Sony Customer Helpline

0844 453 0166

Why Should I Call The Helpline For Sony?

    • To get technical help with any Sony products
    • To honour a warranty on an item
    • To make a complaint to customer services

Sony Numbers:

Sony Departments Phone Number
Sony UK Head Office 0844 453 0166
Repairs and Returns 0844 453 0166
Complaints 0844 453 0166


Products And Services The Sony Phone Helpline Can Help With

Sony are a huge electronics company with its headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan. To find a dealer near you, call Sony helpline.

A range of products are designed and developed including TVs and home cinema systems; cameras and camcorders; computing; tablets and smartphones; audio; video game consoles; and car entertainment. The range of products the company has to offer makes Sony one of the largest electronic companies in the world.

Its most famous export is perhaps the Playstation series. The current model is the Playstation 4, following on from the success of the PlayStation 3. In direct competition with the Microsoft Xbox series, the Playstation is perhaps Sony’s most sold item. Should your console malfunction, you can contact the Playstation helpline.

You can buy Sony products from the online website or from specialist dealers that can be found around the UK. Sony is the third largest TV manufacturer after Samsung and LG respectively.

Sony offers many services to support their customers such as forums for question and answers; troubleshooting guides; software and updates; Extended Warranty Plans; and a dedicated customer support team. To contact the customer support team, call the Sony Helpline.

More About Sony

Sony was founded in 1946 in Japan. At that time, the company was a single store and was named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. In 1958, after developing the first tape recorder, the name was changed to Sony. In 1960, the company was taken to America and after the development of many other products such as the Betamax video recorder and the Playstation in the 90’s became one of the largest electronic companies in the world — the innovator we know today.

Sony Film 'Whiplash' Wins Top Prize At Sundance

February 3rd, 2014

sony-pictures-whiplash‘Whiplash’, the film that Sony paid nearly $3m to buy the rights for, has won to top prize at the Sundance Film Festival. It took home the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize in the American Dramatic section, awards that have previously been won by the likes of Oscar nominees ‘Winter’s Bone’, ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild’ and ‘Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire’.

The film tells the story of an aspiring young drummer who attends a competitive school. However, he finds himself butting heads with a hardened drill-conductor teacher who sees his talent and tries to bring the very best out of him. Newcomer Miles Teller, who last year received accolades for his breakout role in ‘The Spectacular Now’, plays the main character. ‘Spider-Man’ actor J.K. Simmons plays the teacher.

The film was bought for nearly £3m by Sony after a heated bidding war with A24 pictures, the distributors responsible for ‘Spring Breakers’. Sony now have the rights to distribute it in several locations including the United Kingdom. Following the win, Sony may now be expected to release ‘Whiplash’ towards the end of 2014 to aim for Academy Award nominations.

The 28 year old director Damien Chazelle alluded to Sony’s purchase in his awards speech saying: “I remember my first time here was with a short, and the whole reason we made a short was because of my experiences as a drummer. No-one wanted to finance the film because no-one wants to make a film about a jazz drummer – surprising.”

The documentary winner of the Grand Jury Prize went to ‘Rich Hill’, the story of children growing up in a tight-knit yet impoverished Missouri community. The documentary Audience Award went to ‘Alive Inside: A Story Of Music And Memory’ about the effects music has helping those with dementia.

Sony Purchase Sundance Film Festival Opener 'Whiplash' For $3m

January 19th, 2014

Sony Pictures Classics have bought the rights to distribute ‘Whiplash’, the film that opened the Sundance Film Festival last week starring Miles Teller, for a staggering $3 million.


The deal was signed just hours after the film premiered at the festival, an annual event run by veteran actor Robert Redford. Sony are said to have made the highest offer in a bidding war between A24 Films who distributed Miles Teller’s last film ‘The Spectacular Now’ as well as the celebrity satire ‘The Bling Ring’.

This will give Sony Pictures Classics the power the release the film in territories that include the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Greece, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America.

The film tells the story of a promising jazz drummer who joins one of the top music schools in America where only the best succeed. He finds himself in a power struggle with a hardened music conductor, played by ‘Spider-Man’s J.K. Simmons, who drives him through blood, sweat and tears to be the best he can be.

‘Whiplash’ received rave reviews when it premiered on opening night. The Guardian called it a “lively study of musical obsession” while Variety called it a “stellar career-starter” for its young, 28-year-old director Damien Chazelle.

The $3 million buying figure from Sony Pictures Classics is almost the entire cost of the film’s budget which is estimated to be around $3.3m.

The Sundance Film Festival runs until January 26. It’s a festival that turns a spotlight on the newest work in the American independent film-making scene. It has helped launch the careers of ‘The Dark Knight’ director Christopher Nolan whose debut film ‘Following’ premiered there 15 years ago and Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence whose film ‘Winter’s Bone’ won the festival’s top award in 2008.

Sony Struggling To Meet Expected Profits

November 1st 2013

Electronics manufacturing giant Sony has reduced its original full-year profit forecast by 40% as it struggles to make its target.

Now the company only expects to make a net profit of 30 billion yen (£190 million), down from its original projected profit target of 50 billion yen.

One of the main drains of Sony’s revenue this year has been its movie-making Pictures division, which has made a loss of 17.8 billion yen due to some major market flops, such as White House Down.

Its television arm has also been slowed due to the increasing competition in the industry and the declining demand for television sets in homes, with many people accessing TV services via the internet on handsets and computers instead. This division has suffered a loss of 9.3 billion yen for the three months leading up to September.

Sony’s gaming division has also reported an operating loss of 800 million yen during the same period, due to a price cut in its PlayStation Vita consoles done in a bid to boost sales. It is thought that this is also due to the increasing ownership of smartphones and tablet PCs, and a growing trend in using them for gaming.

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