Contact Number for Quote Me Happy

0844 826 0541

Quote Me Happy are an online-only service and do not provide customer assistance via telephone. However, their online Help Centre can help with all queries detailed below.

Quote Me Happy are part of the Aviva group, one of the UK’s leading insurance providers. For more information on Aviva, visit the Aviva Contact Number page.

Why call the Quote Me Happy Number?

You may want to use the Quote Me Happy contact centre for:

  • Questions about your current home/car insurance policy
  • Getting a quote for a policy
  • Making a claim after an incident, such as a burglary or robbery
  • Making a complaint about the service.

Quote Me Happy Other Contact Numbers

Quote Me Happy Phone Number
Head Office 0844 826 0541
Quotes 0844 826 0541
Claims 0844 826 0541

Quote Me Happy Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Claims 24/7, 7 days a week

Quote Me Happy Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Pitheavlis, Perth PH2 0NH

Quote Me Happy Products and Services

Quote Me Happy Car Insurance

Quote Me Happy prides itself on only covering careful drivers in the UK who are aged between 21 and 75. Cars or vans which have had modifications cannot be insured.

What does Quote Me Happy Car Insurance cover?

  • Accidental damage to your car.
  • Loss or theft of your car.
  • New car replacement.
  • Car recovery and approved repairer.
  • Courtesy car.
  • Third party damage or injury.
  • Fire damage.
  • Audio equipment.
  • Third-party cover for other cars.
  • Personal belongings cover.
  • European cover.
  • Glass repair or replacement.
  • 24-hour emergency support.
  • Personal Accident Cover.

Optional Extras

  • Hire car- Cover for a hire car for up to 21 days whilst your car is in repair.
  • Legal expenses- Expert legal support when you need it the most.
  • Breakdown cover- Four levels of cover available (Roadside Assistance, recovery, recovery at home & onward travel, European cover) provided by RAC.
  • Keycare (recovery and locksmith assistance, no excess to pay, 24-hour helpline, £10 reward if anyone finds them.)
  • Increased personal accident cover for you/your partner if you have serious injuries.
  • Protected no claims discount- protect your 3 or more years No Claims Discount.

Making a claim 10246664_709612765752219_8095426124684853599_n

You can make a claim on your insurance by calling the 24-hour claims helpline or by using the app. Quote Me Happy can send someone out to help, get you to your destination, make sure that your car gets fixed and liaise with any third parties.

Home Insurance

Quote Me Happy cannot cover homes which would cost more than £500,000 to rebuild. There are three levels of cover available. download (6)

Good Cover includes:

  • Replacement locks.
  • Liability as owner.
  • Rent and cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Optional accidental damage cover.
  • Valuables.
  • Fatal injury.
  • Money in your home.
  • Theft of contents from garage/outbuildings.
  • Occupiers and personal liability.
  • Employers liability.
  • Tenant’s liability.

Better Cover includes all of the above, plus: colin

  • Tracing and accessing leaks up to £5000.
  • Limited accidental damage.
  • Valuables up to £8000.
  • Valuables: single article £1500.
  • Rent and alternative accommodation: 30%
  • Money in your home £500
  • Contents in the garden.
  • Theft from garages/outbuildings: £3000.
  • Business equipment.
  • Food in freezers up to £500.
  • Domestic heating.
  • Visitors personal effects.
  • Religious festivals and wedding gifts.
  • Household removals.

Best Cover includes all of the above

Optional Extras

  • Buildings accidental damage.
  • Matching items.
  • Buildings protected No Claims Discount.
  • Accidental damage home entertainment equipment.
  • C0ntents protected no claims discount.
  • Extra garden cover.
  • Personal belongings including theft from the car.
  • Specified items.
  • Legal services.
  • Home emergency.

Who owns Quote Me Happy car insurance?
Cancelling your Quote Me Happy insurance policy
Emailing Quote Me Happy
Why Quote Me Happy is so cheap

Contact Quote Me Happy to make a claim

If you make a claim, you need to prove a loss. Keep hold of receipts, photographs, instruction booklets and guarantee cards as this can help with your claim. Make sure that you read your policy booklet carefully as not everything is covered. You should also maintain your home to a good standard including guttering, flat roofs, fascia boards and boundary walls- check them regularly.

Quote Me Happy Login

You can login to your Quote Me Happy account online to view documents and make changes to your policy. The great thing about being able to manage your policy online is that you will not have to pay admin fees to get someone else to do it for you. Your policy information will be sent by email or text, so you don’t have to wait for the postman to deliver the documents.

What Is Quote Me Happy?

Quote Me Happy is an online-only home and car insurance service that provides you with 24/7 access to your insurance, allowing you to view and change your policy or make a claim at any time.

Customers can get a quote from the Quote Me Happy website, as well as from comparison websites such as GoCompare, Money Supermarket and The Quote Me Happy website can be used to purchase insurance, print documents, manage or change policies or make a claim. Claims can also be made via iPhone by downloading the Quote Me Happy MyClaims app.

Because they are an online-only service, Quote Me Happy are able to provide reliable, low-cost cover.

Background of Quote Me Happy

Quote Me Happy is a small part of Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance provider. It was originally part of Aviva’s aim to serve the increasing number of customers that wanted to buy and manage their car insurance online. It benefits from the long-term knowledge and expertise of Aviva’s insurance advisers whilst also providing fast, low-cost insurance deals.

Quote Me Happy was initially designed for car insurance buyers who liked to serve themselves online, but very quickly expanded to serve homeowners as well. The service has attracted over 670,000 motor customers since 2010.

Quote Me Happy postal address

You can contact Quote Me Happy by post at:

Quote Me Happy

You can also contact Quote me Happy on their website.

Popular questions about Quote Me Happy

Who owns Quote Me Happy car insurance?

Quote Me Happy is part of the Aviva Insurance Group.

How to cancel Quote Me Happy policy?

You can easily cancel your Quote Me Happy policy online. You log into your online account, click on my policies and show details, then under tasks, you can select cancel policy. If you cancel within the 14 days cooling off period, you won’t be charged, but if you cancel outside of this, you’ll be charged an administration fee of £30.

How to email Quote Me Happy

You can email Quote Me Happy by going onto the online contact form and filling out the details of your query.


Why is Quote Me Happy so cheap?

Quote Me Happy is cheaper than other online insurance providers as you can manage your own policy online, which saves Quote Me Happy the cost of hiring staff to do this for you.

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