NatWest Fraud Phone Number

0844 826 0447

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of fraud, don’t hesitate to inform your bank via the Natwest Fraud number.

Call the Natwest Fraud Phone Number if:

  • You have detected suspicious activity on your account.
  • You have lost your card or had it stolen.
  • You have had notification of a cheque payment you haven’t sent.

Natwest Fraud Department Service

Unfortunately in this day and age, fraud is still a factor we have to worry about. Financial fraud can be committed in a number of ways: through online payments, through illicit cheques or through the use of a stolen card. Online fraud is the most common, sometimes if you make a payment to a insecure merchant, your details can be copied and used again. You are most likely to notice fraud when you receive your bank statement. Natwest are taking steps to reduce fraud through the provision of a dedicated fraud helpline, where you can report suspicious activity. Natwest help you stay safe online through a fraud detection service, secure log-in and log off when you access your online banking and by using the Verified by Visa scheme. The Verified by Visa scheme asks for a security question alongside your card details when you purchase online. If Natwest notice any unusual activity on your account, such as a different pattern in payments or a similar pattern to other customers targeted by fraudsters, they will contact you to ask for verification.

About Natwest

Natwest is the largest retail bank in the UK. It was established in 1968 and now has 1600 branches across the UK.

NatWest Branch Closure Decision Slammed As 'Atrocious'

December 12th 2014

Two Nottingham branches are due to shut down early next year in Keyworth and Radcliffe-On-Trench. It has left elderly customers panicked as the nearest bank will now be nine miles away. They claim that NatWest is forcing them to switch to unfamiliar online banking. The Elders Forum secretary, who says the decision is ‘absolutely atrocious’ according to the Nottingham Post, claims that many elderly people cannot afford computers.

The branches are closing in these two Nottingham areas after the number of transactions being made in them dramatically declined over the last few years. There was apparently a 30 per cent drop since 2010 while mobile banking has increased by over 200 per cent. Staff members are apparently going to be relocated to other branches as opposed to facing redundancy.

The Parish Council’s chairman Tony Grice says that the bank will ultimately suffer as a consequence because there are plans to build 450 new homes in the area that may have helped improve branch visits.

Natwest Issues Fraud Warning to Businesses

July 18th 2014

Retail banks Natwest and the Royal Bank of Scotland are warning their business customers to be vigilant after a different twist on an old scam has witnessed businesses within the farming community lose hundreds of thousands of pounds this year.

The scam often begins with a call from the ‘fraud department’ of your bank or credit card company. In actual fact, the caller is a fraudster who attempts to convince you that your account has been compromised, claiming that there has been unauthorised activity on your account and asking you to take action. In order to gain your trust, the caller will encourage you to call the number on the back of your card or another number for your bank that you trust. When you hang up your phone and re-dial, the scammer is still on the line and intercepts the call before it gets to your bank. Now that the caller has your trust, they will ask you to transfer money to a new account.

Alasdair Macfarlane, head of Customer Security at RBS and Natwest said:


“We would never ask a customer to transfer money to protect their account from fraud. If you receive a call of this nature, or any call you are suspicious of, you should end the conversation and call your bank on a trusted number.”

The bank recommends calling the trusted number using a different phone line, or if this is not possible, you should first call a friend or relative. If a fraudster has been able to intercept the call, it will be hard for them to effectively impersonate someone that you know.

Currently, the banking industry are working alongside telecommunications industry leaders in order to reduce the amount of time that a phone line can be held open when it has not been disconnected at both ends.


Number Direct is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected to Natwest Fraud. The direct contact number for Natwest Fraud can be found in the public domain or on their official website.