Technology is everywhere in society. Everyday we use computers, smartphones and machines just to go about our lives. However, technology isn’t always reliable. Occasionally, your computer can break down, your TV can stop working or the game that you’ve been enjoying playing can suddenly delete all of your saved data. As we rely on technology so much, we want to get any problems fixed as soon as possible. Luckily for us, there’s a crack team of technology gurus at the end of the phone waiting to solve all of our problems. ┬áHere at Number Direct, our very own crack team have assembled the phone numbers for the aforementioned teams of technology gurus, so that you can get your tricky techy problem fixed as soon as possible.

Problem with your Packard Bell PC? Niggles with your Nintendo? Anxious over your Acer laptop? Stressing over your Samsung? Let us help. We’ll connect you to customer services, where a friendly operator will be waiting to hear all about your woes and help you to solve them. You no longer need to be frustrated over Fifa points, as we have the contact number for EA Sports. If your Xbox Live isn’t so ‘live’ anymore, we have the phone number for the Xbox customer services team. If you love to read, but your Kindle screen is less clear than Gatsby’s past in The Great Gatsby, you can use the Kindle contact number. We know that smart TVs aren’t always as smart as they make themselves out to be, so that’s why we have provided the number for Sony, LG and Siemens.

Technology is great, but when it isn’t working, it can really hold you back as you try to go about your day. Speaking to a member of a customer service team will help. They’re the experts, so you can relax in the knowledge that you are in good hands. Don’t be tempted to have your console, television or PC repaired by a third party, as they won’t know it as well as the brand will.

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