Openreach Contact Phone Number

0844 826 0468

Do you wish to speak to someone regarding your broadband connection with Openreach? Number Direct can help by putting you through to the Openreach Contact Number.

Why would I call the Openreach contact telephone number?

  • To find the best broadband tariff for your needs.
  • To report a problem with your phone or broadband.
  • To get an update on service installations.
  • To enquire about services provided by Openreach.

Openreach products and services

Openreach is the infrastructure division of BT. They are responsible for the local access network that delivers the data, broadband and voice services to each home and business throughout the UK. If you wish to contact someone at Openreach, call us to be transferred to the Openreach number. Openreach was created to give communications providers equal access to the wires and fibres that make the network. Openreach supplies these providers with products and services that are linked to the network. They work to ensure that people in the UK wanting to use the service have reliable access. Openreach is committed to bringing fibre optic networks to smaller communities as well as engineering a responsible network as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility promise. They don’t personally provide customers with broadband, phone or tv services. However they do work with other 500 provider  such as TalkTalk, Gamma and Sky, to give customers the best deals in the areas of the UK that they cover.  If you have any problems with the network at all it is advised that you call the phone number shown above.

About Openreach

Openreach was founded in 2006 following an agreement between BT and Ofcom to implement certain undertakings following the Enterprise Act 2002. The act was established to ensure that rival telecom operators have equality of access to BT’s local network. In 2010, Openreach signed an agreement with ECI Telecom to help it service and create a fibre optic network serving 18 million households in the UK. They look after the wires and connections that may be broken throughout the UK, and aim to ensure that all customers have an ultra fast connection to the internet, as well as any other services.

Openreach cover 30 million customers, and support 300 million phone calls each and every day. They also cover 5.5 million fibre lines to businesses and homes throughout the UK. They also give to charity. They encourage volunteering a work experience days at their offices, and give regularly to charities such as Comic Relief/ Sport Relief, Children in Need and NSPCC. The main charity that Openreach support is the The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA). They have been running for nearly 130 years and help families of those at war around the world.

What services do Openreach provide?

Openreach offer a variety of services throughout the UK. These include:

  • Superfast Fibre Access. This gives you a fast and smooth connection to the internet. It provides download speeds of up to 80Mbps, and boasts upload speeds of up to 20Mbps.
  • Ethernet Services. Openreach offer point to point Ethernet services with a high bandwidth. Many premises out of the way  or in the countryside would benefit from this service.
  • Opitcal Services. Known as OSS, this service is for those wishing to move large amounts of data to other parts of the UK. This service is done via Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology.
  • Local Loop Unbundling. Known as LLB, this service allows you to install your own equipment.
  • Wholesale Line Rental 3 (WLR3). This service allows you to offer your own-brand telephone service on our network. Openreach maintain and repair the lines so that those with the service can help their customers without having to maintain the network themselves.

Openreach 5 Year Plan

Openreach are currently in the middle of providing the UK with super fast broadband and fibre cables. By the end of 2017, the company want to replace this with ultra fast. They have openly discussed this as being a part of its goal in their five year plan, as well as granting access to the internet to over 10 million homes and premises by the end of 2020.

You can check if you can get the ultra fast services on the Openreach postcode checker, which can be found on their website.

Latest News

Openreach under pressure by New Network Builder


Hyperoptic, a new Network Broadband Builder, is putting pressure on Openreach as it rolls out new “Gigabit” service throughout the UK. Hyperoptic will roll out speeds of around 1,000Mbps, 10x the amount of other brands. They also plan on reaching 500 000 homes throughout the UK by 2018. Openreach may want to start upping their game before this new company takes over some of their customers.

Backed by hedge fund versed George Soros (who has invested £50m into the company), and headed by Steve Holford, the company aims to provide Britain with a faster broadband speed that will “cripple” their opposition. Holford discussed his plans for faster speeds, saying that they are completely different to BT owned Openreach, in that they have completely removed the copper telephone wire. The service is currently live in London, Manchester and Brighton, where it is giving out top speeds – using BT poles.

Ofcom have recently praised the arrival of smaller companies into the sector, saying it promotes a healthy competition and evens out rocketing prices. The network’s prices start at around £60 a month, which is higher on average than Sky and BT – however they have mention that the service is 10x faster.


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