Lovefilm Contact Number

0843 320 9598

Please note – Lovefilm was taken over by Amazon Video on February 21st, 2015. While LoveFilm still exists as a DVD rental service by post, it now exists as a branch of Amazon and is increasingly being replaced by expanding Amazon Prime services.

Lovefilm Telephone Numbers

LoveFilm Phone Number
LoveFilm Head Office 0843 320 9598
Returns and Deliveries 0843 320 9598
Technical Difficulties 0843 320 9598

Why might I have to contact LoveFilm?

You may need to call the Lovefilm contact number for any number of reasons. Calling their contact line allows you to speak to customer service representatives who can help you set up your account, alter your account details, upgrade your account to more viewings every month or a deluxe delivery programme, or cancel your subscription entirely!

They can also help you if you lose a DVD or Bluray that you have been sent, or if you have had it stolen, or broken it. The dedicated customer service teams at Lovefilm HQ can help you if a DVD arrives scratched or broken, or if you get the wrong film in the post. Simply call the Lovefilm customer care number and let them know what happened, and they’ll be able to send you out the film you requested in no time!

Lastly, if you are using the streaming service to watch films, and you encounter technical difficulties, you may wish to call the Lovefilm phne number to inform them of the problem and get further information about the outage. The customer line operators will be able to gather some information about your problem, find out whether it is affecting many customers or just you, and resolve it as quickly as possible. They may not know about it unless you report it – so make sure to let them know as soon as you spot a problem that isn’t resolving itself!

What can I get from Lovefilm?

Lovefilm is a home video rental business run by Amazon Prime. Customers simply need to pay a susbcription fee per month to access the company’s services, and can choose between renting one film per month, two, three or four, and recieve them by post. Once the film has been watched, just pop it back in the box and post it back! However, if you’d rather, you can instead subscribe to the Lovefilm on-demand streaming service, which allows its customers unlimited access to the Lovefilm back catalogue whenever they like!

Lovefilm represents all manner of theatrical and domestic films, with something on the menu for fans of every genre, including:

  • Blockbuster
  • Action/Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Independent
  • Animated
  • Kids
  • Foreign Cinema
  • Documentary
  • Classic/Vintage
  • And dozens more!

Lovefilm is dedicated to providing top-quality cinema to every sort of movie fan, and even produces its own films as part of Amazon, as Amazon Prime’s TV studios are increasingly turning towards bigger-budget TV drama and films. If you want to get in touch with Lovefilm to ask about their films library, you can look up their catalogue online, or call the Lovefilm contact number on 0843 320 9598 to speak to one of Lovefilm’s customer service staff. They’ll be able to send you a catalogue or answer any questions you might have on the films available through your subscription.

About Lovefilm

Lovefilm is a UK based provider of home video rental. The formats it uses include a mail order service and streaming video on demand. To set up a Lovefilm account and begin enjoying films, call the Lovefilm telephone number.The service currently outreaches to UK, Germany and Scandinavia. It is a subsidiary of Amazon, the retail giant. In 2012, Lovefilm had 2 million subscribers and a network of 70,000 titles and over 4 million DVD, Blu-ray or games rentals each month. Lovefilm has in the last couple of years become the largest DVD rental and streaming service in Europe. Lovefilm previously offered a download service until 2009 when it became a streaming service. It currently has around 500 employees and its headquarters are in London.

Lovefilm History

Lovefilm is made up as a result of several mergers. The three main mergers were Online Rentals Limited, the original company, Screen Select and Video Island. In 2002, Paul Gardner and Graham Bosher launched Online Rentals Limited. A year later, William Reeve and Alex Chesterman launched Screen Select. By 2005, Screen Select and Lovefilm were competitors, with Screen Select taking the lead until Lovefilm managed to acquire Amazon’s DVD rental service, and in return Amazon became the largest shareholder in the company. In 2012, when the Kindle Fire was launched, Lovefilm was fully integrated into the product, and was followed by a number of other devices including the PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and iPad/iPhone.

LoveFilm and Amazon Instant Video

LOVEFiLM Instant has now been renamed as Amazon Prime Instant Video. Customers can still get the same films and TV series through Prime Instant Video and use the applications on their tablets and TVs. They can also choose from the huge range of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that were available with their LOVEFiLM account.

If you are still an existing member of LOVEFiLM, you will need to switch to an Amazon account to gain access to your new Prime Instant Video membership. It is a simple process to switch and you can easily set up a new Amazon account if you don’t have one already. Remember that you will need to switch your LOVEFiLM account, rather than just setting up a new Amazon Instant Video account, as you may be charged for both if you do not complete the switching process.

With Amazon Instant Video, you are given two ways to watch content in an instant, wherever you are. The first way is you can rent or buy digital films and TV episodes that are available for you to download to your device and watch offline. The second method you can use is Prime Instant Video, which gives you access to a huge selection of TV series and movies that can be streamed to your TV, mobile device or tablet.

The Lovefilm phone number is for:iPhone iPod touch Lovefilm Apple Amazon app

  • Setting up or upgrading an account.
  • Reporting an issue with the streaming of a film.
  • Reporting a lost DVD or Bluray.
  • Registering a complaint.
  • Making enquiries concerning pricing, subscriptions and film availability.
  • Ordering a catalogue.



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