HMRC Tax Rebate Phone Number

0849 557 5191

tax rebate contact numberTaxes. We’ve all got to pay them. If you think you’ve overpaid, you can claim it back. We have the tax rebate phone number.

The Tax Rebate Contact Number Can Be Used If:

  • You wish to find out if you are eligible to claim.
  • You haven’t received your rebate.
  • You need to ask what forms you need in order to claim.

What Is a Tax Rebate?

A tax rebate is a refund you are entitled to if the tax you have paid is more than what you are supposed to pay. Normal circumstances in which this happens is if you were only employed for part of the year, such as a student on holiday, you had more than one job at the same time, or your circumstances changed e.g. you changed from full to part time working. To find out if you are eligible, call the tax rebate number. The refund will be issued to you at the end of a tax year, usually via cheque. Other circumstances where you might be overcharged include if you have retired or have paid tax on savings. You should claim your refund by filling out a form. For more information on getting your refund, contact the HMRC tax rebate department.

The History of Tax

Tax dates all the way back to Medieval times, in 1203 when King John introduced an export tax on wool. 72 years later, King Edward I introduced taxes on wine. Income tax was first enforced by William Pitt in 1798 in his budget to pay for the weapons that would be used in preparation for the Napoleonic War, a continuation of wars influenced by the French Revolution which took place over a series of 12 years. For more about tax rebates, visit the webpage or call the tax rebate helpline.

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