Netflix Contact Phone Number

0843 658 0841

0843 658 0841.

netflix contactNetflix is an online service that provides a library of movies and television shows on demand. You can log into your account from a variety of devices to begin using the service. Once there, you will be able to choose to watch thousands of titles including classics, new releases and a handful of content exclusive to Netflix. If you have any problems or enquiries, call the Netflix contact phone number today.

What Could I Call Netflix Phone Number For?

Here are some of the reasons you may need to call the Netflix contact phone number UK:

  • To get technical support for Netflix
  • To report payment or billing issues
  • To find out what devices Netflix is supported on
  • To speak to an advisor if Netflix is not working on your device
  • To cancel your account
  • To get more information about the service
  • To report a problem with a film or television show

Netflix Numbers:

Netflix Phone Number
Head Office 0843 658 0841
Billing 0843 658 0841
Complaints 0843 658 0841

Netflix opening hours

Department Opening hours
Customer support 24/7

Netflix Head Office

Department Address
Head Office 100 Winchester Cir. Los Gatos, CA 95032

How Does Netflix Work?

hownetflixworksNetflix exists behind a pay wall meaning that only existing, paying customers can access the video on demand service. It costs upwards of £5.99 per month to join the service. You can use the Netflix phone number if you need to enquire about payment or billing issues.

Once you have an account, you can access it via a number of devices (a list can be found below). You will be able to choose from a range of titles that are popular on Netflix. You will also be able to search for film titles or films starring a particular actor if you have a specific film in mind. If you have logged in through Facebook, you will also be able to see what your friends have been viewing. Customers experiencing problems should contact the Netflix phone number.

In addition to this, customers can make lists of movies or television shows that they wish to watch. This will be found on your home screen immediately when you log in. Otherwise, movies can be found via a series of genres such as “Independent Ensemble Movies”, “Dark Dramas” and “Feel-Good Romantic Comedies” which are determined by your usage. For trouble using the Netflix service, call the Netflix contact phone number today.

The Netflix contact phone number is also available if you wish to cancel your account.

What Is A Netflix Original Series?

houseofcardsNetflix has been celebrated for being the first online video-on-demand provider to produce its own original content. Seeing others mimicking their service, the company decided to stand out from the crowd by having its own range of television shows and movies. These can only be viewed on Netflix, but often get released on home entertainment platforms like Blu Ray and DVD many months later.

The first original programming produced by Netflix was House Of Cards. The show is a political drama created by The Ides Of March writer Beau Willimon starring Kevin Spacey as a congressman who was passed over for Secretary Of State and assumes a plan to get into power. Robin Wright, Corey Stoll and Kate Mara star in supporting roles. The show’s pilot episode was directed by The Social Network and Zodiac filmmaker David Fincher. The show was the first on-demand only series to have been nominated at the Emmys with nods for Outstanding Drama Series, Lead Actor In A Drama Series and Directing For A Drama Series.

Other examples of Netflix’s original content include the prison set dark comedy Orange Is The New Black and horror series Hemlock Grove. The business has also agreed to continue popular shows that were cancelled by other networks such as The Killing and Arrested Development.

If you are having any trouble watching these Netflix programs, call the Netflix Contact Phone Number today.

What Devices Are Compatible With Netflix?

netflixdevicesHere is a list of many of the devices through which you can stream Netflix content on as of August 2014. The devices have differing streaming qualities, from standard definition to 720p and 1080p high definition.

If you are having trouble syncing any of these devices with your Netflix account, call the Netflix phone number.

Set Top Boxes

  • Roku LT (supports 720p streaming)
  • Roku 2 HD (supports 720p streaming)
  • Roku 2 – XD and XS (supports 1080p streaming)
  • Roku 3 (supports 1080p streaming)
  • Apple TV 2nd Gen (supports 720p streaming)
  • Apple TV 3rd Gen (supports 1080p streaming)

Games Consoles

  • Xbox 360 (supports 720p streaming)
  • Xbox One (supports 1080p streaming)
  • Playstation 3 (supports 1080p streaming)
  • Playstation 4 (supports 1080p streaming)
  • Wii
  • Wii U (supports 1080p streaming)

Operating Systems

  • Android
  • Chrome OS
  • iOS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone

Blu Ray Players

  • LG BD300
  • LG BD640 (supports 1080p streaming)
  • LG LH50 (supports 1080p streaming)
  • LG BD370
  • Samsung PD-P2500
  • Samsung PD-P2550
  • Samsung PD-P1590
  • Samsung BD-P1600 (supports 720p streaming)
  • Samsung BD-P3600 (supports 720p streaming)
  • Samsung BD-P4600 (supports 720p streaming)

Netflix App

You can use the Netflix app on your phone or tablet to watch on the go. You’ll find that when you travel, the app will change its content to fit wherever you are.

More About Netflix

Netflix was founded in 1997 in California by Reed Hastings who remains the company’s Chief Executive Officer. A former maths teacher who found financial success when he sold his Pure Software package for $700 million, he came up with the idea when he was forced to pay $40 in overdue fines for a copy of Apollo 13. He launched Netflix in 1998 with a pay per rent service, with the monthly subscription idea launching the following year in 1999.

The business continued to grow, by 2005 there were 35,000 titles available and by 2007 the company had delivered its billionth DVD, before introducing the video-on-demand service. This year, it announced that it had 23.6 million subscribers in the United States. In 2011, Netflix launched in the UK and reached the million subscriber milestone here a year later.

It now produces its own content as well as stocking a library of well-known titles. These include the Golden Globe winning House Of Cards and the Academy Award nominated documentary The Square.



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