Openreach Contact Phone Number

0844 826 0468

0843 658 0817


Openreach was founded in 2006 after an agreement occurred between BT and Ofcom that allowed certain undertakings that followed the Enterprise Act 2002. The act was established to ensure that rival telecom operators had equality of access to BT’s local network. In 2010, Openreach signed an agreement with ECI Telecom that helped it service and create a fibre optic network that serves 18 million households in the UK. Openreach look after the wires and connections that could be broken throughout the UK and aim to make sure that all of their customers have an ultra-fast connection to the internet as well as any other services they are looking for.

Openreach covers over 30 million customers, as well as supporting around 300 million phone calls every day. They also make sure to cover 5.5 million fibre lines to businesses and homes all over the UK. Openreach encourages volunteering and work experience days at their offices as well as regularly giving to charities including Comic/Sport Relief, Children in Need and NSPCC. The main charity that Openreach support is the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA), that has been running for over 130 years and helps families of those at war around the world.


Openreach Contact Number

To get in touch with someone at Openreach’s head office you can call 0843 658 0817 to speak to a member of the team who is ready to answer any questions you might have about Openreach and their services and will be available to discuss the company with you as well as helping you find assistance to anything you might need their team for.

Openreach Customer Services

To speak to someone from Openreach’s customer services team you can call 0843 658 0818 and you’ll find someone ready to help you with any issues you may have uncovered while using Openreach’s service, who are trained to provide assistance and ensure that you are using all Openreach services to the full capacity that you should be able to access.

Finding a Tariff

If you’re interested in finding a tariff to use for your broadband and would like to browse all of the options that are available to you, then by calling 0843 658 0819 you will have access to all of the best opportunities when looking for your future broadband tariff, as the team at Openreach are always happy to help.

Reporting a Problem

If you’re facing a problem with your broadband provider or while using an Openreach service, then by calling 0843 658 0820 you’ll be able to report the problem with a member of the team who will try and help you with the issue that you’ve faced as quickly as they can.

Service Installations

If you’re looking to get an update on a service installation and want to find more information about how you can achieve this, then you can speak to someone on 0843 658 0821 and a team member will help you to set up your future update.


To make a complaint about a service that you have received from Openreach, if it is trouble while using the website or behaviour from a staff member, then you should make a complaint by calling 0843 658 0822 and registering a complaint with a member of the team there.

Openreach Contact Numbers

Openreach Number Opening Times
Head Office 0843 658 0817 24/7
Customer Services 0843 658 0818 24/7
Finding a Tariff 0843 658 0819 24/7
Reporting a Problem 0843 658 0820 24/7
Service Installations 0843 658 0821 24/7
Complaints 0843 658 0871 24/7

Other ways to contact Openreach

You can also contact Openreach in a number of other ways, including by contacting them through their Twitter and also by sending them a letter addressed to:

123 Judd Street,
United Kingdom


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Openreach. The direct contact number for Openreach can be found in the public domain or on their official website.