Tesco Insurance Customer Service Number

0843 596 3072

Do you need to get a quote for your insurance? Look no further than Tesco. When you call us, we can transfer you to the Tesco Insurance Number, the team will help you find the best quote for you.

Reasons to call the Tesco insurance number: tesco

  • To get a quote for your insurance.
  • To make a claim.
  • To change or cancel a policy.

Tesco Insurance products and services

Tesco Insurance is part of Tesco Bank, which in itself is a subsidiary of Tesco. To get a quote on the best policy for you, call the Tesco Insurance number. Tesco Insurance has a number of sectors including: car, home, young drivers, pet, travel, life, breakdown and health and dental. There are a range of types of cover available to suit each individual budget. For example, car insurance has both standard and value cover. There are also a range of incentives when you join Tesco Insurance including clubcard points. You can get 5000 clubcard points to be won every day with car insurance until April 2014. Through the Tesco Insurance website, you can compare the price of Tesco Insurance against other insurers, and also apply for your policy online at your convenience.

Car Insurance

Tesco Clubcard customers get a guaranteed discount on Tesco Car Insurance. So why choose Tesco car cover?:

  • No claims discount with the option to protect it.
  • Up to £100,000 Motor Legal Protection included.
  • Personal accident cover of £5000
  • Windscreen cover
  • Small courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired following a claim.
  • UK cover extended to EU for up to 90 days.
  • Replacement child car seat if fitted in the car at the time of accident.
  • 24 hour UK-based accident helpline.

    Tesco Car Insurance Policy Booklet with a detailed breakdown of your policy enclosed.

    Tesco Car Insurance Policy Booklet with a detailed breakdown of your policy enclosed.

You can also choose to add to your cover with optional extras such as breakdown cover, upgraded courtesy car cover, driver injury cover and key cover.

Tesco also provides Young Drivers Insurance where the main driver is aged 17 to 25. You can choose to have a smart box installed in your car which can save you money or you can choose straightforward car insurance.

Home Insurance

Tesco Bank Home Insurance comes with a range of standard features as well as extras. Home Insurance includes:

  • Unlimited buildings cover if you need to rebuild your home.
  • £75,000 contents cover as standard. This can be increased to £100,000.
  • Valuable items in the home covered as standard, the exact amount depends on your policy limits.
  • UK based claims and emergency helplines which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • One year guarantee on home repairs carried out by insurer appointed builders.
  • 5 star cover rated by Defaqto.
  • The option to tailor your cover with extras such as cover away from the home.

Pet Insurance

There are two types of pet insurance available to suit you. These are:

  • Standard & Extra Pet Insurance- This policy means Tesco pays your vet directly.
  • Accident & Injury- This policy is set at a fixed monthly fee of £4 a month for cats or £6.25 a month for dogs. You also get 24 hour access to a Vetfone helpline.

    You could get a voucher when you sign up to Tesco Pet Insurance.

    You could get a voucher when you sign up to Tesco Pet Insurance.

Travel Insurance

Tesco knows that all you want to do on holiday is relax. Tesco Travel Insurance has just been rated five star by Defaqto. The key benefits of the travel insurance policies are:

  • 24 hour emergency helpline.
  • UK based call centre.
  • Online discount.
  • Guaranteed Clubcard discount.
  • Three levels of cover.

The three levels of cover are: Everyday, Standard and Finest- with Finest being the most fully comprehensive.

Life Insurance

Tesco Life Insurance is provided by Aviva. There are different levels of Life Insurance.

  • Family Cover which gives your dependants a lump sum when you die.
  • Mortgage Cover which can provide your dependents with a lump sum equivalent to your mortgage if you pass away before it is paid.
  • Over 50’s Life Cover which can help you contribute towards funeral costs or leave your loved ones a lump sum.
  • Critical Illness Cover which will help you take the financial strain if you become critically ill.
  • New Parent Life Cover- This cover is free of charge and guarantees at least £10,000 if you die before your child turns one.

Breakdown Cover

It is important to consider that Tesco no longer offers breakdown cover to new customers on a separate basis, it is only available as part of your existing policy. You can add it for a higher premium.

Tesco can provide breakdown cover as part of your car insurance policy.

Tesco can provide breakdown cover as part of your car insurance policy.

Tesco Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tesco Travel Insurance cover my existing medical condition?

It depends on the nature of your condition. When applying for travel insurance, you will be asked questions about your health. If you have a medical condition you will usually be offered cover for it at a premium.

What am I covered for under buildings and contents?

Tesco Insurance contents cover protects belongings in and around your home up to £10,000.  Contents cover includes protection against theft, flood, fire and storm, cover when moving home, alternative accomodation and storage, a 24 hour helpline, options to extend your cover and an option to add cover for high value items when you are away from home. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home as well as the rebuild cost if your home is damaged or destroyed.

I have purchased the young drivers’ smart box insurance. Can I drive before the box is installed?

Yes, you can drive as soon as you have purchased your insurance. However, you must have the box installed 14 days after the policy begins or it may be cancelled.

What is ‘No Claims Discount’?

No Claims Discount gives safer drivers the best price. For every year you hold insurance and don’t have any at fault claims, you might get a discount on your premium.

You can get No Claims discount if you are a safe driver.

You can get No Claims discount if you are a safe driver.

Do I need to pay my excess if the accident wasn’t my fault?

This depends on if there is a third party involved in the claim and they accept liability. If so, you will not need to pay. If there is no third party to claim from or the insurer settles the claim 50/50 or your fault, you will have to pay.

How will vet bills be paid if my pet needs treatment?

As long as your vet agrees, Tesco can pay the fees straight to them. You need to pay the relevant excess to your vet first.

How do I update my payment details?

To update your payment details, please call the customer service number found on this page. You should have your policy number and new payment details to hand.

How do I make a claim?

Call the customer service line and an operator will ask for details of your claim. You will then be sent a claim form to complete and return to Tesco who will then explain what will happen next.

What is the difference between Value, Standard and Finest Home Insurance?

The Value policy is designed to offer the basic essential cover for your home. Standard offers higher level cover and Finest is intended to be all inclusive with wide ranging cover.

Tesco does not provide landlord insurance but can help you compare policies of other insurers.

Tesco does not provide landlord insurance but can help you compare policies of other insurers.

Can I use Tesco Home Insurance if I am a landlord?

Unfortunately, Tesco Home Insurance does not cover landlords, however Tesco does offer a comparison tool to help you find a deal with one of Tesco’s landlord insurance partners.

Do I get Clubcard points per pound spent on an insurance policy?

You don’t get points per pound, but Clubcard holders do get a discount.

How can I view my car insurance documents?

You can find a copy of your policy schedule and other documents within the welcome/renewal pack you were sent. If you chose to receive your documents by email, you will get a confirmation within two hours of purchasing your policy.

Can I add/amend/remove a named driver to my car insurance policy?

You can have up to four additional drivers on your policy, be it a permanent change or temporary change of up to 28/30 days.

Is my mobile phone covered by my home insurance policy?

Your mobile phone/tablet will be covered for loss/damage/theft within the home. For outside the home, you would need to take out additional personal possessions cover.

Your mobile phone is covered against theft/loss/damage in your home.

Your mobile phone is covered against theft/loss/damage in your home.

What will I be asked when I claim on my home insurance?

You will be asked what happened, when and what action you have taken so far. You will also be asked what you’re claiming for and what the approximate cost of that is.

About Tesco

Tesco is a British supermarket retailer. In the UK, Tesco offers a range of financial services including loans, credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts and insurance. Tesco’s move towards the financial sector began in 2007 and it provided growth opportunities for Tesco outside of the retail sector. In 2008, it was announced that Tesco were buying out Royal Bank of Scotland’s 50% stake in the company. In 2009, the name was changed from Tesco Personal Finance to Tesco Bank. Today, many stores have an individual branch of Tesco Bank located inside of them.

Tesco Insurance is arranged and administered by Tesco Bank and is underwritten by a select range of expert insurers.

Tesco To Cut 9,000 Jobs
February 16th, 2015

Tesco is preparing to lose 9,000 staff members in a plan that looks set to get rid of a layer of management from their larger stores, as well as reducing the numbers in its head offices and closing stores at various locations around the country.

The new chief executive for the troubled company, Dave Lewis, looks set to remove the team leader role from the larger stores, which could impact about 3,000 staff members.

These are the latest cuts being made by the company, who also announced the closure of 43 stores last month, which will result in 2,000 to 3,000 jobs being cut. There are also plans to close their Cheshunt headquarters and restructuring to take place at its Welwyn Garden City offices, with the results of these being another 3,000 jobs lost. As of last week, Tesco were offering voluntary redundancy to their head office staff.

Tesco stores get a new look

September 10th, 2013


Tesco has created what is being known as the “Supermarket of the future”. The first supermarket/department store crossover opened in Watford in 2013. In store, you can enjoy a good quality coffee at Harris & Hoole or grab a snack at Giraffe. Other areas of the store have had a makeover too, with the alcohol section featuring a TV displaying cocktail recipes. Other stores are expected to follow Watford’s lead in 2014.

Tesco also announced plans to add a beauty salon to some superstores, where you can enjoy a manicure before the weekly shop, although it is not clear when these will be developed.


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