Technical Helpline for NICEIC

0843 658 0845

Are you looking for an electrical contractor? We can technically put you through to the NICEIC technical helpline.

How will calling the NICEIC direct helpline benefit me?

  • To find an electrician.
  • To register with NICEIC as a safe contractor.
  • To find out about training opportunities.

NICEIC technical services

NICEIC is the UK’s leading regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. NICEIC currently maintains a roll of over 26,000 registered contractors. To register, call the NICEIC technical helpline. NICEIC helps customers ensure their electrician does a safe and satisfactory job by only providing registered electricians. These electricians are assessed on a regular basis and given up to date training to ensure that they are doing the best job they can. NICEIC also provide a warranty for the householder, so if anything does go wrong, the house is covered by insurance. As for contractors, to be a part of NICEIC they must undergo a rigorous assessment process, including providing a sample of their work, their premises, documentation, equipment and key supervisory staff. Following this, they are re-assessed on a regular basis. Once registered, contractors can access a range of support services, technical advice, industry recognised training and contractor insurance. To find out more about this, call the NICEIC technical helpline.

Services for householders

Finding an approved contractor

You can use the online Niceic search facility to find a registered contractor- from electricians to PAT testers and renewable energy installers. If you are not sure which type of contractor you are looking for, here is a brief breakdown of the job descriptions:

  • Domestic installer- installation work on residential properties.
  • Hazardous areas- Licensed to work in hazardous areas such as petrol stations.
  • Microgeneration certificate- Covers installation of renewable technologies such as solar power or wind turbines.
  • PAT testing- Portable Appliance Testing.

Why use a NICEIC registered contractor?

Registered NICEIC contractors are assessed regularly to ensure they reach technical safety standards. Registered contractors also have to self certify their work to the Local Building Control Body, which saves you time when commencing work which requires notifying the local authority under building regulations. The body also has a Platinum Promise, this means that if you are unsatisfied with a NICEIC contractor’s work, they will review it and if they agree, they will correct it.

Checking a certificate issued by an electrician

Any domestic work carried out which has been notified by your electrician to NICEIC building control, will be searchable through a specialised website. You can check the details by using the number on the certificate or by using the address where the work took place.

Renewable energy

There are a number of financial incentives for homeowners to invest in renewable energy technologies. The Government has a Green Deal initiative, whereby installing renewable technologies can save you lots of money on your fuel bill. The Green Deal installs renewable technologies with no upfront cost- it has a five step process: property assessment, measure recommendations, provision of a low interest loan, installation and energy savings- which will start as soon as the recommended measure is installed. There is also a Feed In Tariff, which is designed to convince people and organisations to install electricity generation in their homes and businesses. There are three benefits from this scheme; you will be paid for each unit of electricity that you generate, whether you use it or not. Any additional energy generated will be automatically re-directed back to the National Grid and you will also be paid for this. You will also see a reduction in your energy bill as you require less electricity to be supplied to your home.

Services for contractors

Industry registered schemes

There are a range of schemes suitable for different types of contractors. They are:

  • Approved contractor scheme- For any electrical installation business.
  • Domestic installer scheme- Establishes safe installation standards for work on domestic homes.
  • Microgeneration certification- Covering installation of renewable or green technologies.
  • Green deal installer scheme- Supporting energy efficiency installers.
  • Fire detection scheme- Supporting fire detection or fire alarm installers.
  • Competent Persons scheme- For building services installers who need to comply with Building Regulations.
  • Portable Appliance Testing- Supporting health and safety for portable appliance testing.
  • Hazardous Areas Scheme- For electrical work carried out in potentially dangerous environments.
  • Scottish certification schemes- Specifically for electrical contractors working in Scotland.
  • Jersey scheme- For contractors working in Jersey.

Technical library

Not only is the NICEIC technical helpline manned by experts, but they also have an extensive online library of materials. When you become a registered contractor, you can instantly access the library of online materials, with article topics such as changes to fire alarms Code of Practice or extractor fan installation.

Benefits of becoming a NICEIC registered contractor:

  • Free listing on the NICEIC website.
  • NICEIC scheme logos for your vehicles, workwear and stationary.
  • 24/7 support helpline.
  • Priority access to the technical helpline.
  • Free electric pocket guides.
  • Access to seminar events such as TechTalks.
  • NICEIC contractors are promoted to the public.
  • Any work you carry out is covered by the Platinum Promise.
  • An opportunity to be registered with TrustMark.
  • Peace of mind for customers that any work that is unsatisfactory will be rectified.
  • Guarantee of six years from the date of completion.
  • Cover of up to £25,000 for one installation.

Online certification

Contractors who are registered with NICEIC can submit completed work via a certification and notification service. In England and Wales, self-certifiable work must be submitted to the Local Authority.

Contractor FAQs

What happens on an assessment?

Contractors must be assessed by NICEIC before they can be registered. It will be an office based assessment and a site assessment- the first will confirm that you have the right paperwork, where the site assessment confirms that you meet technical standards.

How will NICEIC keep me updated?

By using magazines, e-newsletters, events and pocket guides, NICEIC will keep contractors updated on industry changes.

How do I become a Green Deal advisor?

A person with no experience will have to take a Green Deal advisor qualification and a Domestic Energy advisor qualification. If you are currently an energy assessor, you only need the Green Deal advisor qualification.

Does NICEIC provide training courses for me to develop my skills?

NICEIC training courses provides clear guidance, whether you wish to train your staff or develop your skills solely. Subjects include: gas training and assessment, water regulations, health and safety and business support.


NICEIC has been assessing the competency of electricians for over 50  years, making it the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body. To find out more about NICEIC, visit the website here.


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to NICEIC. The direct contact number for NICEIC can be found in the public domain or on their official website.