Mileage Changer

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07795 188990

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Why would you call Mileage Changer?

Mileage Changer are a car repair business based in Liverpool, UK. They cover all areas of car repairs but they specialize in electronic repairs. You may want to call Mileage Changer if ;

    • You have had a crash recently and your odometer needs correcting.
    • The electronic system in your car has become corrupted.
    • There is issues with your car battery.
    • You may need to replace parts in your dashboard.

If any of these issues apply to you, then you should contact Mileage Changer! Alternatively if your issue has not been listed here but you may feel the issues with your car is an electric one, you can also call Mileage Changer for some friendly independent advice on what the next steps would be.

Is it legal to amend your Odometer and the electrics in your vehicle?

In the UK, to change the odometer clock for fraudulent purposes is illegal. In this case, Mileage Changer will not assist you with changing the electronics or odometer clock. If you have another reason to amend your cars odometer and electronics, than Mileage Changer will be more than happy to assist you with the repairs to your car. Mileage Changer can help with any car and electronic repairs you may be facing.

So if you are looking for assistance with your mileage correction in Manchester or any other region of the North West in England such as Liverpool, Wigan and Chester, than Contact Mileage Changer today to find out prices today!

Second Hand Buyers Need To Be Wary Of Odometer Cheats
April 7th, 2015

Police have issued a warning for buyers of second hand cars after vehicles have been found to be sold with their odometers wound back. It is an old time scam and it seems to have made a return as criminals start to use new technologies that are now on offer to give false mileage readings, which, in turn, boosts the value of old cars significantly.

There have also been reports of vehicles having their odometers replace with those found in lower-mileage wrecks, in a bid to dupe unsuspecting buyers. It has been occurring mainly in Australia, with Detective Sen-Sgt Mark Ward, from the vehicle crime squad, stating that speedometer crimes are attractive to criminals. He added “Speedo windbacks is emerging as a serious vehicle crime issue. It is reasonably high profit with a minimal risk factor. Often, unsuspecting purchasers are not aware they have purchased a speedo windback vehicle until something goes wrong with that vehicle.”

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