services can also be found in the Dome and can assist with the following:

Height Check

A height check is available for smaller guests who may not be able to ride all of the rides.

Parent Swap

If a child is too small to ride but both parents wish to, one parent can queue on behalf of both.

Lost Property

Any lost property that is handed in will be given to guest services.


Loose items cannot be taken onto most rides so it is recommended that you use a locker, for a non-refundable fee of £1.

Disabled Facilities car park


If you hold a Blue disability badge you can park closer to the gate on a first come first served basis.

Ticket Concessions

Disabled guests are entitled to a free helper ticket for up to 2 helpers when they purchase a standard/concessions ticket. They may also get a free FastTrack ticket if they provide a doctors note detailing why they cannot queue.

Disabled Toilets

Accessible toilets use the national RADAR key system- if you do not have one, you can hire one from guest services.


There is a limited number of wheelchairs for hire for a £50 deposit.

Shopping/Food & Drink shopcolossus

There are a number of shops located across the park. These include:

The Swarm Store: Prove you braved The Swarm with merchandise and souvenirs.

Sweets & Souvenirs: A wide variety of sweet treats is sold here.

There are many restaurants in the park to suit every taste. They include:

Amity Fish & Chips: Traditional fish and chips.

Mexican Cantina: Burrito meals with nachos.

Noodle Bar: For fresh noodles in a range of flavours.

About Thorpe Park

In the 1970’s, there was a gravel pit owned by Ready Mixed Concrete Limited that they decided to flood to create an educational theme park. The park opened as a small attraction at first, before Tussaud’s Group bought the park in 1998. The group also owned the nearby Chessington World of Adventures. In 2007, Tussaud’s Group was purchased by Merlin Entertainment who decided to shift towards a thrill-seeker park, making it the Thorpe Park we know today.

Thorpe Park Hosts Series of Fright Nights for Halloween

Thorpe Park Halloween events 2013

October 15th 2014

The UK’s leading amusement park Thorpe Park is hosting a series of Fright Nights over the coming month to lure its visitors into a heart-stopping Halloween experience.

It will be teaming up with the makers of the movie The Blair Witch Project to recreate the experience in an intense overnight stay. Thrill seekers will be able to enter the specially designed Blair Witch Project ‘Scare Zone’ after trekking through the darker, unseen areas of the park, and participate in the Go It Alone challenges that involve making it through a live action maze…alone.

Thorpe Park will also be hosting various other Fright Nights based on movies such as Cabin In The Woods and My Bloody Valentine, up until November 11.

Thorpe Park Has The Third Best Roller Coaster In The UK

August 15th, 2014

thorpeparkAccording to the latest reports, Thorpe Park boasts the third best roller coaster in the country, Swarm.

The theme park, based in Chertsey, Surrey, also plays host to the fastest roller coaster in Britain, Stealth. The park is famed for its thrill seeking rides and has recently open its first onsite hotel, the Shark Hotel.

Coming in just behind Odyssey at Fantasy Island and the Big One at Blackpool, Swarm has come in a very respectable third place in a list of the best roller coasters in Britain. The rest of the top 5 was made up of the Smiler at Alton Towers coming in fourth place and Millennium at Fantasy Island taking the fifth spot.

The ranking was done based ons tats from the Roller Coaster DataBase, looking at elements such as speed, height, length and how many times it takes its passengers upside down. Swarm came in with a score of 5/5 for speed, height, twists and an impressive 4/5 for length.

The ride itself is the sixth tallest roller coaster in the United Kingdom, with a height of 39 meters and also comes in sixth place with a speed of 59mph as well as offering a scary 5 inversions.

Colossus, another Thorpe Park ride famous for being an attraction for thrill seekers, came in 11th position on the list, offering 10 inversions, which is the second highest int he country. It also boasts a track length of 850 meters, but a relatively low speed of 45mph and a maximum height of 30 meters.

Stealth came in 15th position, offering top speeds of 80mph and frightening heights of 63 meters. However, it was penalised for having a track length of just 400 meters as well as the fact that it doesn’t have any inversion,

Even though Stealth holds the record for being the fastest roller coaster in the UK, it doesn’t get a look in on an international level. The fastest roller coaster in the world is Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi, with a top speed of 149.1mph. It goes so fast that its riders have to wear protective goggles.

Just last month, Thorpe Park was given the honour of being named the fifth best theme park in the United Kingdom, as well as being voted the 14th best in the whole of Europe.  TripAdvisor spokesman, James Kay, said “Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for a buzz this summer or a parent planning a family day out during the school holidays, this list of winners should provide plenty of inspiration.”

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