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0845 241 9293

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The REED helpline is open 24 hours a day, every day.

REED is billed as the UK’s No. 1 jobs and recruitment site, and has helped thousands of jobseekers and employers find one another. Started in 1995 as the UK’s first recruitment website, it features vacancies from over 25,000 employers every year, across 42 different industries. With hundreds of thousands of applications made every day, REED remain the foremost experts in uniting jobseekers with their ideal employer, in their ideal field.

In their own words, their mission statement is to “Make the world love Mondays.”

How can I contact REED?
Why might I need to contact REED?
What does REED do?
Jobs with REED
Courses with REED
Are there any alternative ways to contact REED?
A brief history of REED

REED phone number

How can I contact REED?

The quickest and easiest way to contact REED is on our number, 0845 241 9293.

This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, putting you in touch with REED staff whenever you need them. If calling REED is impossible or inconvenient, you can get in touch using the alternative contact methods found further down on this page.

Why might I need to contact REED?

You may need to contact REED for one of two reasons:

  1. You are looking for a job, and feel like searching online will hold the answers you’re looking for
  2. You are advertising a vacancy for an employee and hoping to find one that fits your company, charity, or agency

REED exists to help unite jobseekers with the perfect career for them, connecting people to employers who need new team members. To set up a REED account, register on their site or call our REED contact number, listed above.

What does REED do?

In their own words, is a job site, not a recruiter, so they work towards ensuring the jobseeker finds the perfect job for them, rather than hunting for anyone to fill the employer’s vacancy. Ultimately, they know that this will benefit both sides of the equation, as happy employees that have found their dream career will be a much better match for the employer than shoddily-matched people who just want any work.

With 42 specialisms to offer, REED provides an enormous range of opportunities for jobseekers, regardless of their skills or ambitions. Once registered with the site, users can view, research and apply for jobs, and apply for courses designed to boost employability.

These courses also cover a huge range of skills and qualifications, and are designed to fill in the gaps in any jobseeker’s CV, allowing a hopeful to improve their odds of landing their dream job, or tailor themselves to fit into the industry or company that they have targeted.

Jobs with REED

REED advertises vacancies across 42 specialities and industries, meaning that anyone can find their dream job there. Regardless of experience, qualifications or ambitions, a jobseeker is bound to find what they are looking for with REED’s database. The 42 fields advertised are:

  • Administration, Secretarial work & Personal Assistant posts
  • Customer Service and Customer Relations
  • Qualified and Chartered Accountancy
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Education industry work
  • Training and vocational education jobs
  • Apprenticeships
  • Banking Sector employment
  • Charity work & Volunteering
  • I.T. and Telecommunications
  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Sales
  • Accountancy
  • Human Resources
  • Transportation management and Logistics jobs
  • Public Sector jobs
  • Engineering
  • Estate Agency and Property Sales work
  • Financial Services opportunities
  • FMCG jobs
  • General Insurance work
  • Motoring, Driving and Automotive jobs
  • Health & Medical Sector jobs
  • Security, Protection and Health and Safety jobs
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • IT and Tech Contracting
  • Construction work & Property Management
  • Legal Industry and Law Firm work
  • Manufacturing, Materials Management and Factory Engineering
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Media, Writing, Digital Programming and Creative opportunities
  • Multilingual/translation work
  • Recruitment Consultancy and Recruitment Agency jobs
  • Leisure and Tourism employment opportunities
  • Purchasing
  • Retail work
  • Scientific/Research work
  • Health and Social Care work
  • Strategy, Planning and Consultancy jobs
  • Temporary/Short-term contract jobs
  • Graduate jobs (with specific degree requirements listed)
  • £50k+ per year opportunities

Courses with REED

Reed contact numberAs well as a huge variety of jobs, REED also offers a wide range of courses which can be used to fill in gaps in a resume, beef up qualifications and gain valuable experience, make essential industry contacts and tailor the user to a career of their choosing. offers 54 different subkect areas, all of which have multiple levels and specialities of course and qualification within. From admin and secretarial work to travel and tourism, philosophy to geology, there are courses to fit any student.

Are there any alternative ways to contact REED?

As noted above, the quickest, simplest and most efficient way to contact Reed is to use our REED contact number, 0845 241 9293. This line is always open, and will put you through to a customer service representative who will be able to help with any enquiries or problems you may have, and direct you to more specialist company experts if your problem is of a very technical nature.

If, for whatever reason, phoning the Reed contact phone line is impossible or inconvenient, you can also get in touch with Reed by online contact form at their official site, by registering an account and contacting them through that, or by post at:

Reed Online Ltd,
Academy Court,
94 Chancery Lane,

A brief history of REED was founded in 1995 to capitalise on the increasing importance of the internet, and was the first recruitment website in the UK. Branching from REED, the brick-and-mortar recruitment agency, it grew as the prevalence of online activity grew, and now offers over 25,000 new vacancies every year from employers in both the public and private sector. The REED offices have remained, a network of over 350 offices around the world that guide and assist the site with doing its job, uniting jobseekers and employers who will work together brilliantly.

Originally founded in 1960, REED itself has a global presence and notable expertise in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Working with recruiters across the globe, they employ 3,000 people and have remained a privately-registered independent company to this day.


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