Sky Cancellation Number

The contact number for Sky Cancellation is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0333 7591 018

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Sky is a UK TV, broadband and mobile service provider. It was created in 1989 and was Europe’s first 24-hour news channel. It was also the first movie subscription service in 1990 and created their first dedicated sports channel in 1991. Throughout time they added more channels and created their mobile service and broadband service as well as their online movie and sports services.

Sky Cancellation Contact Numbers:

Sky Cancellation Opening Hours
Customer Services 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Sky TV Cancellation 7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Sky Broadband
7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Sky Talk
7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Sky Mobile
7am to 11pm
7 days a week
Complaints 7am to 11pm
7 days a week

Sky Customer Services

You can get in touch with the Sky customer services team if you would like to find out more about your subscription, broadband or mobile services before you cancel. You can also barter for a better deal by calling the customer services team if you are thinking about cancelling their services or you would just like a better deal, to do this just call the customer services team and inform them that you want to leave, they will offer you a deal before you leave.

Sky TV Cancellations

y To end your Sky contract early certain charges may apply, to find this out you need to contact Sky directly by the cancellations number, you will need to give them your account details. Once you have cancelled the TV services a member of the Sky installation team will book to come to your home and remove the TV box. You can organise this removal on the phone to the cancellations team.

Sky Broadband Cancellations

Sky Broadband is Sky’s wifi service, it is fitted into your home by a member of the sky installation team. In most cases Sky broadband is fitted with Sky Talk, you can cancel just the broadband service, just the landline service or both if you would like to completely change provider.

Sky Talk Cancellations

Sky Talk is Sky’s home landline phone service, usually, you are not given a phone provided by Sky they normally install the broadband and talk cables at the same time.

Sky Mobile Cancellations

With Sky Mobile, you receive a SIM and a phone number, when you would like to cancel your Sky mobile contract you can choose whether you want to keep your phone number, whether you want to just change the type of contract or you want to cancel completely and give up or change your phone number. When on the phone to the mobile cancellations team you can try to bargain for a better deal before you cancel their services completely. You may have to pay to cancel your contract early.

Sky Complaints

If you have some complaints about Sky or their cancellation process you can get in touch with the Sky complaints team. You can call and file a formal complaint, you should be called back by a member of their team to be given an update on the progress of your complaint and possibly offer you some compensation or a special offer to keep your business.

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