National Express Contact Phone Number

0843 557 4613

Why would you use the National Express telephone Number?National express contact number uk

  • To make or amend a booking.
  • To get from point A to point B.
  • Get a refund or cancel a booking.
  • Make a formal complaint regarding the service you received.
  • To find out the latest deals with National Express.
  • To inquire into corporate issues.

Opening Hours
The National Express telephone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Who are National Express?

National Express is a multinational public transport company that operates bus, coach, rail and tram services in the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Morocco as well as long-distance coach journeys across Europe. The National Express headquarters are based in Birmingham, the company has 40,000 employees. It owns many other companies including Scottish Citylink, who operate in Scotland, Eurolink, a long distance coach company operating in 500 destinations and East Midlands Airport. The company itself is famous for its cheap prices, including fares from £6 one way to a number of destinations around the UK, and one way to Paris for £37. For more information on fare prices call or check the National Express website.

National Express Head Office Postal Address

National Express House
Mill Lane
B5 6DD 


What are the most popular destinations to go with the National Express?

National Express coaches travel all over the nation however, there are number of destinations where the coach agency travel to the most. These places are ;


National Express are mostly used by many Brits and international people to travel to and from airports in the UK. As getting to airports in the UK is quite expensive if you do not have a car, many prefer to take the bus or the coach. The most popular airports the National Express service are;

      • London Heathrow
      • London Luton
      • London Gatwick
      • London Stansted
      • Manchester Airport
      • Birmingham Airport


As London is the capital of the United Kingdom, it’s not surprise to learn that the capital is one of the most popular travel destinations for the National Express. With a few coach station hubs based in London, the national express are often found making regular trips to and from the biggest city in Europe. The National Express will make dozens of trips to and from London every day and even put on extra coach services when there are special events on in the capital ( for example, extra coach services were supplied during the 2012 Olympics in London).


Being the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is a popular destination for the National Express. It’s no surprise either that National Express have also based their headquarters in Birmingham. Birmingham is located in the middle of England and this makes the city fairly accessible to other parts of the country. Birmingham also has a thriving shopping industry and it’s even easier to go shopping in Birmingham with their daily buses to and from the city.


The National Express offers a variety of different coachcards to customers. Each card is designed to suit the needs of each individual to make their travel experience more enjoyable and affordable. The types of cards available are;

  • Senior Coachcard – If you are over 60, you can get a senior coachcard which gives you 1/3 savings and deals on restaurants, hotels and days out.
  • Young Persons Card- These cards were designed for people aged between 16 to 26 who were constantly on the move around the UK, whether it was to University or to visit friends, young people could save upto 1/3.
  • Family Coachcard – A family card allows families who are on a budget or just want to leave the car at home a chance to travel and save on their travelling.
  • Brit Xplorer – In the UK for a short time and want to see the most? Brit xplorer cards are designed to allow you to travel the UK freely at reasonable rates.
  • Disabled Coachcard – If you are registered disabled in the UK, then you are eligible to receive 1/3 of your tickets any time.
  • Travel in a group – These cards allow you to plan a large trip anywhere in the UK with all your friends and even save up to 25% on the price!

Hotel Deals with National Express

The national express also offer reasonable hotel deals in association with This is to allow passengers find a place to rest their head without the worry and hassle of finding a place to stay in a new town.

With the National Express you can find ;

    • Airport hotels – Ideal if you have an early flight and need to be at the airport or a late arrival.
    • City hotels – If a city break is what you are after, than National Express have hotel offers in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and other parts of the UK, ideal if you are making long trips throughout the UK.

National Express Rail

National Express also provide rail tickets with an online company known as C2C-Online who provide train tickets on National Express’s behalf. If you need to make a rail connection via your journey with National Express, then you are entitled to discounts.

National Express History

In 1972, the National Bus Company decided to bring its scheduled coach services run by regional bus companies to just one brand. Initially named National, the National Express brand was first used in 1974. Services continued to operate under their individual names. During the 1980’s, National Express was forced to undergo a management buyout, but after this financial performance began to deteriorate, so as a consequence a new management team took over the company in 1991. By 1992, the company was performing better so it debuted on the London Stock Exchange. The company continued to perform well until 2009, as flights became cheaper and trains expanded their network, it began to struggle. As a result of this, National Express was available to buy. A number of shareholding companies including the Spanish Cosmen family put a bid in, but this was later withdrawn. Fellow bus company Stagecoach group also made an offer, but again this did not proceed. In late 2009, National Express announced that it intended to raise the money needed through shares. To find out more about National Express, go to their website.

Useful National Express Contact Tools

The National Express have provided their customers with a range of useful tools to help their journeys run smoother and faster. The types of tools that are available to customers include ;

    • Coach Tracker – This allows customers to see in real-time where their coach is to plan their journey effectively.
    • Stop Finder – If customers are unsure where the next stop will be, they the option to see all the stops along any route.
    • Timetables – A simply tool which gives passengers an upto date plan of the next buses and trains available.
    • Luggage Labels – Lets customers download labels to distinguish their baggage amongst others on journeys.
    • Booking manager

– Allows customers to change and amend any tickets with National Express.

Lost property whilst traveling

If you lose your luggage or an item whilst traveling with National Express, then you can contact the station you last visited to see if anything has been handed into the lost and found section. You can call using the number at the top of the page and lines are open 24/7, 7 days a week.

Assisted traveling with coaches

If you have a disability or have an issue with movement, its recommended you call the National Express to make arrangements prior your journey.

If you are travelling with children or a baby who is under the age of 3, you can travel free of charge however if they are over the age of 3, they are subject to fares for young adults. It is recommended you bring a baby car seat to ensure your child’s safety.

If you are disabled and require a highspeed power chair, you may still travel with National Express but it is required you contact the company before hand so arrangements can be made at least 36 hours before hand. If you do not do this, you could be denied access to the bus and lose your ticket.

National Express Stops Using Excel For Data Analytics

August 13th, 2014

National Express is the UK’s largest coach operator with an estimated 18 million journeys to over 1000 destinations each year. As you might expect, those figures generate a lot of data. Until last year, the firm was using Microsoft Excel and Access as its main tools for reporting data. However, the business manager for the company said the firm had decided to ditch it because it was causing issues.

He said:

“There were various reporting silos, different versions of the same numbers, no one real view of the business. Reports were manual, so it took people time to produce them and took away their time from looking at what the numbers were telling them.” national express

Therefore, National Express needed something more productive in order to gain better insight into what was actually happening within the business. The company chose QlikView’s business discovery platform to help them examine the data gained from customers travelling on the scheduled routes.

National Express described itself as a customer focused business, stating that they try to deliver the best service each time a customer travels with them.

National Express Partners With Liverpool for Summer Events

July 22nd, 2014

The city of Liverpool has got itself a sponsor for events taking place in the summer within the area. National Express has been appointed as the official coach company by the city council for this summer’s giant Memories of August 1914 and the Liverpool International Music Festival.

National Express contact numberFor the agreement, coaches which are travelling across the country will feature banners advertising the events, promoting them to a national audience on a much larger scale than if the advertising were focused on Liverpool and the surrounding areas. Alongside this, there will be a six week poster campaign across 11 bus stations in the likes of Sheffield, Newcastle, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. There will also be a mass email to just under a million National Express customers encouraging them to take a trip to Liverpool this summer.

The Assistant Mayor Councillor for Liverpool spoke of the deal:

“It’s fantastic news that such a well-known and established brand as National Express are one of our official partners for these two major events. The advertising that we will receive as a result of working together is not only worth tens of thousands but it also goes some way to letting the rest of the country know about our unique 0ffer in terms of events.”

She went on to say that the return of the giants and the music festival are already generating a buzz in the area, but it is good to be able to spread the message further afield in order to encourage visitors to come to the area.

National Express said that they were ‘delighted’ to be associated with such unique events that are taking place in Liverpool this summer. The coach network enables visitors to travel to Liverpool in a cost effective way from many towns, cities and airports. The company said that it was looking forward to bringing many visitors to see what it has to offer. 

Are National Express Going To Enter The Spanish Rail Market?

April 22nd, 2014

Alsa, a National Express subsidiary company, announced last week that it has been granted a licence to run passenger trains on the Spanish high-speed rail network.

This would allow Alsa to be a major player in the long distance rail market, as well as currently being the largest private long distance bus operating company. They were also granted a licence to operate freight trains in 2010. This licence would allow Alsa to target long distance, commuter and high speed rail users.

Alsa may also make a bid for Public Service Obligation (PSO) contracts for both regional and suburban services. These are currently run by Renfe, but this move is not expected to happen until 2015. Renfe, which is owned by the state, is due to be divided into four separate organisations

Alsa is not the only company to have been granted a licence to carry passengers on the Spanish network, there are at least four other companies that are thought to have been given licences too.

Alsa currently offers bus and coach services in Spain, as well as several other European companies. The other National Express services in operation throughout Europe is Eurolines, which operates a transnational network, covering 600 destinations in Europe and Morocco.

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