JSA Phone Number

0843 178 4633

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0843 178 4633

Contact the Jobseekers Allowance helpline on the number 0843 178 4633. JSA was replaced by Universal Credit which has been rolled out in stages across the UK. You can use this number to speak to the Department for Work and Pensions regarding either of the benefits you receive from them.

Jobseekers Allowance contact numbers

Phone Number
Opening Times
Jobseekers Allowance helpline 0843 178 4633 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm
Eligibility 0843 178 4634 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm
How to claim 0843 178 4635 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm
JSA Interview 0843 178 4636 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm
JSA Stopped 0843 178 4637 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm
Universal Credit 0843 178 4638 Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm

Jobseekers Allowance helpline

Contact the Jobseekers Allowance helpline on the number 0843 178 4633. When you phone this number you can speak to them regarding any queries you have about your next payment, let them know if you have found work and when you’ll be starting the job, report a change in your circumstances and more.

You can also use this phone number to make a complaint about your local Job Centre and the level of service you received whilst trying to claim your allowance, or appeal a decision that has previously been made about the amount of money available to you.


To find out if you are eligible to receive Jobseekers Allowance you can phone the number 0843 178 4634. When you call this helpline you can explain your personal circumstances and why you think you should be able to receive it, the person on the line will likely as you a few questions to get further details they need to know about and then they can determine whether or not you should be receiving this money. They can also let you know how much you are likely to receive if you are eligible for it.

There are certain circumstances in which full time and part time students might be eligible for it, you can find out if you are eligible when you phone the number above.

If you have recently returned to the UK you might still be eligible for income-based JSA if you have been living in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands for at least 3 months, you will need to provide evidence for this. To find out what type of evidence you’ll need to give then phone the number above.

How to claim

To make a claim of the new style JSA and you don’t live in a Universal Credit full service area you must claim by phone by calling the number 0843 178 4635. It’s also possible to make a claim with your partner if neither of you are responsible for a child, you can use this number above t make these claims. It’s also possible to get rapid reclaim if you’ve received JSA in the last 26 weeks.

Challenge a decision made about your claim by phoning the number above, by asking for a mandatory reconsideration you can request a change to be made to your claim.

JSA interview

Once you’ve made an application for JSA you’ll need an interview set up and you can request this on the number 0843 178 4636. You’ll have to bring along certain documents, such as your P45 and identity documents, to find out what you need and what types of documents you can bring, phone the number above where they can offer assistance.

If you have already set up an interview and need to change the date or you’re running late you can phone the number above to get the interview moved to a more convenient time. You can also use this number to let them know if you no longer need the interview because you’ve found work.

If you need support at your interview, phone the number above before your interview to get this put into place.

JSA stopped

If your JSA has suddenly stopped you can phone the number 0843 178 4637 to find out why this has happened. Your payment might have been stopped because you’ve not done something your Work Coach has asked you to do. If you have a good reason why you haven’t been able to do this, you may be able to keep your payment.

You can also use this number to find out if you are eligible for a hardship payment, which doesn’t have to be paid back. To find out if you are eligible for a hardship payment, phone the number above and explain our situation.

Universal credit

Universal Credit has been introduced to replace a number of benefits, to find out more information on this you can phone the number 0843 178 4638. It is being introduced in stages across the UK, so you don’t currently need to do anything until you are contacted by the Department of Work and Pensions unless there has been a change in your circumstances. If there has been a change to your circumstances recently, you might find that you are switched over to Universal Credit.


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