Sky Customer Services Telephone Number

0843 658 0434

Are you looking for the Sky customer services number? Simply call  0843 658 0434 to get straight through to the correct department.

Sky is one of the most popular names in television and broadband. Their subscription television service has over ten million subscribers while many others make the most of the company’s broadband and telephone packages.

Customers can call the Sky customer services contact phone number to manage their subscription.

What can I call the Sky phone number for?

Here are some of the reasons why customers may wish to call the Sky telephone number:

  • Enquire about problems with your Sky TV or broadband
  • Pay your bill
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Add or remove a package from your Sky service
  • Subscribe for Sky’s Movies or Sports services
  • Manage your account or change personal details
  • Make a comment or complaint

Sky products and services

Sky is a British satellite broadcasting company, broadband internet and telephone provider. Sky has a TV service, where the customer pays for a subscription, which can then be built up by a range of packages. For example, at the time of writing, there is a package named Sky Entertainment, sold as an entry bundle where you pay for standard channels such as BBC One, alongside unique Sky channels such as Sky Movies, and other services such as Sky Go, where you can watch online on demand whenever you want. When you have Sky TV, a Sky Box is then installed in your house so you can get the service.

Sky also has broadband and telephone services, with a range of options to suit your budget. The broadband is mostly unlimited, and the speed can depend on the price you want to pay. Sky Talk, the telephone line can be included with your broadband deal, which can be added to your TV subscription to make paying your bill easier. Sky has a customer support team who are available over the phone and can help you with setting up your TV, adding separate subscriptions and troubleshooting issues. Access this service by calling the Sky sales contact number.

More About Sky’s TV Packages

There are three different television packages available if you wish to sign up for Sky’s services. Every one of these packages come with 240 free-to-air channels such as BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. They all include a selection of Sky’s own channels such as Sky 1, their Living and Arts channels too. However, the more expensive bundles will come with greater features such as exclusive networks, on-demand content and 3D. A breakdown of each package can be found below or you can call the Sky contact number for more information on 0843 320 9669.

The Original Bundle

This is the cheapest bundle you can get. For £21.50 a month you will receive Sky +, catch up TV and Sky Go. This is on top of all 240 free channels, of which 11 are in HD. The Original Bundle also allows you to access 35 exclusive networks such as Sky 1 and their Atlantic service.

The Variety Bundle

The Variety Bundle includes all of the things from the Original Bundle. However, there are an extra 60 channels in this package. This includes kids programming like Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network as well as music channels such as MTV and VH1. The Variety Bundle costs £28 per month.

The Family Bundle

The Family Bundle includes all of the same channels that can be found in the Variety Bundle. However, there are some exciting features in the package that cannot be accessed elsewhere. For instance, it lets you access several box sets of television shows on demand. You can also access 50 more HD networks and watch some channels in 3D.

How To Watch Sky Movies And Sky Sports

For an extra amount you can add their movies service and/or Sky Sports to your television subscription. Call the Sky phone number to add or remove them from your account.

Sky Movies allows you to watch some of the biggest movies a year before they land on VoD services like Amazon or Netflix. You can also see classic genre films on their Movies Comedy, Movies Family or Movies Drama And Romance channels.  Movies on demand can be accessed anywhere if you have Sky Go.

Sports fans can add Sky Sports to their package for £24.50 extra per month. These channels include live coverage of the year’s Barclays Premier League matches, European football and Formula One racing.

Sky Broadband

There are several broadband packages available to customers. There is their Broadband Lite package which comes with up to 17 MB and a 2G allowance, and their Broadband Unlimited service which has no caps on usage and allows up to 38 MB. There is also the powerful 76 MB Sky Fibre Unlimited deal that has no usage limits and does not slow down even at peak times.

All of the Unlimited packages come with some free items to help make the most out of your broadband connection. They come with their Hub wireless router, the Broadband shield that allows families to decide which websites can be used on your connection, and access to a tech team that are on hand should something go wrong with your broadband service. Call the Sky telephone number now on 0843 320 9669 for help if there is an issue with any of these services.

Sky Customer Cancellations – How To End Your Subscription

There was a lot of controversy surrounding Sky’s cancellation policy. Many customers complained that they were not clear about how subscribers to their services could go about disabling packages. After an investigation by the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, they agreed to clarify their cancellation procedures.

Since, the procedure for cancelling your service has become much clearer: Cancellations must be processed over the phone in order to verify requests. Contact the Sky customer services contact number to begin the procedure. After a representative has agreed to terminate your services you should wait for a clarification before cancelling direct debit payments.

There may be a cancellation fee for terminating your services with the provider. The amount will depend on how much time is left in your contract, the period you have been billed for already and the specific things you have subscribed to.

Looking to Cancel?

  • Cancel a certain part of your subscription.
  • Cancel your entire subscription
  • Switch from Sky broadband to another provider.

The Cancellation Service

Sky is a British broadcasting service, covering TV, broadband and telephone services. To cancel your Sky account, call the Sky Cancellation phone number. When you buy a television subscription from Sky, you can choose a specific package tailored to your needs so you only pay for the channels you’re actually going to watch. When you buy your broadband from Sky, you can choose a data plan relating to your needs, as with a phone. If you wish to cancel, there are three ways of doing so: you can call Sky directly, using the Sky customer service number which is free from a Sky Talk land-line, you can also send an email and a customer adviser will get back to you with a personal reply as soon as possible or use the online live chat service. You must give a month’s notice to cancel your Sky account.

Major Updates To Sky Service Expected Today

January 20th 2016

You may notice some welcome changes to your Sky service at some point today. Their on-demand service Sky Go is undergoing a major facelift that the company is calling its “biggest redesign ever”. The transformation will begin rolling out throughout this week and will affect customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Changes will be made to the design of the homepage for Sky Go and well as the mobile app.

These are just the beginnings of Sky Go’s facelift, however. Sky will also be introducing many new services to complement the new look throughout the rest of 2016. The television provider hopes to make Sky Go more user friendly to compete with similar services offered by the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Sky also hopes that the all-new Sky Go will offer a more personalised experience that is intuitive to each customer.

The first customers who will begin to see the benefits of this redesign are people using the Android mobile app. It is expected that iOS users will start to see updates in February.

Sky, TalkTalk And CityFibre For Ultra-Fast Network In York

April 16th 2014

The city of York is about to receive the fastest broadband speed in the UK. Four telecoms groups, led by Sky and TalkTalk, have announced their plans to fit the city with an ultra-fast network. It will be capable of giving its users up to one gigabit per second. It will pose an enormous challenge to BT’s dominance in the market.

The network will be built by the Japanese electronics company Fujitsu and the British firm CityFibre. They plan to install the same network in other cities around the UK which have not yet been named. The first phase of the installation will target 20,000 homes and businesses, providing for 10% of York’s population.

BT’s networks currently provide around 80 megabits per second, so Sky and TalkTalk’s infrastructure would be remarkably better. The chief executive of TalkTalk, Dido Harding, said: “TalkTalk has a long history and proven track record of disrupting new markets, and this is the next step in that journey.

“We are excited to be working in partnership with Sky and CityFibre to build this new network that will offer significantly higher speeds at much better value than is currently available. This marks TalkTalk taking its first steps into investing in building infrastructure as part of our mission to make British homes and businesses better off.”

The York city council leader James Alexander said: “This announcement makes York the digital infrastructure capital of the UK. Gaining ultra-fast broadband across the city is a huge boost for our economy, providing significant new opportunities for businesses based here and better quality and value to our residents.”

Sky Sports To Broadcast Women's Rugby World Cup

March 10th 2014
The Women’s Rugby World Cup is set to be one of the biggest events in rugby union this summer, and Sky’s sports channel are committed to broadcasting the event with exclusive live coverage in the United Kingdom.

The top twelve rugby nations will be competing head to head in France this August. Sky Sports will be showing the pool stage matches, semi-finals and the final live. England will be among the teams competing and hoping to lift the trophy. They finished in the runner-up position in the last three Women’s Rugby World Cup events. The last time they won was in 1994.

Barney Francis, the managing director at Sky Sports, said: “It’s fantastic that this summer we will have the best women’s rugby..adding to our strong year-round portfolio of women’s sport.”

Meanwhile, the captain of England’s women’s rugby team, said: “It’s brilliant news that the World Cup will be live on Sky Sports. The team and I can’t wait to play in the tournament knowing that women’s rugby will be taken to a wide audience and all our fans, friends and family can watch us back home.”

Sky Sports are one of the leading channels in the United Kingdom for coverage of women’s sport. They have a year-round schedule that offers live cricket, netball, tennis, golf and much more. The sport is covered throughout the week on their Sports News programmes as well as on the weekly women’s sport talk show Sportswomen.

Sky Broadband Traffic Doubled In 2013

January 10th 2014

Sky has revealed that their broadband usage doubled between Christmas 2012 and Christmas 2013.

The highest spike in their traffic for the year was at 10pm on Christmas Day. It is likely that this was due to  customers activating their new Christmas presents like smartphones, games consoles, tablets, eReaders, etc. It may also have been because of the flux of people taking to social media websites to share their thoughts and pictures from the day. That’s not the mention the families gathering around their TV sets to watch on-demand TV content through their broadband.

Sky’s Brand Director Lyssa McGowan said: “Gone are the days of one-Christmas-fits-all. With the increase in tablets and smartphones and the huge variety of entertainment on offer now, households and families are becoming techier, be it grandad on his iPad or his granddaughter on her Xbox 360. That’s why having a totally unlimited DSL or fibre broadband package has become so important for families”.

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