Tesco Pet Insurance Contact Number

0843 596 3072

When Can I Call The Tesco Pet Insurance Number?

  • When making a claim
  • To learn the benefits of pet insurance and discuss the best package for you
  • For help and advice about your pet’s health
  • For issues or queries about keeping up payments on your pet insurance
  • For help with getting a quote or managing your existing policy

What Can Tesco Pet Insurance Offer Me?

Tesco Pet Insurance offers customers two options to suit their pet, both of which include £2 million Third Party Liability cover, 42 hour access to the insurance helpline, a monthly Direct Debit payment option, multi-pet discount and help and advice when a pet dies. One is either Standard or Extra Pet Insurance, which cover the cost of the treating illnesses up to £3000, or in the case of Extra cover, options of up to either £4000 or £75000. With Extra cover, there is no time limit on claiming.

The other option for pet owners is Tesco’s Accident & Injury insurance, which gives you essential cover should your pet ever be hurt in an accident or attacked by another animal. This covers vet fees of up to £3000 per injury.

Tesco Clubcard holders can use their Clubcard to help pay for their policy. Just state this when purchasing insurance via the Tesco Pet Insurance contact number.

More About Tesco Pet Insurance

Tesco Pet Insurance is a service of Tesco Bank, one of the UK’s leading supermarket banking brands offering loans; credit cards; help with savings and money management; travel money, and home, car, life and pet insurance policies. It also offers the option of a Tesco Clubcard credit card, enabling customers to collect even more Clubcard points when they shop at Tesco.

Emergency visits to the vet, even just for minor illnesses and ailments, can cost thousands, so it’s extremely important that pet owners have a reliable pet insurance policy in place from when their pet is at least 8 weeks old. Research shows that nearly 1 in 3 cat and dog owners will need to eventually make a claim on their pet insurance.

Tesco Cut Milk Prices Causing Panic Among Farmers

March 3rd, 2014
The largest supermarket in the UK, Tesco, are cutting the price of their milk. Four pins will be reduced from £1.39 to £1 in an attempt to undercut their rival supermarkets. They will be breaking away from the staple’s price set by Sainsbury’s and Morrisons and joining the likes of Asda who have sold milk at £1 for the last year.

Some people have seen the move as the beginning of a price war, but Tesco have denied these claims. They say that the cut is part of a new campaign to “focus on everyday low prices on the products that matter most to our clients.” They have also reduced the prices on peppers, onions, tomatoes and carrots as part of this campaign. Tesco hope that many of their customers will save up to £100 a year on their grocery shopping as a result.

Tesco have denied allegations that by cutting the cost of milk, it will impact on what the supermarket pays to 650 farmers who supply the business. Nevertheless, the prospect of a price war among the ‘big four’ supermarkets has caused a lot of concern in the farming industry. They are worried that major buyers could be getting paid less.

James Badman, the regional co-coordinator for Farmers for Action who has a herd of 150 Holstein Friesians near Somerset, said: “I’m worried. Milk is a staple, perishable product that gets consumers through a supermarket’s doors, so although they say this won’t affect producers, I’m sure supermarkets will all be looking at their margins.”

“Dairy farmers get paid about 17p a pint at the farm gate,” a National Farmers’ Union spokesman said. “Over the past 18 months or so we’ve seen the gap between what farmers get paid at the farm gate and what the cost of producing milk is closing, which has been encouraging. This is not good news for the industry.”

Thousands Campaign Against Controversial New Tesco

January 22nd, 2014

petition against controversial tescoThousands of people have began a campaign to stop the building of a controversial new Tesco in Clarendon Park, Leicester.


More than 2,700 names have been signed on a paper and online petition opposing a scheme to build the supermarket near the town’s local shopping centre. They believe that having another major retailer in the area — there is already a Co-Op and Sainsbury’s there that Tesco say they plan to take on — would endanger independent shop owners.

The petition will be presented at a council meeting by Mrs. Lewis’ two seven year old daughters.

The campaign has been spearheaded by Mags Lewis who said: “People don’t believe Tesco’s claims that a new store won’t affect our fabulous local shops, or cause traffic problems. My daughters Molly and Eleanor are looking forward to presenting the petition.”

Tesco are due to submit the planning and licensing applications soon. Protestors want to council to disapprove of these submissions as well as the installation of a cash machine.

The petition reads:

“This is one of the few remaining neighborhoods where most of the businesses on our main street are small, local and independent, giving it a unique and friendly character. We want to keep it that way. Clarendon Park is a close-knit community, more akin to a village than a city suburb. We encourage as many people as possible who live, work or study in the area to join our campaign and help save our wonderful little corner of Leicester from the corporate behemoths.”

Tesco’s corporate affairs manager Simon Petar attended the public meeting and said their plans for the shop were already at a late stage. Work is currently underway in the building to remove asbestos. He also stressed that the new Tesco, in spite of its controversy, would bring new jobs to the town.

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