Seatwave Phone Number UK

0844 375 3138

0844 375 3138

Seatwave is an online ticket sale and marketplace company that allows concertgoers and theatre lovers to buy tickets for their favourite live events as well as sell unwanted tickets. Seatwave was founded in 2006 by Joe Cohen and began trading in 2007 in which they sold 35,000 tickets for concerts even concerts that had been sold out. Now Seatwave is one of the largest ticket sales site in the UK with over 2 million tickets available for sale. You can get in touch with the Seatwave team by calling the Seatwave contact number 0844 375 3138.

Seatwave Contact Numbers:

Seatwave Phone Number Opening hours
Customer Services 0844 375 3138 9am-6pm,
Monday – Friday
Music 0843 320 5220 9am-6pm,
Monday – Friday
Sports & Theatre 0843 658 0441 9am-6pm,
Monday – Friday
Refunds 0843 658 0442 9am-6pm,
Monday – Friday
Sell Tickets 0843 658 0443 9am-6pm,
Monday – Friday
Complaints 0843 658 0445 9am-6pm,
Monday – Friday

Seatwave Customer Services – 0844 375 3138

You can get in touch with the Seatwave customer services team for many reasons including if you would like to book tickets for an event, if you would like to find out if there are any tickets for an event you’re interested in, you would like to find out about tracking your tickets or you would like help tracking your tickets, you haven’t received your refund for your tickets yet and you would like to inquire about it, you want to find out more about the company or you have some other inquiries about their services. You can call the Seatwave customer services team by calling the Seatwave contact number 0844 375 3138.

Seatwave Music Tickets – 0843 320 5220

If you are a frequent concert goer and you enjoy attending live music events you will be able to find an event for an artist you like on the Seatwave website. There are tickets available for concerts and festivals so you can find all your favourite music events in one place. When you’re searching for concerts you can search by categories (pop and rock, RnB and hip hop, indie and alternative, EDM and Ibiza) or you can look at the top selling, you can also just search the artist or venue to find the concert you would like to go to. You also search the same way for any festivals you would like to go to. You can call the Seatwave ticket helpline if you need help finding tickets or you want to find out more about the concert, you can contact the Seatwave ticket helpline by calling 0843 320 5220.

Seatwave Sports & Theatre tickets – 0843 658 0441

If you are a sports or theatre fan you can also find tickets for the best events on the Seatwave website. If you are a sports fan you can look through the categories that are Football, Rugby Union, Cricket and Tennis. If you are more of a theatre fan you can look through the categories that are Musicals, Plays, Dance & Performance and Classical & Opera. If you have any questions about the sports or theatre tickets or you want to find out about how to buy them you can call the tickets helpline on 0843 658 0441.

Seatwave Ticket Refunds- 0843 658 0442

There are many reasons you may need a refund whether it’s a cancelled event or rescheduled event that you can’t attend. If your event has been officially cancelled by the artist, organisers or venue then you should be contacted immediately regarding your refund if not you should get in contact with the refunds helpline. If you have been sent the tickets for the cancelled event before it was cancelled you will need to return the tickets and you will be issued a full refund within 10 days. If your event was rescheduled and you can no longer attend you, unfortunately, will not be able to receive a refund and you will have to list your tickets on Seatwave. If you have ticket insurance you can make a claim with the refunds team if something happens in which you can’t attend the event, you need to register your claim within 48 hours of the incident that is stopping you from attending the event. You can get in touch with the refund helpline by calling 0843 658 0442.

Sell Tickets on Seatwave – 0843 658 0443

If you have a ticket for an event that is listed on Seatwave and you no longer want to go or you no longer can go you can list them for sale on the Seatwave website. To sell your ticket select the ‘sell a ticket’ section of the website and search for the event you have tickets for. Once you have selected the event you need to choose what seats or type of tickets you have (VIP, standing etc.) and then you can choose how much you want to list them for, it can be a higher or lower price than what you paid for it (be aware that Seatwave takes 10 percent excluding VAT for a success fee). Once the listing is live you will be contacted and informed if someone buys your tickets, you will need to send the tickets to the buyer by mail or email depending on the type of tickets you have. Once you have sent the tickets you will be paid for the sale of the tickets. If you have any questions about selling tickets on Seatwave or you need some help selling tickets on Seatwave you can call 0843 658 0443.

Seatwave Complaints – 0843 658 0445

You can get in touch with the Seatwave complaints team if you have had a bad experience using the website for selling your tickets such as not receiving your payment for tickets, you have had a bad experience with a Seatwave member of staff or you need to complain about something else regarding Seatwave. You can file a complaint by calling the Seatwave complaints team on 0843 658 0445.


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