Seatwave Phone Number UK

0844 375 3138

If you think you’ve missed tickets for that long-anticipated concert, try calling the Seatwave phone number.

seatwave phone number

Use The Seatwave Number To:

  • Book event tickets.
  • Track your tickets.
  • Get a refund if your tickets haven’t arrived.

Seatwave’s commission fee
Why are Seatwave tickets so expensive?
Will my tickets be sat together?

Seatwave Numbers:

Seatwave Phone Number
Head Office 0844 375 3138
Customer Services 0844 375 3138
Complaints 0844 375 3138

Seatwave Opening Hours

Department Opening hours
Customer Service 9am-6pm, weekdays

Seatwave Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Ticketmaster International Head Office, London N1

The Seatwave Phone Service

Seatwave is an online ticket exchange service. Book your ticket today by calling the Seatwave UK phone number. It allows sellers to sell on tickets for events they are unable to attend, and buyers to purchase tickets they may have missed the original sale for. Seatwave acts as the middleman in this exchange. The site guarantees all tickets, with customers provided with replacement tickets or a refund should theirs not arrive. Sellers are not paid for their ticket until the buyer has been to the event. The events on sale can vary, for example, there will be tickets to arena concerts for artists like Arctic Monkeys, tickets to smaller gigs such as Jake Bugg and tickets to sporting events like the Six Nations, amongst others. Theatre tickets are also available, as well as festivals during the festival season. Tickets are normally sold for higher than face value, something that has been heavily criticized by the media and some artists.

Seatwave Tickets

Step one- Search

To make it easier to find the ticket that you want to purchase, you can type the event into the search bar on the homepage. Alternatively, you can use the site’s Event Finder to see what tickets are available based on type, price and location and tailor the results to your preferences. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, check out the ‘What’s Hot’ section to see which events are coming to a town near you. seatwave-site

Step two- Choose your tickets

Once you have chosen your ticket, you can pay for it safely as your purchase is covered by the Seatwave Ticket Integrity Guarantee. All of the tickets purchased through the website are 100% guaranteed which means that if your ticket is not delivered in time you will get a refund.

Step three- Receive your tickets

You have two options when it comes to receiving your tickets. You can have your ticket delivered to your home address or you can collect from the venue.

Step four- Enjoy the event 

The most important step- once you have purchased your ticket, relax and know that it is guaranteed and look forward to enjoying the event. seatwave ad

 How to sell tickets:

Step one- List your ticket online.

Simply add details of the event and date to list your ticket.

Step two- Price your ticket

Sit back and wait for one of Seatwave’s millions of users to purchase your tickets.

Step three- Send your tickets

Seatwave will make sure that you have all the necessary documentation to send your ticket to the buyer.

Step four- Payment

Seatwave guarantees you payment for a ticket that you dispatch.

Why book with Seatwave? seatwave-tickets

  • Your ticket is safe and secure with the Ticket Integrity Guarantee.
  • Huge savings with a range of offers and deals.
  • Something for everyone with almost one million tickets on sale at any one time.
  • Good reputation between customers and sellers.

 Ticket Integrity Guarantee

Seatwave promises that you will receive the ticket that you ordered on time and valid for entry. If not, they will do everything in their power to get you a replacement for an equivalent cost. Failing that, they will give you a full refund. If you’re selling on Seatwave they promise that you will get paid on time for the tickets you sell and deliver.

Seatwave Fees

It is completely free to list your tickets on Seatwave, but a 10 percent Success fee excluding VAT will be deducted after your tickets sell. seatwave


Cancelled event

Once an event has been officially confirmed as cancelled by the artist, you will be contacted about how to get a refund. If you already have your tickets you will be asked to send them back, if not a full refund will be issued within 10 days.

Rescheduled event

If your event has been rescheduled and you are unable to make the new date, you can list your tickets on Seatwave. A refund cannot be provided in this instance.

Ticket insurance & making a claim seatwave (1)

If you took out Ticket Cover and you would like to make a claim, you can contact your insurance team. It is important to register your claim within 48 hours of any incident occurring which prevents you from attending.

If you have bought new tickets and no longer need them

If you are no longer able to attend your event, you can list your ticket for resale on Seatwave.

Popular Questions about Seatwave

What is Seatwave commission?

Seatwave doesn’t charge sellers a fee to list their tickets, but they do charge a fee once the tickets have been sold. The fee will be given to you when you first list your tickets, so that you know what to expect.

Why are Seatwave tickets so expensive?

Seatwave tickets are generally more expensive than official ticket outlets as it’s up to the seller what they are priced at. So, you may find that some sellers are looking to make a large profit, particularly if the event is popular, which is why they will list their tickets at an increased price. This system has been heavily criticised by people in the music industry.

Are Seatwave tickets sat together?

To get tickets for an event which are sat together, look for sellers with two or more tickets. Individual seating tickets purchased separately won’t necessarily be sat together, but general admission tickets purchased separately should be fine, as this usually means standing room.

About Seatwave

Seatwave was founded in 2006, before beginning trading in 2007. In the first year, 35,000 tickets were sold as customers began to appreciate the ability to purchase tickets even after events had sold out. The founder, Joe Cohen is still the CEO and is at the heart of everything the company does. At the moment, there are currently over two million tickets on Seatwave for a range of events.



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