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The Qantas Experience

Qantas is the flag carrier of Australia. It’s main UK bases are London Heathrow and Manchester Airport. From there, the destinations flown to include: Sydney, Dubai, Malaysia and New Zealand amongst many others. In total it flies to 41 destinations around the world. On Qantas international flights, there are four classes available. Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First. In Economy, you will get a basic seat which is designed for your comfort, access to the entertainment system which allows you to stream content and even send text messages, as well as a complimentary comfort kit on long haul flights. If you choose first class, you can have a chauffeur pick you up from your home, have access to an airport lounge, your own suite with a fully flat bed once you are on board, an a la carte menu, a luxury sleeper suit and a comfort kit with branded products. You will also be first to leave the aircraft when you land. Economy seats generally cost upwards of £500 one-way and First class costs around £2000 depending on when you book.

About Qantas

Qantas was established in 1921, and is the second oldest airline in the world. The airline has its main hub at Sydney airport and is nicknamed “The Flying Kangaroo”. Qantas has a famous ambassador, the Australian model Miranda Kerr.

Qantas Restrictions Should Be Lifted, Suggest Australian PM

February 18th 2014

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has indicated that the Federal Government is preparing to lift the ownership restrictions on Qantas.

Qantas has been fighting for the restrictions to be lifted in the wake of the airline’s financial hardships. Its credit was downgraded several weeks ago and around 1000 jobs were about to be axed from the company. Qantas believe that lifting the restrictions enforced by the Qantas Sale Act, which currently does not allow foreign ownership to be more than 50%, would entice potential buyers that might save them. The airline’s chief executive Alan Joyce has been in Canberra throughout the week pleading for assistance from the Government.

He calls might finally have been answered after Prime Minister Tony Abbott suggested that they would lift the restrictions. He said: “Qantas has been shackled by legislative restrictions that were put in place by the Labor Party back in the 1990s. I think it would be perfectly appropriate to unshackle Qantas.”

The leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, is one of the many voices who are calling for Qantas to resolve their own issues, keeping the airline in Australian hands. He said: “Plenty of countries around the world manage to keep their economy afloat and have a majority national-owned airline.”

Green’s Lee Riannon echoed Mr. Shorten’s concerns by adding: “It should maintain a national carrier that remains in national hands and not change the Qantas Sale Act.”

The critics of Qantas and potentially the Government’s plans to lift the restrictions suggest that it would take Australian jobs overseas and only provide a short term solution to the problem. There are also concerns that the lack of profitability in Qantas at the moment means, even if the restrictions are lifted, no-one would want to come in and purchase the airline.

Qantas Celebrate Australia Day With Airbus Flight

January 28th 2014“]

Qantas flew one of its flagship airbus planes over Sydney Harbour as part of last weekend’s Australia Day celebrations on Sunday January 26. It descended over the harbour at around 12:30pm entering from North Head. It was an an incredible height of just 1500 feet giving spectators an amazing sight. The plane then conducted a series of turns around the harbour before flying back to its base.

Last year, Qantas and Emirates marked their alliance by flying both company’s A380s twin superjumbo crafts over the bridge in spectacular scenes.

Australia Day was celebrated across the the world. In New York, the Empire State Building was lit up in green and gold colours as part of the Spirit Of Australia party. It was hosted by the Academy Award nominated actor Hugh Jackman who is famous for his role as Wolverine in ‘X-Men’. In Dubai, a golf championship was held at a new beach club. Olympic gold medalist Natalie Cook also turned up to give beach volleyball tips.

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December 17th 2013

Qantas are facing series difficulties that if left untreated could lead to the airline’s collapse. Its credit rating was recently downgraded and its share prices plummeted to an all time low last week. Consequently, 1000 jobs are to be cut from the airline.

The Australian flag carrier have appealed to the government for help from the taxpayers to overcome the crisis. However, it appears they won’t be receiving any.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: “Qantas won’t survive because the government has brought about a survival plan. Qantas will survive and flourish because everyone at Qantas, from the highest in management to the lowest in staff, has decided that they collectively want to fight to keep this iconic Australian brand going.”

He continued: “We will be cheering them on in government and if they put formal proposals to us we’ll obviously work constructively with them.”

Qantas, on the other hand, believe that taxpayer assistance with permission from the government is a necessity. It would, they claim, allow them to compete with their rival Virgin Australia.

The airline are also campaigning for the Qantas Sale Act to be lifted which restricts foreign ownership to less than 50%. Should this be put forward by Qantas, it would likely take months for the Act to be amended.

The idea of lifting the restriction has been controversial among members of the government. They are worried that foreign control would result in many of the airline’s jobs moving abroad. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, however, agrees that ditching the Qantas Sale Act would not be “unreasonable”.

Emirates Says it Won't Buy a Stake in Qantas

August 6th 2013

Tim Clark, the president of the world’s biggest airline Emirates, has denied rumours that his company will buy a stake in the financially struggling Australian carrier Qantas.

After losses of around $300 million in the first six months of the year, Qantas have appealed to the government to relax the Qantas Sale Act. This would allow foreign ownership in the airline to exceed 60% and, hopefully, provide financial aid.

Emirates were rumoured to be looking into buying a stake in Qantas if this were to happen. This comes after Emirates entered a code-share partnership earlier in 2013. However, Tim Clark said that while he is keeping a close eye on the Qantas situation equity is not on the table.

In an e-mail he sent to the West Australian newspaper Clark said that he does not have “a bottomless pit of cash”.

The other airline in the running to buy a stake in Emirates are China Southern, who are the the largest airline in Asia.

Qantas are currently appealing for support from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow Qantas access to taxpayers money. This would hopefully create a more level playing ground between them and their competitors Virgin Australia.

However, he said last week that Qantas would not receive financial aid from the government and that Qantas must “fight to keep this iconic Australian brand going”.

Emirates currently takes passengers to and from over 160 destinations around the world. It was awarded Airline Of The Year earlier this year by the monthly trade magazine Air Transport World.

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