HSBC Telephone Banking Contact Number

0843 658 0827

The HSBC telephone banking contact number can help you easily manage your finances from the comfort of your own home.

0843 557 3595

hsbc telephone banking

Reasons to call the contact number For HSBC Telephone Banking:

  • To make payments
  • To check your balance
  • To transfer money
  • To make a complaint
  • To report a lost or stolen bank card
  • To inform your bank you are using your debit card abroad
  • To inform your bank of a change of address or name
  • To report fraud or similar crime
  • You would like to apply for a job at HSBC
  • I want to close my HSBC account
  • I want to open an account with HSBC

HSBC Additional Contacts

HSBC Phone Number
Balance 0843 557 3595
Transfers and Payments
Complaints 0843 557 3595

HSBC Telephone Banking Opening Hours

Day Time
7 days a week 24 hours

HSBC Head office Address

Department Address
Head Office 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, United Kingdom

What Services Can I Access If I Contact Telephone Banking At HSBC?

HSBC telephone banking is an automated service. It allows account holders to do a range of things without going into a branch. These include: making payments such as paying bills; obtaining details of your recent transactions; check your balance and transfer money between accounts. In order to access these services over the phone, you must already have a HSBC account.

When you contact HSBC for banking services, you can make payments into other accounts too. If you are worried about transferring large amounts of money to an automated voice, fear not, as you can speak to a UK based member of staff who will personally oversee your transaction. The non-automated telephone banking line is open from 8am until 10pm everyday, so you can call when its convenient for you, and the automated service is open 24 hours a day. To set up telephone banking, you must create a security number. When you call, you enter your account details, date of birth and digits from your security number.HSBC head office

About HSBC

HSBC Holdings is a British retail bank founded in 1865. It began in Hongkong and Shanghai, which is where the H and the S in its name derives from. It operates in 85 countries, with its headquarters in London’s Canary Wharf, and has just over 260,000 employees. HSBC is the second largest company on the London Stock Exchange. HSBC is known primarily as ‘the world’s local bank’. Their telephone service is available 24/7 and so should you need any assistance at any time of day, do not hesitate to call the contact number.

HSBC Accounts

There are many type of accounts that you can open with HSBC depending purely on your personal circumstances and financial situation. HSBC current accounts range from the HSBC Advance bank account which offers an overdraft with a rate of 17.9%, as well as reduced booking fees when it comes to that all important mortgage and no extra charge when drawing out your cash abroad (please call the HSBC contact number to alert them if you are planning to use your card abroad). If you call the contact number, or visit the HSBC website, you will be able to see the eligibility criteria for applying for this current account. Other types of current accounts include the student account, which offers an interest free overdraft and at age 18 or over when the account is opened you are entitled to a £500 overdraft, which can be increased depending on the situation. There is also the incentive to save money for students, who can earn interest when their account is in credit. Once being a student is over, HSBC recognise that you are not suddenly freed of the financial difficulty that going to university can bring, and so has a graduate account that can help ease you into earning for yourself. There are no interest fees on the use of your overdraft for two years after you have graduated, meaning all of your debts do not have to suddenly be repaid. If you are struggling financially there is also the opportunity to apply for a graduate loan when it comes to saving for important things such as house renting and bill paying. You can still have access to the regular savings account when you are using the graduate account. If no frills is your thing, the basic current account will give you a Visa Debit card, allow you to draw out up to £300 per day at any time, set up standing orders and direct debits and use the 24/7 contact number. There are more accounts and programmes available to you, designed to help you save, or help you out if you need to borrow, as well as premier accounts for long standing customers. If you would like full details of the accounts available, don’t hesitate to contact the HSBC telephone banking contact number or visit the website, where more information will be available.

HSBC Loans & Mortgages


Whether you are buying your first property, want to re-mortgage your home or want to borrow more as an existing customer, HSBC offers some excellent schemes to help you out with buying your home. HSBC mortgages are subject to a range of fees, which are explained on their website, or you can call the contact number and be referred to the correct adviser. The fees include a completion fee, a booking fee and an exit fee. There is also a mortgage calculator available on the HSBC website with a full guide on how to use it. If you have having any problems, the contact number is always available.


HSBC offer three different types of loans a personal loan, a graduate loan and a flexi loan, and which one you choose, depends entirely on your circumstances. The personal loan is available from £1000 – £25, 000 and HSBC will ensure that their decision on the receipt of the loan is fast, meaning those that need it most, are entitled to immediate funds. The graduate loan, premier personal loan and personal loan offer £15, 000 to be borrowed from 1-5 years, and anything over £15, 000 will need to be re-paid within 8 years. Slightly different from the rest, is the flexi-loan which allows you to re-draw your balance to the limit and then once the flexi loan is paid you can re-draw the available balance. This one puts you in control and means that you can choose your own monthly repayments as well as only pay for what you use, on  a sort of pay as you go basis. There are also no extra set up or arrangement fees. If you are struggling to decide which loan may be the right one for you, do not hesitate to ring the contact number.

HSBC Credit Card

Get a credit card with confidence, with the HSBC credit card system. Similarly to their loans, they offer different types to suit different people. This offers 0% interest on balance transfers for 32 months, a 1.4% fee for balance transfers, and you will also be eligible for 0% interest for three months and there is no annual fee. The HSBC website allows you to check if you are eligible for the credit card, or call the contact number with any further questions. Students can also apply for a HSBC credit card, with no annual fee and up to £500 of credit available to help them out. There is worldwide assistance available on HSBC credit cards should your card get lost or stolen. other cards that are available is the ‘Premier World Elite’ credit card which offers reward points with spending, ensuring you are staying on track. To own this credit card, an annual fee of £195 is required. Last but not least is the Premier credit card which offers 0% interest on any purchases made in the first 9 months as well as the opportunity to redeem points and swap them for shopping vouchers and flying miles. If you are considering getting a credit card but are unsure which one would be your best option, our contact number will connect you to advisers to help you find the best one.


HSBC Online BankingWoman using HSBC online banking

HSBC has a convenient and easy to use online banking system which not only allows you to transfer money, make payments and check your balance 24 hours a day, it is also extremely secure. Each HSBC customer receives a banking ‘key’ to log onto their account. The customer will enter their own personal identification number into the key, which then generates a pin for you to access your account with. You will also be asked to answer a security question of your choice and your IB number which you are given when your online account is set up. As a precautionary measure, never save your details onto a computer with a shared domain. Once you have logged securely into your account, you can use the system to transfer money, set up a direct debit or standing order, pay bills, check your balance and move money in between your different accounts. A new addition to the service also allows you to see an annual yearly report of your financial activity, If you have any issues with your online banking, such as being unable to log into your account or you don’t recognise transactions appearing on your statement, please do not hesitate to call the HSBC Telephone Banking contact number.






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