RSPCA Contact Helpline

0844 453 0117

Why Call the RSPCA Contact Number?

Use the RSPCA helpline to:

  • Report suspicion of a mistreated animal
  • Find more information about the RSPCA’s different services, such as pet insurance, cat and dog re-homing, and their Freedom Food scheme
  • Receive veterinary advice
  • Find your local RSPCA
  • Make a donation to the RSPCA

The RSPCA In Action

The RSPCA are a national animal welfare charity in the UK, working to improve and promote the safety and well-being of animals everywhere. The RSPCA cover every facet of the animal kingdom, from rescuing and re-homing abandoned domestic pets, to protecting and looking after wildlife, and maintaining the welfare standards for farm animals and livestock.

Some of the RSPCA’s most regular and long-running campaigns include their Adopt A Pet scheme, lobbying government to enforce stricter laws and regulations surrounding the treatment of animals (such as culling, rearing and slaughtering), and promoting their Freedom Food initiative across supermarkets, restaurants, food chains and consumers everywhere.

Freedom Food is the arm of the RSPCA dedicated to the welfare of farm animals, improving the environment in which they are kept, the food they are fed, and the way in which they are reared and eventually slaughtered. When consumers see a meat or fish product with the Freedom Food logo on it, they can be sure the animal has been kept according to strict RSPCA welfare standards, which include a stimulating environment and plenty of room to move around. The charity approves indoor as well as free range and organic farms, so Freedom Food can be enjoyed by people on any budget.

The RSPCA also works hard to protect and prevent animals being used in laboratory experiments; increase education in schools and communities about current issues affecting animals and how to help them, and also provide information on keeping domesticated pets happy and healthy.

The RSPCA contact helpline can help you adopt a pet, find out where to buy Freedom Food, or provide you with materials and literature about the charity and its work.

More About the RSPCA

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was originally founded in 1824, focusing on the welfare of pit ponies that were used to work down in the mines. Since then the charity has greatly expanded its outreach, having helped to improve the lives of millions of animals used during the First and Second World Wars and going on to achieve successes such as abolishing fur farming in the UK, forbidding sports such as bear baiting and cock fighting, banning fox hunting with dogs and implementing laws surrounding lab animals.

The RSPCA is one of the UK’s largest charities, with 1453 employees nationwide (as of 2009) and operating across self-funded branches, clinics, animal centres, shops, and boarding & fostering facilities. To get involved, animal lovers can become a member of their local RSPCA branch, make a donation, or volunteer some of their free time. For more information, call the RSPCA contact line.

Fundraising For The RSPCA

There are many ways you can go about doing some fundraising for the RSPCA. These don’t all require you to run or walk 3k, 5k or 10k or throw yourself from an airplane, you can support their lottery and raffle as well as attending or hosting local and national events.

You aren’t limited to these ideas, the RSPCA lists other suggestions of fundraising ideas to get your imagination going, as well as showing how your fundraising money goes to help the charity.

You can also set up a fundraising page with JustGiving. This means you can share your page with friend, family and colleagues as well as spreading the news of your good deed through social media channels. You are also encouraged to share your reasons for doing the fundraising on your JustGiving page, as well as saying why it is such an important cause to you, as tother people may find that they feel the same way.


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