How to Make a Complaint with Hermes

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0330 333 6556

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Hermes is a German parcel delivery courier company with headquarters in Hamburg. They also operate in other European countries, with a large market in the UK. The Hermes ParcelShop service facilities collections and returns as well. There are several thousand Hermes locations in the UK, and Hermes couriers make millions of deliveries every year. The company has even won some awards, despite customers consistently complaining about the poor levels of service they offer. Plenty of popular online retailers use Hermes for home delivery in the UK. This includes ASOS, Amazon, Debenhams, John Lewis, Next, and Arcadia Group brands. If you order from a retailer, it is best to contact them in the event of a delivery problem. However, you may want to contact Hermes to complain yourself.

Hermes Complaints Phone Number

If you have a parcel reference number (16 digits) or a calling card reference (8 digits), then you can call the number above. You will have to enter the number to proceed and get information about your delivery. If you want to speak to a person at Hermes and make a complaint, then call the number above directly. It will connect you to someone at Hermes after playing through some pre-recorded information. This would be the fastest way to raise a complaint with Hermes and request an investigation if there is a problem regarding your parcel or delivery. You should take notes of times, details, and who you speak to at Hermes in case you keep having to call back about your complaint. Hermes staff should be available to assist you between 8am and 8pm if you call them on any day except Sundays.

Hermes Complaints E-mail Address

When you are unable to call Hermes, the next best thing is to send them an e-mail. This provides a recorded trail of written communication between you and Hermes so that you can keep track of the situation. The Hermes e-mail address is, which you can use to e-mail complaints to Hermes. Add your reference number and “URGENT COMPLAINT” in the subject box if you want to get their attention. Then detail your complaint and provide the tracking information and address in the main body of your e-mail. You can provide your phone number and your availability if you want to request a phone call back from them to explain what has happened and what they are going to do to fix it. You can attach images but do not include any payment details.

Hermes Complaints Letter Address

Though writing a letter of complaint is a traditional response to abysmal service, it is quickly becoming a bit old-fashioned. This is because many companies, including Hermes, interact with their customers primarily online or over the phone. As the initial point of contact, it is better to complain in a faster way first. Then you can escalate with a written formal complaint to the Hermes office if you are still not happy with the speed or manner of their response. Include all the same information as you would if you were explaining the situation over the phone or writing it in an e-mail. Then send the letter to the UK head office address for Hermes using a trackable service.

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd
Capitol House
1 Capitol Close
LS27 0WH

Hermes Online Complaints

For issues with simple solutions or straightforward answers, it might be faster for you to contact Hermes online. Making a public complaint on a social media platform is a good way to draw attention to your problem. Post on the Hermes UK Facebook page or send a tweet to @Hermesparcels on Twitter. You can message Hermes privately on these sites if you prefer. Do not share your address or other sensitive personal information in public posts. You can contact the Hermes social media team by e-mail as well at For the real-time equivalent of a phone call, you can click on the blue circular button in the bottom right of this page. It will launch a live chat with a Hermes advisor if someone is available to help you. The Hermes online teams will only be responding to the complaints they receive about Hermes deliveries from 8am to 6pm. Similar to the phone line, they are not available on Sundays. Do not keep sending other messages online as they will open new enquiries at the bottom of their list. This can cause confusion with the investigation and resolution of your Hermes complaint.

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