Tax Office Number

0843 557 3698

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The Tax Office Number can put you in touch with expert advice about paying your taxes, claiming tax credits, filling out relevant paperwork or relieving late penalties.

Call The Tax Office Number If:

  • You don’t know what taxes credits you should be receiving.
  • There has been a change in your circumstances that you need to notify them of.
  • You wish to find out more about the taxes process.

What Does the Tax Office Do?

The Tax Credit office deals with your tax credit claim. They can give you relevant advice and offer you support when dealing with the difficulty of managing taxes.To find out more about how to claim your tax credits, call the Tax Office Number UK. They record the information you give them, and based on that they can then work out what tax credits you should be receiving. The taxes you can claim are Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. Child Tax Credit is for when you have a child in your care under the age of 16, or under the age of 20 and in full time education. Working Tax Credit is paid to employees with a low income who are aged 25 or over and are working 30 hours per week.

Background to the Tax Office and the Tax Credits System:

The current tax credits system was introduced in 2003. In 1999, the Government announced that they were to create two new forms of tax credits, and in the 2000 budget, the employment tax credit, extending from the “Working Families” principle. Then in 2002, the Child and Working Tax Credits report was published by the treasury and after the bill was read in the House of Lords, it was passed onto the House of Commons for any amendments, before finally reaching the approved stage. The bill then became the Tax Credits Act 2002 and was enforced the following year. For more details about the Tax Credits system, visit the website or call the Tax Office number.

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