Santander Telephone Banking Contact Number

0843 290 7188

Telephone banking is a useful too, you can use it to:

  • Check your Santander account balance.
  • Pay outstanding bills.
  • Set up and amend standing orders, or cancel direct debits.

What is Santander telephone banking?

Santander telephone banking is a 24 hour automated service which you can use to access your bank account anytime and anywhere. With telephone banking, you can check your account balance, pay bills, set up standing orders, cancel direct debits, request chequebooks or make overdraft enquiries. To use the service, call Santander telephone banking and key in your customer ID and five digit pin. The service is completely secure, and Santander is constantly improving its security. If you do not want to use the automated service, you can press nine to speak to an advisor at any time.

About Santander

Santander group is a Spanish banking group. It is one of the largest banks in the world with almost 200,000 employees, 102 million customers and almost 14,500 branches around the world. The bank came to the UK in 2008 when they purchased the UK bank Alliance and Leicester along with Bradford and Bingley. Santander merged with the Abbey National brand in 2010, transferring all Abbey National customers to Santander accounts. If you have yet to set up telephone banking, register via the website.

Public warned over suspicious Santander ATM machines

April 12th 2016

The public has been warned this week about the use of ATM machines in Lancashire and Cheshire, over fears that they have been compromised. Suspicious devices have been found on five ATM machines in the last week throughout the North West region. The devices, which Lancashire police believe were to be used by fraudsters to steal customer card details, as well as any money withdrawn, are believed to have all been found. However, customers have been advised to stay vigilant in the North West of England.
Although no customers have yet to come forward in regards to any fraudulent activity on their own accounts, Lancashire police has issued a statement on their Twitter advising not to use Santander ATM machines for the moment, and to be wary of any ATM machines in general. Customers should visually check the machine before using it. If in doubt, use another machine or go into your local bank

Santander Launch New Range Of ISAs
March 16th, 2015

Santander have launched their latest range of ISAs, although the best rates have been saved for those who already hold a current account or credit card with the bank.

The top rate of the bank is 2%, which is being offered on its Two-Year Fixed Rate ISA. This is an impressive amount when compared to the last 6 years of the base rate from the Bank of England, which is at its record-low of just 0.5%.

If you don’t want to tie up all your money and might find that you need instant access to your money, you could opt for the Santander Direct ISA Saver, which pays 1.5% AER for a year. This account will give instant access with a cash card, telephone and internet banking.

Both of these accounts require a minimum balance of £500 to open and the rates are not available to those who don’t hold a Santander account.


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Santander Telephone Banking. The direct contact number for Santander Telephone Banking can be found in the public domain or on their official website.