O2 Business Contact Number

0843 658 0834

o2-business-contact-number0843 557 3647

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O2 contact numbers:

Department Phone Number
o2 Business Contracts 0843 557 3647
O2 Business Tariffs 0843 557 3647
Complaints 0843 557 3647

O2 phone line opening hours:

Day Time
Mon-Fri 8.30 – 21.00
Weekends 10.00 – 18.00

O2 head office address:

Department Address
Head Office 260 Bath Road,
SL1 4DX,
United Kingdom

Why would I call the o2 Business contact number?

O2 customers who are signed up for one of the provider’s business accounts can call this number for O2 business support. Here are some of the reasons you might ring:

  • Find the best tariff for your business needs
  • Cancel, change or renew your contract
  • Arrange handset replacement
  • Make an enquiry or a complaint
  • To report a lost/missing/stolen device
  • To report a device as faulty
  • To discuss a bill that you believe to be incorrect
  • To pay an overdue bill

My O2 Business

If you are using an O2 phone for business then you can take advantage of the many deals and great tariffs that O2 have on offer for their business users. To see all deals, either visit the o2 website or call the contact number where an expert adviser will help to find which is the best one for you. O2 Business offers tariffs on phones as well as tablets, with great deals on both pay as you go and pay monthly deals. If you have a contract or a sim only O2 Business phone and it is not working as it should be, whether that be that you are not receiving the amount of data that you were promised or you cannot make calls due to a loss of connectivity, please call the O2 Business contact number for support and a quick solution for fixing your device. All O2 Business tariffs are flexible which basically means that you can change your minutes and data plan at the end of every month meaning you always have the freshest, up to date deals, meaning you can run your business efficiently. You can view your account on the O2 Business website at any time simply by logging in with your username (usually an email address) as well as your password which will have been created when you first set up your account. The great thing about my O2 business is that you can view and manage all of your account activity in the one place such as your recent bills and your data usage. You can also request for changes to made with your account, arrange to swap sim cards and raise any issues in a live web chat should you have any.

O2 Business Upgrades

O2 offer fast track upgrades for business customers that are using one of their O2 tariffs. This means that you do not have to stick out until the end of the contract, with o2 giving you the opportunity to upgrade early to a brand new business phone. Business phone users will be subjected to a fast track fee but will then have the opportunity to own the newest phone there is, at a discounted price compared to regular tariff users. If you are interested in taking advantage of the O2 fast track upgrade for business then please call the O2 business contact number or go online to see what options are available to you. Alternatively, you can visit an O2 shop where you can browse through which is the best upgrade to choose from, as well as see a number of handsets and models. Please note that the Fast track upgrade fee must be paid by credit or debit card.

O2 Business Essentials

O2 understands that supplying a mobile device to a business is different it than supplying it to a person. Businesses change all of the time and running a business is stressful enough without having to worry about the flexibility of your network. The O2 business essentials packages offer everything that a business could need including convenient and flexible tariffs with all phones having 4G, unlimited calls and texts. It is then left up to the user to decide how much data they will need to use. You can add more phones to the one contract if needs be, which allows you to have up to ten phones under one contract which is massively convenient when it comes to monitoring and paying bills for all of the phones in your company. The monthly bills will come in two payments, one that pays for all your usage, minutes, data etc and one that will pay for the actual devices themselves. Want to pay less each month? Make an upfront payment for your devices. Please call the o2 Business contact number if you would like to know more about how the business tariffs work.

O2 Business AppO2 business app

The idea of O2 Business apps is to help you and your business in working smarter and more effectively, with many great benefits. You can download the My O2 Business account onto your iPhone (coming soon for Android) in the form of an app which then allows you to assign different users to different devices, you can also delete and upgrade users in accordance with the goings on of your business. Box and McAfee are the two programmes that are running on O2’s business apps at the moment, with Microsoft Office 365 running from a different portal. If you are having problems using any of the business apps, then please call the contact number for assistance.

About O2

O2 Business is a division of the mobile network provider designed specifically to deal with businesses. It can be contacted on the O2 business contact number. O2 provides contracts for businesses of any size, from one employee to 1000. O2 Business can provide mobiles, a landline and broadband for a price dependent on your needs.

When you join O2 you get unlimited O2 to O2 calls, unlimited calls to ten landlines, so you can call the customers or suppliers you use the most and enjoy UK based customer service. You have your own dedicated account manager who can arrange replacement handsets if any get damaged, give you technical support and advise you on when your contract is running out. O2 Business customers can even use Priority Moments to give your customers exclusive offers.

On average, businesses who switched their land-line to O2 saved 34% on their annual bill. That’s a lot when you think about it.

O2 is a telecoms, internet and financial company founded as Cellnet in a joint venture between Securicor and BT. It was launched as O2 in June 2002 as a spin-off of BT Wireless. In 2005, they agreed to purchase the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica and extend its range of services. Today, they sponsor the 02 Arena in London and various Academy venues around the UK. The company’s headquarters are in Berkshire, England and it can be contacted on the O2 business contact number.



Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to O2 Business. The direct contact number for O2 Business can be found in the public domain or on their official website.