Pensions Helpline

0843 557 4540

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Calling The Pensions Helpline

The Pensions Helpline is run by the Pension Advisory Service who can help with any queries you may have regarding your pension. These may be:

  • Checking your State Pension eligibility
  • Questions about your current Pension scheme
  • Advice on opting into a private Pension scheme
  • Claiming your State Pension for the first time
  • Calculating how much Pension you will get
  • Reporting a change in your circumstances, such as address, spouse/partner or bank details
  • Making a complaint about the Pension Service


Purpose of The Pensions Helpline

The Pensions Helpline is the main point of contact for all those who have concerns or questions about their pension. It is run by the Pensions Advisory Service, a function of the government’s Department for Work & Pensions.

The service helps to ensure the fair and correct payment of State Pensions to individuals who have reached the State Pension Age. If claimed online, State Pension can be claimed within 4 months of reaching this age. A person’s State Pension Age depends on how many years they have worked, paid National Insurance and/or claimed certain benefits. They may also be eligible for an Additional Pension, which is dependent on a person’s National Insurance contributions.

The Pensions Advisory Service can also give advice on choosing a private pension scheme and offers regulatory support to pension providers and pension scheme administrations.


The Pensions Helpline – Part of the Department For Work & Pensions

The Department For Work & Pensions is a ministerial department, responsible for welfare and pension policy across the UK. It is the biggest public service department in the UK, serving over 20 million people to combat issues to do with employment, pensions and the aging society, and poverty & welfare dependency.

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