Rightmove Contact Phone Number

0843 557 6226

When it comes to property rental and purchasing, there are few websites that are as trusted or respected as Rightmove. The company is an online hub for people looking to buy or rent properties all around the United Kingdom. If you have a query you would like addressed, Number Direct can transfer you through to the Rightmove contact number today.

Why might I wish to contact Rightmove?

You can telephone the Rightmove phone number for various reasons, including the following:

  • Problems with a property listing
  • Issues with the website
  • Enquire about a Rightmove membership for your business
  • Customer services for businesses that already have a membership
  • Make a comment or complaint about Rightmove

What does Rightmove do?

rightmoveRightmove is the ideal website for people looking to buy or rent property anywhere in the United Kingdom. Rightmove has lettings for hundreds of thousands of properties across the country. You can search for the ones you want by entering the area you wish to find a property in, the type of property you want, the radius (by miles) you wish to search by, and what your minimum and maximum price is. You will then be provided with a list of available properties – houses, flats, bungalows, commercial property, etc. – which you can browse through. Rightmove’s contact number can be telephoned via Number Direct if you have any issues using the service.

Once you have selected one that you like the look of, you can see where is on the map (including that train stations and schools are near by) and find information about utilities, furnishing and broadband speed. People with a Rightmove account, that you can create on the site, will be able to save the property for future reference or add their own private notes.

Other services Rightmove provides

Here are some of the other services that you can use via the company’s website, and which you can enquire about if you ring the Rightmove contact phone number today:

Student accommodation

Students looking for flats or houses to live in during their higher education can find assistance through the Rightmove website. They allow students to search by university, property type, radius and price to find the ideal accommodation.

Living abroad

Moving abroad can be a hassle but Rightmove hopes to make it as easy as possible. With listings for properties in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, you can find properties all over the world based on your specific search terms.

Removal companies

Rightmove contains a database of removal firms. Only containing those which are members of the British Association Of Removers and hold insurance to protect your household items, this guarantees that whoever you use via Rightmove, you will get a company that is qualified and trustworthy. Customers simply need to enter their old and new postcodes, the estimated date of the move, and any notes you wish to pass on. Local removal companies will then contact you by email to arrange a quote. If you have a problem with any company, you can call the Rightmove telephone number or review them on the site.

More about Rightmove

Rightmove was launched in 2000 almost instantly became a success. It took only two years for the business to start making money from advertising and two more for it to hit a landmark 100 million page views in a month. It floated on the London stock exchange in 2006 and launched its own app in 2009, the same year it hit a record of one million hits in a single day. Today, it’s the sixth most popular website in the United Kingdom and has revenues of over £100 million.

Rightmove Reports Busiest January Ever
February 18th, 2015

Rightmove has released reports stating that January 2015 has been its busiest ever, with would-be buyers fighting for depleting numbers of quality homes. The effect of this is that prices are being pushed up an average of 2.1% around the country.

The residential property website has said that housing demand is at a record high, with the site getting more than 100 million visits in the first month of the year for the first time ever, with 1.5 billion property pages being viewed.

At peak times, Rightmove were receiving 100 enquiries per minute. These figures suggest that buyer interests haven’t been dampened by the upcoming general election.

Director of Rightmove and analyst of the housing market, Miles Shipside, said “For the right property at the right price, demand is outstripping supply and leading to some further upwards price pressure. However there is a limit to what the majority are willing or can afford to pay, especially with the tighter lending criteria.”


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