Mortgage Express Contact Number

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0333 014 4333

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Mortgage Express has now been nationalised, some of the business was passed on to Santander but Mortgage Express is now closed to all customers. Mortgage Express was the mortgage area of Bradford and Bingley. Bradford and Bingley were established in 2000, it was nationalised and split into two in 2008. The two parts were mortgagesĀ & investments and deposits & branch network.

Mortgage Express Contact Number

Department Opening Hours
Customer Services Monday to Friday
Payments Monday to Friday
Redeeming Mortgage Monday to Friday
Complaints Monday to Friday

Mortgage Express Customer Services

You could call the Mortgage Express customer service team if you would like to discuss managing your mortgage, you need to discuss your budget, you are worried about falling into financial difficulty and you would like some advice, you are thinking about switching to Mortgage Express for a better mortgage deal, you would like to know about better repayment mortgages or aboutĀ finding a better deal mortgage with Mortgage Express, you would like to find out about borrowing more money, you want to know about how Mortgage Express works, you would like to know more about the mortgage products they offer, you would like to know more about Bradford & Bingley or you have some alternative questions for a member of their customer service staff.

Mortgage Express Payments

You can make a payment to Mortgage Express in a number of ways. You can transfer money via direct debit, automated payment lines, online bank transfer, a standing order, in a branch such as Natwest or RBS (please be aware that this method requires a paying in book which your bank should provide you with) or by cheque. If you don’t know which payment method is best for you or you would like some help setting up a payment option you can do so by calling the Mortgage Express Contact number. When you are on the phone with a member of their team you will need to confirm your identity and they will inform you of the easiest way to set up a payment to their company.

Mortgage Express Redeeming Mortgage

If you had a buy-to-let mortgage with Mortgage Express and you do not want to have your mortgage transferred over to another provider you can pay off (otherwise known as redeeming) your mortgage with a lump sum of money. To do this you need to discuss it with a member of the Mortgage Express staff as you will need to be informed of how much the cost will be and whether you’re about to do it.

Mortgage Express Complaints

If you are unhappy about the nationalisation of Mortgage Express or when you were a customer of the company you were unhappy with the service you were receiving from the company you should get in touch with the Mortgage Express complaints team.

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