HTC Helpline UK

0843 557 3642

If something is wrong with your HTC device, the HTC Helpline can help you get it sorted quickly.

You Can Call The HTC Customer Helpline If You:

  • Need technical support
  • Wish to get a refund or have your product repaired
  • Need product advice before you buy

HTC Products And Services The Helpline Can Assist With

HTC is a developer and manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. If you want product advice, call the HTC helpline.

Some of the current products include the HTC One smartphone, The Windows Phone 8, HTC Flyer tablet and accessories such as phone cases. Prices can vary, a HTC one currently retails for £429, the Flyer tablet retails for around £300 depending on screen size and the Windows 8 phone for £179. HTC believe in creating a customized user experience and do so with the introduction of smartphone features such as the BlinkFeed, which streams content from your social networks to your home screen.

HTC recognises that a smartphone isn’t just a phone, its an entertainment system. All phones are integrated with Beats audio and a high pixel camera. HTC phones are powered by Android, with the exception of the Windows Phone. When you buy with HTC, you are guaranteed to get dedicated HTC customer service support including helping you get started and troubleshooting guides.

HTC RE Camera

Marketed as “A Remarkable Little Camera”, the RE Camera was designed with the idea that you could focus on the moment rather than your camera. Its is a simple to use and fun camera that has the capabilities to turn on in your hand, shoot videos and photographs without a viewfinder and then sends a stream of the recordings and shots to your mobile phone, meaning you can easily edit and share your captures with the click of a button.

The RE Camera is designed to seamlessly fit comfortably in your hand meaning you are able to capture the moment more naturally. It offers distraction free image and video capture with the one button operation that means you won’t have to swap and change modes. It also boasts a 146 degree wide angle lens so you don’t have to worry about capturing everything through a clunky viewfinder.

About HTC

HTC Corporation was formerly known as High Tech Corporation and was founded in 1997. For a while, it manufactured other companies phones, before developing the HTC range in 2006. It was the first manufacturer to develop an Android phone. The HTC headquarters are in Taiwan.

The HTC M8 Is Released
February 27th, 2015

One of the most leaked handset’s in history was released this week and it was worth the wait.

Acting as HTC’s answer to the iPhone, the M8 is beautifully designed and well built as well as offering impressive audio and a good standard of battery life. It also comes with an easy-to-use UI, Android 4.4 KitKat, a fast performance speed and a good camera.

However, there are some cons to the handset as well; including issues when viewing the screen in bright sunlit conditions, a delicate aluminium body and the camera is not the best that is available for other devices of a similar price.

There are also rumours of the HTC One M9 being released at the Mobile World Congress this year, which is being held in Barcelona, Spain at the start of March. It is expected that the M9 will be the next of the company’s flagship line.

Amazon develop phone with HTC

October 24th 2013

Not content with being the world’s largest online retailer and market leader in the ebook reader industry, Amazon are developing a smartphone with HTC. The companies have been working together on the phone since June 2013. Speculation about the product has been circulating for a while, but has now reached a head. It has been suggested that the phone will be exclusively for Prime customers. If released, the Amazon phone could be a real threat to the Apple/Samsung throne in the world of smartphones.


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