Stagecoach Contact Phone Number

0843 557 4334

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Reasons to call the Stagecoach telephone number:stagecoach phone number

  • To get a timetable for your journey.
  • To find out which bus you need to get to your destination.
  • To get live status updates on arrivals, delays and cancellations.

Other Stagecoach Phone Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0843 557 4334

Stagecoach Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Stagecoach 8am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Stagecoach Head Office Location

Department Location
Head Office Hyde Rd, Manchester, Lancashire, M12 6JS

Stagecoach services

Stagecoach is one of the largest bus operators in the UK. It operates local and express services across the country, as well as intercity operations through Megabus.  Stagecoach connects communities in over 100 towns and cities in the UK, with a fleet of over 8000 buses and coaches. Stagecoach makes putting customers first their priority, focusing on training their staff to provide the best levels of customer service they can. The company has invested almost 300 million at the time of writing into new state of the art vehicles. The new buses are designed to be fully accessible to elderly passengers, people with disabilities and families with young children, whilst also meeting strict emissions standards.

Stagecoach Bus Timetables

If you wish to access the full timetable for a specific bus route, you can do this from the Stagecoach website. You can download the bus timetable as a PDF for you to keep, or get a personalised journey timetable online, based on your departure/arrival areas and the time of day that you are travelling. On some routes, buses may run on seasonal timetables, particularly around Easter and Christmas, so it is important to check the timetables for your bus around these times.

Stagecoach Bus Pass

Stagecoach has a range of different passes which you can use on buses. You can use a Dayrider for unlimited travel for one day, weekly tickets, over a week tickets, monthly tickets, multi-trip tickets, Unirider tickets for students and free travel for concessions who are of State Pension age or have a certain type of disability. Concessionary holders will get free travel across England, Scotland and Wales on all Stagecoach services.

Stagecoach Megarider stagecoach contact number

Stagecoach’s Megarider ticket is one the most popular options sold on their buses across the UK and with good reason. It offers a huge range of benefits, which includes saving money and time, putting you in control and giving you more options.

If you regularly travel on Stagecoach buses, it makes sense to purchase a Megarider ticket. It boasts impressive value for money when compared with the cost of buying single tickets or even when comparing to the cost of buying and running a car. You can also save time by getting a Megarider ticket as you just need to show the pass to the driver each time you board until it expires. You can buy your ticket from the driver or through the Stagecoach website.

A Megarider ticket also lets you plan ahead and work out your journeys beforehand without have to factor in the cost of fares. You are free to travel whenever you like and as many times as you want before your ticket runs out, although it might be worth checking that there are no restriction in place for your area or in the time period leading up to local special events or sporting games.


About Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach Group was founded in 1980 by Brian Souter, alongside his sister and brother in law. You would find the Stagecoach headquarters in Perth, Scotland although the group has operations all through the UK and North America. The company is the second largest transport group in the UK thanks to their stakes in railway and bus operations, just behind First Group. Stagecoach carries on average 2.5 million passengers per day. The company is also one of the largest shareholders in youth employment, employing over 18,000 people. In North America, the company is known as Coach USA and Coach Canada.

Popular Questions About Stagecoach

What is Stagecoach Smart Card?

The Stagecoach smart card is an electronic travel card, which stores your megarider tickets to use when you travel on the bus. The card is available at most Stagecoach regions across the UK, giving you a more convenient way to travel. In some areas, when you purchase a megarider on the bus, you’ll be given a smart card, so make sure to keep it safe.

What Stagecoach bus goes to Meadowhall?

Meadowhall is a large shopping centre in Sheffield, and one of the largest in the UK. The quickest way to travel from the city centre to Meadowhall using a Stagecoach service is to use the Supertram, from Ponds Forge, which arrives at Meadowhall Interchange.

Stagecoach: How much is a day rider? Stagecoach contact number

A Day rider is a type of ticket which allows you unlimited travel for a day in a specific area. The cost of a day rider can vary, depending on whether you are a child or an adult, whether you wish to travel to more than one area and which region you travel in. Costs can vary from £1.90 for a child to £2.50-£4.00 for adults in specific areas.

What is Stagecoach Gold?

Stagecoach Gold is a luxury bus service which is available for no extra costs. The buses have leather seats, more legroom and even free wifi on certain routes. It isn’t available in all areas, but here are some examples of routes where it is available:

  • Cumbria- Whitehaven to Carlisle
  • Midlands- Leamington and Warwick
  • Oxfordshire- Bicester, Gosford and Oxford.
  • South- Aldershot to Old Dean
  • West- Cheltenham and Gloucester
  • Yorkshire- Matlock to Sheffield

What are Stagecoach like to work for?

There are lots of websites online which allow employees to review their experience working for a company. On the review site Glassdoor, the company has 4/5 stars, with comments such as ‘good work environment with like minded people’, but on Indeed others complained of long working hours where they didn’t get paid for overtime.



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