SIA Licence Contact Number

118 057

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The SIA contact number is very hard to find call the number above and you will speak to an advisor who may connect you.

Why Would I Need To Call The SIA Telephone Number?

  • To report an incident.
  • General enquiries.
  • Apply for a licence.

SIA Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-5pm

SIA Head Office Location

Department Location
Head Office Security Industry Authority
PO Box 49768

The SIA Services

The SIA, or Security Industry Authority, is responsible for regulating the security industry. It is a public body reporting to the Home Secretary. To apply for a license, call the SIA licence number.

The SIA has two main duties: the compulsory licensing of individuals participating in designated activities within the private security industry, the other is to manage the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme, which measures independent contractors against assessed criteria. The licensing covers manned guarding, such as door supervision and public surveillance using CCTV and ensures that license holders are professionals who are properly trained and qualified to do their job. The Approved Contractor scheme introduces a set of operational and performance standards for suppliers of private security services.

The fee for this can vary, for a small organisation of 10 people it would be £400 to apply, whereas for a large organisation of over 250 it would cost around £2400 to apply, with an additional cost of £15 per year per person licensed.

The objectives are to protect the public, and deliver good customer service. It is a criminal offence to engage in activities that should be licensed, without a license. If you are not sure, use the SIA licence checker tool on the website or contact SIA enquiries.

Individual Licensing From SIA SIA Contact Number

If you haven’t held a SIA licence before, there are some conditions you need to meet. You must be over the age of 18 to hold a licence and pass the SIA criminality checks as well as having completed the requested level of training.

The SIA may also consider your mental health, along with your right to work in the UK as well as any other relevant information before issuing you with a licence.

The application fee for the licence is £220 for a three year licence, unless you want a front line vehicle immobiliser license, which costs £220 for 1 year. The fee covers the cost of processing the application and cannot be refunded, it has to be paid in full and submitted along with the application.

The SIA aims to process at least 80% of correctly filled in and completed applications within 25 working days. This time begins from the days your application is entered into their system and will end on the day they make their decision. If your application fails due to being completed incorrectly or you haven’t sent a supporting document, the time will reset from when your application is sent back.

About the SIA

The SIA was established in 2003 under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. In 2010, it was announced that a number of public bodies were to be changed. The SIA was one of these, and the government said that it would transition into a new regulatory regime, although the exact nature of this is unclear. For more about this, visit the SIA website.

SIA Licence Checker

You can check the status of your security licence application online. You just have to login/register for a personal account and you will be able to see if your application has been accepted/declined or is in progress. As for checking a licence’s validity, there is no responsibility for the SIA to check if a worker has the right to work in the UK- this falls solely to the employer. However, since July 2007, SIA has worked with the UK Border Agency to check the right to work in the UK for non- EEA nationals who make a licence application. If the recorded right to work for an SIA licence holder expires before the licence does, a follow up check with the UK Border Agency will be conducted. If the check shows that the right to work has been revoked, the licence will be revoked unless the person can provide proof of their renewed right to work; they have 21 days to do this.

Popular Questions About SIA

Which SIA licence do I need?

There are two types of SIA licence, they are:

  • Front line licence- required if you are doing licensable activity, other than key holding responsibilities. It is a plastic credit card sized card.
  • Non-front licence- Required at management, supervisory or employers of individuals who carry out licensable activity, including directors of a company. It is issued in the form of a letter.

How much is a SIA Security licence?

The application fee for a licence is £220 for a three year licence. For front line vehicle immobiliser licences, the fee is £220 for one year’s licence. The fee covers the cost of processing an application and has to be paid in full before the SIA can begin processing your application. You can pay the application fee at your local Post Office or online, depending on where the SIA tell you to go.

What is SIA security training? sia contact number

SIA training is a programme which ensures that individuals working in security undergo a training programme which results in a qualification. To apply for a front line licence, you need to have at least one recognised SIA qualification. The training includes a skills section, which has been designed to assess competency.

How much is SIA security training?

The SIA does not list a specific cost for its training courses. Instead, the cost of a training course will depend on the type of training that you require and which training provider you use.

What is SIA Security?

SIA is the Government organisation which is responsible for the regulation of the private security industry within the UK. The department has to report to the Home Secretary, the newly promoted Amber Rudd, and was established back in 2003 as a result of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The organisation manages both individual licences and an approved contractor scheme. The SIA launched a new licensing system at the beginning of July 2016.



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