As of 30th September 2014, there were 45.5 million people in the United Kingdom with driving licences. The majority of these people will also have their own vehicle and be regular road users. They may drive to the office every morning, take their family out on weekends or make daily business trips around the country.

However, we all know that vehicles can be temperamental. Drivers may encounter issues with the cars, or they may have problems with the government’s Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency (known commonly by its acronym DVLA) with issues surrounding their car use. Furthermore, they may even need to get in touch with their insurer.

When drivers urgently need to get in touch with their car manufacturers, or speak to the DVLA about an issue, they may be able to find a phone number below. Number Direct’s call routing service can put you in direct contact with the customer service departments for a variety of different companies. You can speak with them about any number of problems you may be having, ask them any questions you might need answered and discuss their services. In our commitment to put you in touch with the department you need, Number Direct has numbers for a companies as diverse as AA, Ford, BMW and Churchill. These can all be found below.

The Best Ways To Save Money When Your Car Needs Repairing

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