Social Fund Contact Number

0843 178 4096

If you are struggling with money, you could be eligible to get help from the Government. To find out more, call  our dedicated Social Fund contact number to speak to one of the advisors on the team for the Social Fund. The contact number for the Social Fund is available from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, so whenever you need to call, you can get in touch. Due to the nature of the social fund and budgeting loans, it is important that the people who need them have rapid access; therefore our dedicated telephone line doesn’t just help you get in touch easily – it helps you get in touch when you need it most.

Department Number
Payments 0843 178 4096
Enquiries and Complaints 0843 178 4096

Why would I call the Social Fund contact number?Social fund contact number

The Social Fund is also known as Budgeting Loans, is a form of benefits designed to help those who need money quickly to pay for essentials like furniture, food, clothing, childcare costs or vehicle costs – but who can’t afford the high-interest repayment loans offered by payday lenders and loan sharks. Without the Social Fund, these people would have no choice but to go without, or worse, lock themselves into a worse financial situation by taking out a poor-quality loan.

Budgeting loans allow people to borrow over £100 at a time to cover essential expenses, and are repaid to the benefits office at a low interest rate, keeping you afloat even in terrible times.

You can call our dedicated Social Fund contact number to get in touch with the budgeting loans team in your area, and once connected, you can talk to them about any aspect of budgeting loans, eligibility and repayment. You can also call:

  • To see if you are eligible.
  • To report a missed payment.
  • To make a complaint.
  • To enquire about different types of loan.
  • To request more information on Social Fund services.

The Social Fund services

The Social Fund is intended to help you with living costs that other benefits may not cover. The Social Fund includes budgeting loans, crisis loans, maternity grant, funeral payments and cold weather/winter fuel payments. Social fund is designed to help people on a low income manage the cost of everyday living from the Government. In terms of eligibility, it differs. For some payments you have to be claiming other benefits to qualify, but with others it is not important. For some payments, you will have to repay, such as a crisis loan, but with others like the maternity grant you will not have to pay it back. To find out what you are entitled to and whether or not you will have to repay, simply call the Social Fund contact number above. You can fill out an application form online.

The different types of help you can receive:

There are four major types of help that you can receive if you seek help from the government if you contact Social Fund. These are:

Budgeting loans

You may be able to claim a loan from the government of between £100 and £1500 as part of the social fund. This only applied to people who have been on some forms of state support for at least 26 weeks. It is also only available for citizens who need help with basic necessities such as clothing, traveling, rent, home repair, etc. The money will need to be repaid, interest free, within the time allocated.

Funeral payments

People who are on a low income and are in need of finance to help plan someone’s funeral may be eligible to apply for money by using the Social Fund contact number. However, you will only be able to apply if the deceased was a partner, close friend or family member of yours at the time of their passing. This includes someone you are married to or are in a civil partnership, a child to whom you are the parent or legal guardian, or a close friend or relative to whim you are reliable for funeral arrangements. To apply, you must be on some form on benefits such as income support, working tax credits or Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Crisis loans

The Crisis Loan is available for people who need an emergency influx of cash in the event of an unexpected disaster. This is available in the event of, for instance, a fire or flood. It allows you to pay for expenses on accommodation or travel if damage is so bad you need to be relocated. It is also there for essential household items and living expenses as well.

Community care grants

Grants are available for people who need assistance living independently. It is important for citizens who need to stay at home, perhaps because they are ill or disabled. Once again, it requires being on some form of state support on benefit.

Alternative ways to contact the Social Fund

As we noted above, the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to contact the Social Fund is by calling the Social Fund contact number, 0844 453 0151.

This number is available and manned by social fund customer care employees from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, so whenever you need to call, the Social Fund will be there for you. You can arrange budgeting loans or other financial aid quickly and easily on this line, and the advisors on the other end are able to resolve the majority of issues in one phone call.

However, if calling is impossible or inconvenient, you can also contact the social fund by writing a letter to the social fund head offices, all of which are located close together in Wolverhampton. To send you letter through, just use one of the following 4 addresses:

Chesterfield Social Fund
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2FT

Five Ways House Social Fund
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2FX

Milton Keynes Social Fund
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2FP

Wembley Budgeting Loans
Post Handling Site B
WV99 2FZ

Background of the Social Fund

Social funds have existed in countries all around the world. They are predominantly found in poorer, developing countries, where they have the greatest impact on the well-being and social mobility of the people. The first social fund was launched in Bolivia in 1987. Social funds were originally supposed to be a temporary measure, and they have been criticised for not planning an exit strategy. However, in the UK the social fund has begun to be filtered out by the Conservative Government under the leadership of David Cameron and George Osborne, beginning in 2014.


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