Northumbrian Water Contact Number

0844 248 2563

Why Would I Need To Contact Northumbrian Water?

Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water are part of Northumbrian Water Limited, which is a member of Northumbrian Water Group (NWG). Use the number above to be connected to them to:

  • Make a payment.
  • Report a change in address.
  • Report an emergency e.g. a loss in supply or a leakage.
  • Enquire about the services Northumbrian Water can offer you individually or as a company.
  • Enquire about moving properties and existing water meters in your property.

The Northumbrian Water Service

Northumbrian Water provide water and sewage services in the counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and some parts of North Yorkshire. For an exact list of areas it covers, call Northumbrian Water contact. At the Northumbrian Water treatment works, the water is constantly checked 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure a high quality is maintained. Northumbrian Water are also dedicated to treating sewerage effectively through their network of sewerage treatment works. The company has also invested millions of pounds to improve the quality of bathing water at beaches throughout their district. Northumbrian Water is also taking steps to help it’s customers save water, by offering a free water butt to collect rain water and a water saving kit, which includes a universal plug to fit all sinks, a tap insert, save-a-flush, a shower timer, a shower regulator and a hose gun. This service is free. To order your kit, call the Northumbrian Water contact.

Northumbrian Water services under 4.4 millions people in the UK. 794,000 properties in Essex and Suffolk alone are supplied with water from Northumbrian Water, with a giant 1.3 million of homes in the North supplied by Northumbrian Water as well. The company works closely with regulators and local authorities, as well as regional development agencies to ensure that their water is ethical and is sent to customers in the best state that it can be throughout the UK.

Overview of Northumbrian Water operations

Northumbrian Water is responsible for:

  • 55 water treatment works
  • 303 water pumping stations
  • 326 water service reservoirs
  • 25,678.3 km water mains
  • 413 sewage treatment works
  • 29,923.1 km sewers

Every day the company delivers 1,104 megalitres (1.1 billion litres) of water to the UK, from treated water taken from reservoirs owned by the company.

Vision and Values

The Northumbrian Water Vision is clear. They aim to be the national leader in sustainable water and waste water services. They have objectives in place that they wish to stick to, and hope that their employees stick to as well. These are :

  • Customer focus
    Northumbrian Water aim to exceed the expectations of our external and internal customers.
  • Results-driven
    They also want to take personal responsibility for achieving excellent business results.
  • Ethical
    The company has stated that it wants to be open and honest and meet their commitments with a responsible approach to the environment and their communities.
  • Creative
    The company continuously strive for innovative and better ways to deliver business to customers throughout the UK.
  • One team
    They work together consistently, promoting co-operation and mutual support, to achieve corporate objectives set out quarterly.

Corporate Responsibility

Each year, Northumbrian Water release documents covering their values and expectations for the next year. They also highlight the sustainablity trends in the water industry that they have been able to see so far that year. The company also sets out its goals for the coming year, and the reviews of customers throughout the country on their service and their quality of water. When reflecting on this, Northumbrian Water sets out aims to amend any bad customer reviews in the coming years. In conjuncture with this, Northumbrian Water also release annual financial statements, available to companies and the public alike. Statements dating back to 2001 can be found over on their website or by calling the number above. Annual reports can also be found online or by calling the number above – these reports highlight the performance of the company over the last year.

Code of Conduct

On the Northumbrian Water website, you can also find details on the company’s structure, board, code of conduct and environment policy. They release statements each year updating their terms on each of these policies, and can be found by companies and individuals alike. Alternatively, you can contact Northumbrian Water on the number above to ask for more information regarding these policies. The board members of Northumbrian Water are as follows:

Heidi Mottram OBE, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Johns, Finance Director

Ceri Jones, Assets and Assurance Director

Andrew John Hunter, Chairman

Duncan Nicholas Macrae, Non-executive Director

Tak Chuen Edmond Ip, Non-executive Director

Hing Lam Kam, Non-executive Director

Martin Nègre, Independent Non-executive Director

Dr Simon Lyster, Independent Non-executive Director

Margaret Fay CBE, Independent Non-executive Director

Paul Rew, Senior Independent Non-executive Director

Frank Frame, Non-executive Director

Martin Parker, General Counsel and Company Secretary

Their code of conduct can be found on their website or by ringing the number above and enquiring.

Saving Water with Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water encourage their customers and anyone who visits their site to save water. As a large water company, their impact on encouraging water saving is huge. On their website, you can find tips on saving water at home or in the office and even outside of these places. The average person in the UK uses 140 litres of water a day, and water efficency is about reducing the amount of waste water that you use. So, to help customers, Northumbrian Water offer free water saving devices, this includes a water saving kit. This includes; a universal plug, a tap insert, save-a-flush, 4 minutes shower timer, and a water saving shower regulator. All of these items contribute to the saving of water at home or at the office. The company also offers a water butt. Both of these are available on the Northumbrian Water website.


About Northumbrian Water Group

Northumbrian Water Limited is a private company registered in England and Wales. It was founded in 1989, and has headquarters in Durham. The company currently has almost 3000 employees working across all sectors. For more about Northumbrian Water, go to the website or call the number above and enquire with their customer service team.





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