T-Mobile Contact Number

0843 596 3075

0843 557 3864

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T-Mobile contact numbers:

Department Phone Number
Pay Monthly 0843 557 3864
Sim Only 0843 557 3864
Complaints 0843 557 3864

T-Mobile phone line opening hours:

Day Time
Mon-Fri 8.30 – 21.00
Weekends 10.00 – 18.00

T-Mobile Customer Service Address:

You can write to T-Mobile by sending a letter to the EE customer service department (the company that now owns T-Mobile). The address is: EE Customer Services, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom.

Why Ring the T-Mobile Customer Service Number?

Do you have a problem with your T-mobile network service? Perhaps you have a billing problem or maybe you simply want to top up  your mobile account? The T-Mobile Customer Service department regularly receives calls on a daily basis about these type of issues and more. The T-Mobile customer service contact number is responsible for:

  • Accounts and billing
  • Internet services
  • Roaming abroad plans
  • Technical device issues
  • Promotions and services
  • Customer complaints

The T-Mobile customer service team are an experienced customer service team who aim to resolve customer issues in an efficient manner. Contact them also if you require a subsidy pin number (PAC code) for unlocking your T-Mobile phone.

T-Mobile Tariffs

Please note that T-mobile has now embarked on a joint venture with formal network giant Orange, and together they make EE. You may still be on a T-mobile price plan and there is no reason you can’t stick to the plan you are on. However, if you want to upgrade or get a new phone you will automatically be upgraded to a plan with EE rather than T-Mobile. EE offer some great price plans on their website, you can also ring the contact number to find out what is available to you. The EE online price plan brochures are useful and give you a lot of information before you decide which is the best contract to invest in. You can choose from a sim-only price plan that allows you to buy a sim with a set amount of minutes, texts and data but you would not be entitled to a new handset, or you could opt into one of EE’s contract deals where a handset will be included. Lastly, you can choose from a pay as you go phone which means you buy the handset from EE and If you are currently on a plan with T-Mobile or have moved over to EE and are having issues with your contract/device then please don’t hesitate to call the T-Mobile contact number where an adviser can help you. If you want to upgrade your phone or contract the T-Mobile contact number can also help you in the transition from using T-Mobile to using EE and ensure you are choosing a plan or pay as you go device that is the best value for money.

Your T-Mobile accountT-Mobile account

The T-Mobile website allows you to log in and view your billing history as well as things going on with your device such as your data usage. To log into your T-Mobile account simply visit the EE website and request to log into your account as a T-Mobile user. You will be asked to provide a username (which is usually your email address) as well as a password before you log in. If you were a previous T-Mobile (or Orange) user that has switched over to EE then you will be able to access the same account with the same details, but if you are a new EE user you will need to register with a ‘My Account’ before you can gain access to your bills and mobile usage online. If you need to set up an account please call the T-Mobile contact number where one can be arranged to set up for you, or visit the EE website and follow the on-screen options. If you are wondering whether or not you should register for a ‘My Account’ with EE then you might want to visit the website where some of the benefits are listed. These include; a quick and convenient way to manage your bills, device(s) and change to any personal details, you can keep a close eye on what you have used and you can also quickly upgrade your network to EE’s superfast 4G, with inclusive minutes and texts even when roaming abroad.

Cancelling your T-Mobile contract

If you have reached the end of your minimum term contract with T-Mobile there is no automatic cancellation that occurs. The contract will continue to run within that company until you end it. If you are thinking of ending your contract please call the contact number. You will need to give a minimum of thirty days notice if you are thinking of ending your contract, even if you have reached your minimum term, the company will charge you either until the end of the 30 day period or until the end of your minimum term contract, depending on which is the later date. You will be charged an early termination charge if you are thinking of ending your contract early as well as a notice period charge. To take your number to a new provider, you will need a PAC code, which if not used and expires, your contract with that number will continue to run. If you are having problems cancelling a T-Mobile contract or wish to request a PAC code, please call the T-Mobile contact number.

Upgrading you T-Mobile contract

When you reach the end of a contract you will be entitled to an upgraded phone. However, if you cannot wait until the end of your contract, you can still receive all of the latest devices by simply buying yourself out of your current contract (paying for the remaining months) and then choosing from either a new contract with different perks and benefits or a new top of the range device. To find out what is available to you, please visit your nearest EE store or call the T-Mobile contact number.

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers a wide range of products from telephone and broadband contracts to the latest phone and tablet devices. T-Mobile offers a variety of Pay As You Go and monthly contracts for its services. You can find out more by calling the T-Mobile contact number. The name T-Mobile was originally established in 1995 as the name derived from ‘DeTeMobil’.  The origins of the company were established in Bonn in 1985 under the company name ‘C-Netz’. Since then  the company  has established itself as one of the most widely spread mobile network provides.  The company is currently operating in over 11 different countries in Europe, the US and the Caribbean. In 2009 it was announced that T-Mobile would merge with fellow network giant Orange to form new network EE, standing for ‘Everything Everywhere’.

Alternatives Methods Of Contacting T-Mobile

Text 150 and use the following messages to get automated responses:

  • BA – check balance
  • HELP – get a list of frequently asked questions
  • BILL – check payments
  • UP – see what upgrades are available
  • PLAN – check which plan you are currently using



Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to T-Mobile. The direct contact number for T-Mobile can be found in the public domain or on their official website.