Now TV

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Now TV Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 3714 Point Clear Dr Missouri City, Texas 77459-3707 United States

Now TV Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Reasons to Call the Now TV Contact Number:

  • I want to subscribe to Now TV
  • I want to know how to go about cancelling my Now TV subscription
  • I would like to complain about the customer service I received when ringing the Now TV helpline
  • I want to get a quote over how much it would be to install Now TV in my home
  • I want to complain about my Now TV service not working
  • I want to complain about bad signal from my Now TV
  • I have forgotten my Now TV login details
  • I have forgotten to renew my Now TV subscription
  • I have spotted a mistake on the NOW TV website
  • I want to know what options are available to me with Now TV

Now TV Boxes

You can choose from number of different Now TV boxes depending on what package and price is suited to you and your home. All of the choices are available to be looked at on the Now TV website and you can even use their ‘compare the package’ tool to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. The original Now TV box has some great features including the ability to watch both live and on-demand TV, a great list of catch up channels; demand 5, All-4, ITV Hub and BBC-Iplayer. If it’s not TV you want then to box also gives you access to over 50 apps such as Facebook and Youtube that you can access easily via your TV. The set-up is extremely easy and all you have to do it connect to your broadband and start watching. If you buy the box on the Now TV website it will be delivered for free to your choice of address. Now TV have recently upgraded their box and are now offering the ‘Smart Box’ which has all the features of the original box, and then some. Again, the box does not require a contract and so is an extremely hassle free set up. You can also access all of the same catch-up channels as the original box and as an added feature you can now pause and rewind Live TV. The boxes are usually delivered to your door within 3 – 5 days of you ordering it. If you have ordered a Now TV box and it has not arrived within this time frame then please call the head office contact number. Similarly, if your box has arrived and you are having trouble setting it up or using it then call the contact number and an adviser can talk you through it.

Now TV Passes

Now TV offers a range of passes to enhance your TV experience, each with free trials to ensure that you are choosing the best experience. The passes that are available are; the entertainment TV pass which allows you to catch up on all of the must-see TV shows  over eleven channels that cannot be found on Freeview. This pass warrants a 14-day free trial and you will then be charged just £6.99 per month if it is not cancelled. Next is the Now TV cinema pass which comes with over 1000 movies and a new premier every day. This also comes with a 14 day free trial and will cost you £9.99 month if the trial is not cancelled. There is no need to alert Now TV if you wish to keep the subscription. Other passes include kids and sports passes, please visit the Now TV website for more information about these. If you have applied for a Now TV pass but now wish to cancel the subscription, please call the head office contact number.

Now TV and Broadband

Now TV are offering three different broadband services, each with different prices and different speeds so it is a case of choosing which one suits you and how much internet you use at home. Switching from your original provider is guaranteed to be hassle-free. The different types of broadband are ‘Brilliant Broadband’, ‘Fab Fibre’ and ‘Super Fibre’ with ‘brilliant broadband’ offering the least amount of mbps to super fibre offering the most. Brilliant Broadband is your excellent everyday broadband and ideal for sending emails, online shopping and banking. Fab fibre broadband goes that little bit faster and is fast and reliable enough for everyone to be on in the house at the same time, ideal for busy households! The fastest broadband offered by Now TV is the super fibre broadband which allows you to screen TV to multiple screens, play your favourite games and browse endless websites all at the same time. Their unlimited usage allowance is available to the majority of their customers. If you have purchased a broadband package and feel it does not live up to the speed it promises, please call the head office contact number. If you fancy having a NOW TV box combined with Now TV broadband you can ‘build your combo’ which will bring all of your options into the one package for just £9.99 a month. Please visit the Now TV website for more information about combining your package or call the head office contact number if you would like some further advice on which is the best package for you to choose.


How do I cancel my NOW TV Subscription?

If you have subscribed to a Now TV pass and want to cancel your subscription you can visit the Now TV website and head over to your account where you can log in to view your usage and see exactly what you are subscribed to and how to unsubscribe from your packages. If you find you have unsubscribed from your passes but are still being charged monthly by Now TV please call the Head Office contact number to complain about this, and your issue will be resolved. You will need your login details to log into your account before you go ahead and cancel your subscriptions and so will be required to provide a username and password. Once you have opted to cancel the passes, you will be given a confirmation message to confirm that the subscription is definitely cancelled, please call the contact number if you are not provided with this message. If you have one or more passes on your account that you want to cancel, you cannot cancel them all at the same time and you will need to cancel each pass individually.

Can I get Now TV in HD?

Yes, if you purchase a Now TV smart box you are guaranteed to be able to stream channels in HD but it will, of course, depend on the type of device you are watching your TV off. If it is a HD TV then yes, you are guaranteed to view all of the channels this way. The original Now TV will only show its sports channels in HD, again, depending on the device they are viewed with.

Who makes Now TV?

Now TV is made and managed by Sky. They have made it so that everything is completely contract-less, therefore allowing you to dip in and out of membership whenever you like, which is an extremely appealing factor to many original Sky users. That, along with extremely friendly prices.

About Now TV

Now TV is fairly new and operates as an internet television service owned by the popular Sky Plc. You can watch the service via computer as well as mobile devices. Some people also watch it via their games consoles. They offer a number of different ‘passes’ giving access to TV shows and movies, as well as TV and broadband packages. Now TV was first established in February 2012 and was launched in the Uk in July 2012.