Phone The Littlewoods Contact Number

0844 826 0477

What Might I Call The Contact Number For Littlewoods?

  • To place an order
  • To arrange a refund
  • Report an undelivered item

Useful Littlewoods Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services: 0844 826 0477
Catalogue Services: 0844 826 0834
Payments: 0844 826 0841


Littlewoods Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Call centre 7am-11pm, 7 days a week

Littlewoods Head Office Address

Department Address
Littlewoods Aintree Innovation Centre, Park Lane, Netherton, Bootle, L30 1SL

Contact Littlewoods For Info About Products And Services

littlewoods contactLittlewoods is an online retail company. For a full range of products, call the Littlewoods contact number. It sells a range of products, from clothing and babywear to sports equipment and electricals. It supports a range of brands, from clothing brands such as AX Paris to electrical companies such as Beko.

As well as an online website, Littlewoods also operates from a catalogue. The catalogue operates a “Buy Now Pay Later” policy where a customer can set up a credit account and pay for their items on a monthly bill. It is one of the only retailers to do this along with the likes of Very and Next. Credit account customers do not have to pay for their items until a year later.

Littlewoods also has a click and collect service, where you can buy online and pick up from a convenient local collection point. For more about this, call the Littlewoods phone number.

Littlewoods Clearance

Littlewoods has four online stores dedicated to clearance products. They are: Bargain Crazy, Very Clearance eBay, Littlewoods Clearance eBay and LWC Amazon. There are also physical retail stores which operate under the name The Outlet. Littlewoods Clearance is used as the primary selling method for extra stock across the Shop Direct Group, including Very. You can sign up to the email newsletter to get the latest offer or follow the Littlewoods Clearance social media accounts.

Littlewoods Discount Code

Websites such as Hot UK Deals, Voucher Codes, Bargain Fox and Groupon will occasionally have discount codes to use on the Littlewoods website. The codes usually have a restriction, such as being unable to use them without spending a minimum amount and the codes may expire quickly.

Littlewoods Account

You can set up an account with Littlewoods to help manage your spending. You can pay for purchases in cash upfront, or spread the cost with credit. A typical credit limit is £750, but the limit you are offered will depend on your financial circumstances. You can spread the cost interest free, get 2-4 years interest free or buy now and pay nothing for a year, depending on what you wish to purchase. This makes a Littlewoods account ideal for making large purchases such as a sofa or new television.

Littlewoods App

Littlewoods has a free app for Home products. You can download the app and scan your home, select a product from the tab on the right and see it appear in your home. This is ideal if you are looking for a big piece of furniture, such as a sofa, bed or wardrobe- you’ll be able to see if it will fit in the space you have and whether it looks ‘right’. The app is available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

Littlewoods Pools

Littlewoods Pools were the football pools. They were created by John Moores, Colin Askham and Bill Hughes from Littlewoods in 1923. Since the creation 85 years ago, the pools have given out £3 billion in prize money to over 60 million people. In 2000, Littlewoods Gaming was purchased by SportTech, who rebranded the company into FootballPoolsBetting- bringing the concept to a new generation.

Littlewoods Payment

You will have to make a payment to Littlewoods each month. The minimum amount you can pay will depend on how much you spent on your account in the last month. You must make the minimum payment (or more if you can afford it) by the date which is shown on your payment statement. Postal payments can take up to seven days to reach Littlewoods, and other methods can take up to four days, so make sure that you send your payment plenty of time in advance, in order to avoid any potential penalty fees for making a late payment. If you are having difficulty making the minimum payments on your Littlewoods account, you must inform Littlewoods as soon as possible to avoid the situation worsening. They may be able to help by arranging a payment holiday, lessening your minimum payment or advising further. To get assistance, call the contact number on this page.

About Littlewoods

Littlewoods started as a catalogue company in the 1970’s. In 1981, it expanded to a call centre in Liverpool. Littlewoods had a number of retail stores, under it’s main brand and it’s subsidiary, Littlewoods Index, an electronics store designed to compete with Argos. In 2004, Littlewoods merged with Kays Catalogues, to form Littlewoods Shop Direct Group, now known as Shop Direct Group. However, a year later, the 126 Littlewoods retail stores were closed due to poor performance. Many of the stores were sold to Primark.

Littlewoods Popular Questions

Which courier does Littlewoods use?

Littlewoods uses HDNL to fulfil its online orders.

Who owns Littlewoods?

Littlewoods is owned by the Shop Direct Group, who also own the likes of Very.

When do Littlewoods increase credit limit?

When you first apply for a credit account, you’ll be given a credit limit. If you manage your account well and always meet the minimum payments, you may be able to apply for an increased credit limit, or one will be allocated to you automatically.

Littlewoods: When do I start paying

There are a number of options available to you when you shop at Littlewoods. You can have 20 weeks of interest free credit, buy now and not pay anything for 12 months, or if you are buying a sofa, you can have interest free credit for two to four years, depending on what is best for your budget.

When did Littlewoods stores close?

Littlewoods began gradually closing all stores in the late 90s, and by 2005, all 119 stores were closed. 40 of them were sold to the popular budget retailer Primark.




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