Quickquid Contact Number

0843 596 3114

0843 596 3114

What Could I Use The Quickquid Contact Number For?

quickquid contact number

quickquid contact number

  • To apply for a loan.
  • To make a payment.
  • To report a change in circumstance.

Other QuickQuid contact numbers:

Quickquid Phone Number
Head Office 0843 596 3114
Payments 0843 596 3114
Complaints 0843 596 3114

Quickquid Contact Number Opening Times

Department Opening Times
Customer Service Monday – Friday: 07:00 to 22:00
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 to 18:30

Quickquid Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 483 Green Lanes
N13 4BS

Where is Quickquid based?
Quickquid closing times
Paying back your loan
Quickquid flexi credit
Quickquid vs Wonga

Quickquid Products and Services

Quickquid offers short-term loans, also known as payday loans. To apply for a loan, call the Quickquid contact number. You can apply online or over the phone and a decision will be made within 30 minutes based on your circumstances. If approved, you can choose how much credit you want to borrow and customise your payment options, and the money will be sent to your account usually within ten minutes. In order to be eligible, you must be over 18, hold a UK bank account, employed and receive regular pay and a resident of the UK. There are two types of loans available, flex credit and short term. Flex credit allows you to: borrow cash up to your credit limit, repay between one or ten months with flexible payment options, receive up to £1000 and get cash sent ten minutes after approval. Short term means that you can receive requested funds, borrow over one, two or three pay periods, receive up to £1000 and get credit 10 minutes after approval. When you have a loan with Quickquid, there is always customer service available 24/7 on the telephone, email or live chat.

Quickquid Login

You can login into the Quickquid website to apply for a payday loan and get the funds deposited into your bank account. To sign up, you must have an email address. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to create a secure password that you can use to login to your account to check on the progress of an application or manage a current loan.

Quickquid Promo Code

If you are a new customer and you feel slightly nervous about taking out a payday loan, you can use a Quickquid promo code to get money off. For instance, there is currently a promo code advertised on the Quickquid website ‘QQ5’ which lets you save 5% on the amount of interest that you pay on a loan.

Quickquid Live Chat

You can contact Quickquid via live chat to make a general enquiry about an aspect of the service, such as interest rates, repayments or how a loan would affect your credit score. The live chat service is manned by customer services representatives who will be waiting to help you with your question or problem.

Quickquid App

Back in 2013, Quickquid launched a mobile phone app. The app is free to download and allows customers to track loan applications that are in progress, update their account details and access support services 24/7. The app is available on iOs and Google Play stores.

Quickquid Top Up

If you currently have a loan in progress and your account is being managed well, you might be able to get a top up on the loan. If you are successful, you’ll have to repay the original loan amount, plus the top up and any interest fees which you have accumulated.

Quickquid Early Repayment

If you are in a position to do so, you can pay back your loan early at no extra cost. This will help you save money in future as it will reduce the amount of interest that you will need to pay on the loan.

Quickquid Background

Quickquid is part of Cash America International, an American pawn shop chain. Quickquid is one of several controversial “payday lenders” alongside Wonga and Pounds to Pocket.

Cash America International was founded in 1984 in Fort Worth, Texas as a single pawn shop. The chain grew rapidly and was listed on the New York stock exchange before acquiring stores in the UK and Sweden in the 90s.

As of 2015, the company operated 943 businesses which provide financial services to customers.

Popular Questions About Quickquid

Where is Quickquid based?

The head office of Quickquid can be found in London. The full address can be found in the table at the top of this page.

What time does Quickquid close?

The Quickquid helpline is available from 7am-10pm Monday to Friday and 10am-6.30pm on weekends. You can call at this time to apply for a loan, make a payment or chase up an existing application.

How do I pay back Quickquid?

quickquid website

quickquid website

You repay back a loan that you have taken out from Quickquid by choosing one of three options. A one period loan means that you owe the total balance of the loan and interest on a specific date. A two-period loan means that you can pay the loan on two dates- the first date, you will pay the interest. The second date, you will pay the loan amount plus any interest built up between the two dates. The final option is the three-period loan- the first date, you pay the interest. The second date, you pay the interest which has accrued between the first two dates. On the final date, you’ll pay the loan amount plus any interest you have built up between the final two dates. You’ll receive reminder emails at least three days before each payment date. If you know that you will be struggling to pay, you can call Quickquid using the number on this page and they will help you to recreate a new payment plan.

What is Quickquid flexi credit?

Quickquid flex credit was a service provided by Quickquid where you paid 10% of your loan balance each month.It acted like a credit card and you could consistently top up the loan if necessary. Unfortunately, the service is no longer available to new customers.

Are Quickquid and Wonga the same company?

No Quickquid and Wonga are not the same company, although they do provide similar services of short-term loans.

For more about Quickquid services, call the contact number on this page.


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