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0843 557 4845

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Neff is a German company who specialise in high-end kitchen appliances and accessories.

Other Neff Contact Numbers:

Neff Phone Number
Head Office  0843 557 4845
Neff Complaints  0843 557 4845
Customer Services  0843 557 4845

Neff Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Neff Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Neff has no Head Office address in the UK

Why Might I Ring the Neff contact number?

    • To report a problem with your Neff product
    • To request parts for your Neff product
    • Alert Neff of a missing item
    • To find out how to return an item

Are Neff appliances reliable?
Do Neff offer many choices in their appliances?
When was Neff founded?

Neff Products

Neff is known mainly for manufacturing a large selection of kitchen appliances. These are detailed more below.

Ovens From Neff

Neff offers a range of functionality with its range of ovens. This includes its unique CircoTherm cooking system, as well as other functions for cooking a variety of food.

  • CircoTherm Eco is optimised for when you are cooking and banking on one level only and provides maximum energy efficiency
  • Bread baking allows the temperature to be set between 180C and 220C and lets you bake up to 3 levels of bread at the same time
  • CircoTherm intensive uses a combination of CircoTherm technology and bottom heat, making it the ideal setting for food that should crispy underneath, such as pizzas.
  • Top/Bottom Heat gives conventional cooking heat sources from the top and bottom of the oven, which makes it ideal for baking pastries and scones.

Neff Microwaves

There are many different types of microwaves offered by Neff, including those that can be built into your kitchen, those with a grill setting and combination microwaves.

The Neff C57M70 is a built-in microwave that comes with a grill option. It has 15 automated programs as well as a memory function and a safety lock to keep wandering children hands out of danger. Owing to the impressive InnoWave technology, the standard of food that can be produced with this microwave is particularly impressive, as it has electronic control with 3 stages of programming and a recipe memory that gives flexible convenient cooking over and over again.

The Neff C67P70N3GB is a combination microwave that can be built into your kitchen. It comes with 70 pre-programmed settings as well as offering multi-level cooking options that promise you fast and easy cooking all from the touch of a button. Inside, it has a CircoTherm cooking system, as well as a smooth enamel floor and walls along with a self-cleaning pyrolytic function, which superheats the oven to around 500C to burn off any deposits from baking, roasting and grilling to give an easy solution to cleaning.

Hobs By Neff

Neff has an extensive range of Hob options, including Gas, Ceramic, Induction and Domino hobs. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and it purely depends on personal preference and attitude towards cooking as well as the type of things that regularly made on the hob. There is the option to opt for the different type of hob finishes for gas and ceramic options, which can be decided to compliment the kitchen’s colour scheme.

When it comes to cleaning a Neff hob, the ceramic ones are the easiest to clean, the induction models in particular. This is because of their smooth flat surface that gives easy access to clean.

Neff Dishwashers

What makes Neff dishwasher so special? Besides getting your crockery and cutlery clean, Neff’s range come built with a whole range of integrated features to give your kitchenware that extra sparkle.

Each dishwasher by Neff is built with a unique VarioFlex basket, which is capable of accommodating almost anything you might need to throw in. They are also very eco-friendly, offering economy functions as well as standard functions to let the user choose when and how they wish to save water.

Neff dishwashers are all at least A-rated in terms of wash performance, dry performance and energy efficiency, with many gaining an A+ grade standard in one or all of these areas. Many come with extra features including NeffSparkle, DetergentAware, DosageAssist detergent dispenser, and LED indicators for cycle and salt-refill.

Neff Fridge/Freezers

Many of Neff’s fridge/freezers come in a range of style options, from built-in to freestanding. It also supplies two very distinct types of fridge/freezer exclusive to Neff – VitaFresh and HydroFresh.

VitaFresh fridge/freezers come built with integrated humidity controlled zones to keep your food at its optimum condition, whilst HydroFresh fridge/freezers offer a humidity controlled vegetable drawer in order to keep your fruits and veg particularly fresh and crunchy. It also features a telescopic rail that allows the drawer to be pulled out completely for easy access and cleaning.

Other common features of Neff’s fridge/freezers include frost-free functions and fingerprint-free finishes.

Washing Machines supplied by Neff

Neff’s washing machines are equipped to handle anything – from muddy sports kits and kids’ clothing to precious delicates and bed linens. The majority of Neff washing machines are built with its unique circocare drum and a system of paddles and jets designed to deliver an exceptionally clean yet gentle result with every use.

As well as supplying washing machines, Neff also supplies washer/dryers and tumble dryers, and can also provide advice and guidance on helping you find the right laundry appliance for you.

Its VarioPerfect washing machine has a particular edge, with an energy efficiency class of A+++ and an impressive maximum spin speed of 1400 mph.


Are Neff appliances reliable?

Neff appliances come with guarantees once you register your product with them. For more information on guarantees with Neff, ring the number above or visit the Neff website.


Do Neff offer many choices in their appliances?

Neff offers their customers hundreds of appliances with different finishes to suit their kitchen needs. For the full list of items available to buy from Neff, ring the number above or visit their online store.

When was Neff founded?

Neff was founded in 1877 by Carl Andreas Neff.

About Neff

Neff is a well-known German manufacturer of kitchen appliances, including:

  • Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Hobs
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridge/ Freezers
  • Washing Machines

The company was founded in 1877 and since then has pioneered developments in kitchen appliances. They introduced the first gas oven in 1914, and this was followed by the first oven with a thermostat in 1950. By the time 1955 came around, they were producing appliances in a range of different colours, to fit in with existing kitchen colour schemes.

Neff continued to introduce new developments to the appliance market with the introduction of the first microwave and hob in 1957. By 1961 the were showing the world integrated cooker units and built upon the success of this by offering a full range of units in the 1970s. During the 1970’s the cookers were also controlled by a digital clock. In 1971 they introduced conventional ovens as well as fan ovens for gas cookers in 1985.

In the UK, Neff is owned by BSH Home Appliances, based in Buckinghamshire. This brand also owns Bosch, Siemens, Pitsos and Gaggenau too.

You can find recent video uploads from Neff over on their youtube channel.



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