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0843 208 2382

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0843 208 2382

Get in touch with the ScotRail customer service team on the number 0843 208 2382 where they can assist you with queries you have about travelling with them, making complaints about the level of service you received from them or volunteering with ScotRail.

Scotrail Contact Numbers

Phone Number
Opening Times
Customer services 0843 208 2382 7 days a week 7am till 10pm
Making a claim 0843 178 4050 7 days a week 7am till 10pm
Report a safety issue 0843 178 4051 7 days a week 7am till 10pm
Assisted travel 0843 178 4052  7 days a week 7am till 10pm
Lost property 0843 178 4053  7 days a week 7am till 10pm
Volunteering 0843 178 4059 7 days a week 7am till 10pm
Complaints 0843 178 4060 7 days a week 7am till 10pm

Customer service

Speak to the Scotrail customer service team on the number 0843 208 2382 where they can assist you with queries regarding travelling with them. You can phone the number above to enquire about train times and ticket prices, such as Day Out travel passes, business tickets, the kids go free initiative, the Spirit of Scotland travel pass and more.

You can also use this number to find out information about Club 50 , what you need to join and the benefits you receive from joining.

To find out details about on-train catering you can phone the number above and get details on the types of foods that are available, if any, on your journey.

Making a claim

In some instances of delays you are entitled to make a claim of compensation, you can do this by phoning the number 0843 178 4050. When you phone this number you can request a compensation claim, you are entitled to get some or all of your money back if you have been delayed for more than half an hour.

You can also make a claim from ScotRail if you missed your connection because of a delay on one of their trains. The important thing to note is that your claim must be made within 28 days of the delay occuring.

The longer delay, the more of your money you’ll also be refunded.

Report a safety issue

Report a safety issue by phoning the number 0843 178 4051. You can report safety issues at the Help Points at train stations, or by speaking to the rail staff on the train, but in some instances, you might only be able to do this at a later time. If the safety issue is an urgent one you are encouraged to report it by phoning the number above.

Assisted travel

If you need to book assisted travel, when travelling with ScotRail you can do so by phoning the number 0843 178 4052. Here they will be able to help you with any queries you might have regarding assisted travel.

When you phone this number you will have to provide details on your travel plans, such as the date you will be travelling, the time and where you’ll travel from and to. You can book assistance up to three hours before you need to travel, however, in the instances where you will be travelling using other train operators, you will need to let them know 24 hours before you are due to travel so they can make the necessary requirements.

Lost property

If you have left any property on one of the Scotrail trains you can phone the number 0843 178 4053 to see if you can locate the item. The majority of items that have been left on trains or at stations where Scotrail trains pass through will be taken to Glasgow Queen Street station, where you are able to pick up the items. In some cases, there might be a small charge for returning your items to you, which you can find out more about when you phone the number above. And Scotrail won’t be able to post items out to you.


Scotrail is always encouraging customers to get involved with their stations and programmes, and you can find out more information on this when you phone the number 0843 178 4059.

There is a scheme where you can adopt a station, phone the number above to find out further details about this, and whether your business, charity, school or club would be able to help in this way.

When you volunteer Scotrail will reward you in two different ways, with complimentary passes, you can find out more details about this when you phone the number above.


To make a complaint to ScotRail you can phone the number 0843 178 4060. When you call this number they will aim to satisfy your complaint whilst you’re on the line. However, in some cases this might not always be possible. If not, ScotRail aims to answer any complaints within seven working days. When you make your complaint ensure that you provide enough details for the customer service operator to be able to make a full investigation.


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