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0872 494 1007

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Why Would I Need To Use the Samsung Customer Service Number?

•    To report a problem with your phone
•    To find out more about available phone offers
•    To subscribe to a phone plan

Why Use Samsung?

Samsung is a global leader when it comes to producing innovative digital products. To find out about Samsung products, call Samsung customer service. At the moment, Samsung is the worlds number one phone company thanks to its range of Galaxy phones. Samsung gives you a choice of different types of digital devices for home or office use. The iconic Samsung Galaxy note is a tablet that can be used as a personal phone, business or entertainment device. At the same time, Samsung has developed high-tech LED television sets that let you experience high definition, 3D images as well as crisp, clear sound. Samsung aspires to provide its customers with high quality products which integrate the latest technologies in the market in order to give them value for their money. If you’re a digital production company, Samsung caters to your needs by providing you with dedicated semiconductors to help you build robust and fast devices for your market segment. For more information on this, use the Samsung customer service number today.

Samsung’s Origins

Interestingly, Samsung started off as a food exporter, shipping items such as flour and fish to china. This was back in 1938, when its owner Byung-Chull Lee channeled his entrepreneurial spirit to cater to outside markets. By the 1950’s and 1960’s, Samsung had refocused its efforts to producing textiles and life insurance en masse. In 1970, the company decided to create an electronics segment of the company, going on to produce its first black and white T.V.
In 1980, the company started producing electronic items such as personal computers, tape recorders and VCRs. It broke new ground in 1999 by becoming one of the first companies to produce digital TV’s. Today, Samsung is known the world over for producing innovative phones that can compete with industry giants such as Nokia and Apple. Please click here to find out more about the company.

For more about Samsung, call Samsung Customer Service.

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