Sky Customer Services Telephone Number

0844 826 8012

0844 826 8666

Sky is a UK broadcasting service that offers TV, Broadband, landline and mobile services. It was created in 1989 and became the first 24-hour news channel in Europe. Over the years Sky has developed more services over the years as well as growing in audience and customers. Sky now offers an online movie and sports service, a children TV channel, dedicated sports channels and many more. If you want to get in touch with the Sky customer services call 0844 826 8666.

Sky Contact Numbers:

Sky Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0844 826 8666 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Sky Mobile/Talk 0844 249 2653 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Cancellation 0844 826 8012 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Offers & Upgrades 0844 249 2654 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Sky Broadband/TV 0844 249 2655 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Complaints 0844 249 2656 7am to 11pm
7 days a week

Sky Customer Services – 0844 826 8666

You can get in touch with the Sky customer services team for a large number of reasons such as if you are struggling to log into your Sky account and you would like some help regaining access, you would like some assistance creating a Sky account, you’re having some problems with payments and would like some help or you think you have been overcharged or incorrectly charged, you want to know more about one of their services before you buy or you have some questions about the company. You can get in touch with the Sky customer services team by calling 0844 826 8666.

Sky Mobile & Sky Talk – 0844 249 2653

Sky mobile is Sky’s mobile phone service, you can choose from a range of contracts available on the website or you can create your own plan suited to your mobile usage. If you would like some assistance creating or choosing a subscription you can call the Sky mobile and talk helpline on 0844 249 2653. You can also call the helpline if you’re experiencing some issues with your mobile service. Sky Talk is Sky’s landline service that is fitted into your home usually with your Sky broadband by one of their highly trained team members. You can explore the Sky Talk packages on the website or call the helpline.

Sky Cancellation – 0844 826 8012

There are many reasons you would like to cancel your Sky subscription such as if you no longer use it or want it, you think it is too expensive, you want to change to another provider or the service is not good. You can cancel your subscription for Sky by calling the Sky cancellation number 0844 826 8012. You can talk to a member of the team and they will be able to cancel the services for you, they may offer you a deal to keep your subscription. Once you have cancelled the services you may need to arrange for a Sky installation team member to come to your home to uninstall the TV or Broadband boxes so you can install another provider’s services.

Sky Offers & Upgrades – 0844 249 2654

Sky has many offers and upgrades available all of the time, changing constantly. You can view and purchase these offers on the website by signing into your Sky account. If you wish to purchase or discuss one of these offers or upgrades you can call the Sky offers and upgrades helpline on 0844 249 2654, they will ask for your Sky ID and once they have found your account they can show you what offers you can buy and if there are any upgrades you can make for the subscriptions you already have.

Sky Broadband & Sky TV – 0844 249 2655

Sky offers broadband wifi that is available all over the country, you can look through the different packages and offers available on the website. The broadband is usually fitted by a member of the Sky team and this can be arranged once you have signed up for the service. Sky TV is also fitted by a member of the team and you can look at packages on the Sky website. If you have any inquiries about the Sky broadband or TV services you can call the helpline on 0844 249 2655.

Sky Complaints – 0844 249 2656

You can get in touch with the Sky complaints team if you have had an unpleasant experience with Sky such as you feel the customer services team was unhelpful or rude, your TV or broadband has bad service or isn’t working at all, you’ve had problems with payments or with your account or there is something else you’re unhappy with regarding the service Sky is providing. You can get in touch with the Sky complaints team by calling 0844 249 2656.


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Sky. The direct contact number for Sky can be found in the public domain or on their official website.