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Should You Decimate Your Own Company? John Tschohl Discusses Firing Your Employees

This article is a guest post by customer service and business expert John Tschohl. In it, he discusses the controversial idea that a Darwin-style “survival of the fittest” model applied to employees may benefit businesses…

Common PS4 Problems And How To Fix Them

Trouble with your PS4 can be a real headache for gamers, but it doesn’t have to be. Sort out four of the most common problems with our quick and easy guide.

The Positive Impact Of Technology On The Environment

For a time, people felt that technology was harmful to the environment. But now we are beginning to see how it could play a vital role in conservation.

The Amazing Way Gamers Stopped Candy Crush From Wiping Out Indie Games

Candy Crush makers King attempted to trademark the words ‘candy’ and ‘saga’. Their plan was to take out many of their independent competitors. However, indie gamers and developers alike worked together in amazing ways to stop them.

In Memoriam: Flappy Bird – The Worst Game Ever Made

Flappy Bird, a smartphone game damned as the worst ever made, defied all logic and soared to heights that few games have ever achieved. However, this weekend it was removed from app stores under bizarre circumstances.

Should Facebook Be Worried? – The Start Of An End For The Social Giant

The idea that we may be witnessing the first signs of Facebook’s demise may seem preposterous to some. Yet one only need take a closer look to see that not all is as rosy as it seems.