We are all regular consumers. Whether it is making the supermarket run, upgrading to the latest technology, engaging in the latest fashion or enjoying products that will help entertain us,┬áretail is something we engage in very commonly. In doing so, we will become experienced with great retail service – businesses that have made our shopping painless and free of hassle. However, we will all have, at some point, experienced a problem with a retail experience. It’s inevitable; we will have all had a problem with a product or service, for instance, or experienced an issue with payment and billing.

At Number Direct we are committed to opening an easy line of communication between dissatisfied customers and the retailer in question. We have a range of telephone number with which you can contact some of the most frequently used retailers in the United Kingdom. This allows you to approach them with the problems you may have, or questions you may need answered. Some of the retailers our call-routing service provides numbers for include supermarkets like Tesco and Mark And Spencers; online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay; and high street names like River Island and Debenhams. You can find them all below:

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