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Siemens Products and Services

Siemens is a German engineering and electronics company. Principal activities are in the fields of industry, energy, transportation and healthcare. Products include: light switches, home appliances, motors, renewable energy, medical imagery and logistics. It also provides a range of services in each of its fields, such as training and consultations for employees, educating about energy efficiency, and repairs for home appliances. Siemens has a showroom in Milton Keynes where you can browse home appliances and get advice on a one to one basis from an expert as well as demonstrations. The showroom is open every Saturday. To book, go online or call Siemens customer service. All Siemens products come with a two or five year guarantee.


Siemens is the world’s largest automation supplier. Developing industrial communication systems, operator controls, power supplies and sensor systems.

Building technologies

Siemens is a trusted provider of energy efficient, safe, secure buildings and infrastructure. They also design and manufacture low voltage, fire safe products to comply with health and safety regulations.

Drive technology

Siemens’ drive technology is based on integrated systems to ensure reliability. Products include: motors, converters, generators, geared motors, selection and engineering tools and couplings.


Siemens is targeting sustainable and efficient energy usage. Their products include: renewable energy, fossil power generation, power transmission, power distribution, smart grid, mechanical drives and other energy services.


Siemens Healthineers develops medical solutions, such as: healthcare IT, lab diagnostics, therapy systems, medical imaging, medical accessories, education and training.


Siemens mobility division aims to make transport more efficient, for both urban and interurban environments. They envisage intelligent trains which know when spare parts are needed, intelligent roads to prevent congestion before it happens, intelligent metro systems to get more people waiting for less time and intelligent parking spaces to find the driver, with an advanced management system.


Siemens combines its knowledge of engineering with excellent finance, to provide financial solutions such as: equipment finance and leasing, vendor financing, equity investments, debt financing, working capital finance, venture capital, private equity, asset management and pension management.

Consumer products

There are a range of consumer products designed and developed by Siemens. They include: electrical installation, switches and sockets, hearing instruments, home appliances, building management systems and home security.

Market specific solutions

Siemens provides a range of solutions specific to certain markets.

  • Aerospace- taking the aircraft industry digital.
  • Automotive- turning ideas into successful vehicles.
  • Battery manufacturing- creating energy storage systems.
  • Chemical industry- reducing costs.
  • Cement industry- Siemens is a long term partner of the cement industry.
  • Cranes- Saving costs in manufacturing cranes.
  • Data centers- High levels of efficiency.
  • Electrical wholesale and distributors- Helping wholesalers win new customers.
  • Fiber industry- Solutions for fiber plants.
  • Food and beverage industry- using energy and water more wisely in food and beverage production.
  • Glass industry- Achieving productivity for glass plants.
  • Machine building- Using Siemens software to build world-class machines.
  • Marine- Enabling owners to manage their fleet efficiently.
  • Mining industry- Solving market demands.
  • Municipalities- Supporting partners in adapting technologies.
  • Oil & gas- Reliable solutions for the global energy industry.
  • Panel building- Planning efficiency at every stage of the process.
  • Power utilities- Tailored solutions for the power industry.
  • Tire production- Individual machines for making tires.
  • Transportation and logistics- Integrated transport solutions.
  • Water industry- Supplying drinking water and treating waste water.
  • Wind turbines- Siemens has a product portfolio of generators and wind turbines.

Siemens FAQ

Where can I buy Siemens products?

You can purchase from Siemens’ vast range of products in 190 countries across the world.

How can I find spare parts for my Siemens washing machine?

Use the Siemens’ online spare parts tool to input the E-nr and part number, and you should be able to find the correct spare part.

How can I book an engineer to repair my Siemens appliance?

You can arrange for an engineer to visit your home online. You’ll need to know the model and production date numbers. If your appliance is out of the guarantee period, you can opt to pay for the repair yourself through Siemens’ recommended network of technicians, by calling the contact number on this page. Customers located in remote areas of the UK, such as parts of Scotland, cannot book online and should also use the contact number.

Does Siemens make cleaning products for my appliance?

There is no better way to clean a Siemens appliance than to use a product developed by Siemens. You can find dustbags, water filters and descalers, as well as other more general cleaning products.

Can I extend my warranty?

For guaranteed longer life for your Siemens appliances, you can extend your product warranty. You’ll be able to get three years more protection against repair costs and the costs of replacement parts.

About Siemens

Siemens was founded in 1847 in Germany. The company began by building telegraph networks, with the first one built in Europe in 1848. By 1907, Siemens had 35,000 employees and was the seventh largest company in Germany. Today, Siemens and its subsidiaries employ almost 405,000 people across 190 countries. The company has headquarters in Munich and Berlin, Germany.

Since 2011, Siemens has continued to develop outside of the appliance range of products, acquiring different types of companies. Examples include a rail division of Invensys and US-based oilfield equipment maker the Dresser-Rand group.

Until 2013, Siemens was active in the telecommunications market. In 2007, the company partly merged with Nokia, despite opposition from outside figures and a delay as a result of a bribery investigation against Siemens. A court in Munich eventually ruled that the company had bribed officials in Libya, Nigeria and Russia in exchange for awarding contracts. However, the Nokia merger still went ahead, forming Nokia Siemens Network. In 2013, Nokia decided to acquire 100% of the company, with a buyout of Siemens AG. Consequently, Siemens ended their involvement in the telecommunications industry.

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